star wars

stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.

star wars: prequel trilogy

bonding through the years, by anne higgins. qui/obi. nc-17. adorable, sweet, tralalala.

the waking, by anne carr and emrin alexander. qui/obi. r. finally got it right.

liberties, by lapis lazuli and lilith sedai. qui/obi. nc-17. a fantasy come true.

l'histoire d'obi, by lilith sedai. qui/obi. nc-17. obi-wan lets them in for more than they'd bargained for with an undercover mission.

the apprentice master, by lilith sedai, lorelei, cori lannam, and lapis lazuli. star wars: ep i. nc-17, very smutty, bdsm. also sweetness. dominant!obi-wan isn't very experienced with his kink yet when he goes to a jedi-only sex club.

buying trouble, by layna ayre andersen. qui/obi(ancient rome au). nc-17. warnings: reference/flashback to non-con. quiaius, a kindly widower shopping for cat food, instead buys a beautiful and frightened celtic slave. oh, it's cute. the cuteness is, at times, painful. don't say i didn't warn you.

floating world, by jane st. clair. qui/obi. r. obi-wan floats. and thinks.

mos c'ethra, by dbkate. qui/obi. r for gruesomeness. plague strikes, and there's only one dose of vaccine.

fortune presents gifts not according to the book, by telanu. qui/obi. pg. what if you got to choose?

ingratitude, epiphany, and language, by telanu. qui/obi. star wars. r. ticklishly dark.

theory of flight, by cori lannam. qui/obi. r. aw. awwwwwwwwwwww. how hard is it to learn to fly? qui's going to make sure obi gets it. eep! oh with the cuteness. ohhhhhh.

extraordinarily resilient, by cori lannam. qui-gon/obi-wan. nc-17. oops. the training bond won't break. now what?

how to choose a jedi apprentice, by alaric. qui-gon/obi-wan. pre-tpm. nc-17. extremely silly humor.

who will not see, by ladonna king. qui/obi. nc-17. when blindness fades in time. awwwwwwwww.

betrayed, by james walkswithwind. [pre]qui/obi. pre-tpm. nc-17. sensitively-characterized, slightly younger obi. gorgeous.

believe, by ladonna king. qui-gon/obi-wan. obi is overly-anxious in a cute manner, and qui thinks he's too old.

conflicting loyalties, by trudy west. qui/obi, obi/other, qui/other(qui's-not-dead-au). nc-17, reference to rape and non-con. what if qui-gon didn't die at the hands of the sith--but everyone thought he had?

hidden, by trudy west. qui/obi(qui's-not-dead-au). whyever has qui been thinking about the absent obi all through his recovery?

forgotten and its mirror-image companion piece, forgotten: roles reversed, by trudy west. qui/obi. nc-17. a mind-wiped slave is bought by an old master whom he doesn't remember.

evening sacrifice for the lifting of our hands, by james walkswithwind. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. a bit naive, even for hurt/comfort, but sweetly simple all the same. a bit of angst, a bit of revelation, a lot of kissing. cute. dramatic!

crystallize, by torch. qui/obi. pg, star wars:tpm. qui-gon pov, very accurate character-wise, i think. pretty and calm. left in a state of sort of peaceful uncertainty on purpose, i've no doubt, but that doesn't stop me from seeing it as a flaw. it doesn't feel finished.

restoration, by cecilia. qui/obi, pre-slash, r, star wars:tpm. a good action-adventure story, but not unflawed. tries to take on some heavy issues and can't hold up under their weight.

compay segundo, by gloriana. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. a good, long, sweet slow fuck of a story with extremely graphic sex. centers on a jedi ritual that both the participants are having trouble with. first-time.

connecting, by cori lannam. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. sorta goes with the one before. cori offers another universe where padawans undergo a sex ritual, and qui-gon makes the mistake of recommending he go to another master for his first time. as much a pleasure to read as i always find hers--i can stop being critical a little, and just sit back and enjoy the ride. it did weaken a bit towards the end, though.

the fogs of leetha, by athea. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. a bit of angst and fluff. reads as a bit longer than it should be--a fatty story with bits that could stand to be cut out. but it had a sort of-plot which i liked.

hope, silence and at long last, by 'chelle. qui-obi, r for violence etc, star wars:tpm. the first story is a first-time; the others are relationshippy. most of the angst and drama focuses on the action plot. a mission to a planet where two tribes are locked in a genocidal feud makes them angry and despairing, and eventually leads them both into a brush with the dark side. also into having sex. considerably flawed, but very poignant. this story has stayed with me for over a year, since the first time i read it.

interlude, by black rose. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. sweet, lazy, relaxing established-relationship fluff. rather a long vignette, or just what the title says, an "interlude." but it's well-done, and though i usually dislike all-happy fiction with no tension, i enjoyed it.

undercover, by lilith sedai. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. a hot little pwp. the angst and drama come on a bit strong, perhaps.

established truths, by laura ann troise. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. short and somewhat mushy, but you might find it moving in the right mood.

dark desires, by mona r. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. a rather oddly angsty piece in which qui-gon isn't confident that he can complete obi-wan's training and obi-wan isn't confident at all. unpredictable and very, very good. mysterious and mysteriously satisfying.

my knight, by pumpkin. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. a first-time pwp, sweet and fluffy. about half sex.

dream into action, by pumpkin. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. obi-wan doesn't want to die a virgin, and a fantasy of imminent death seems to be coming true. this story's based on a very intriguing idea and seems to hold the potential to be much much better than it is.

humanoid sexual techniques 01: oral stimulation level one, 02: tactile stimulation: the prep work, 03: tactile stimulation: the class, 04: oral stimulation level two, 05: vaginal intercourse. (there are a few more in the series, but i've never finished it.) qui/obi, nc-17, humor, first time. entertaining and cute. obi-wan is asked to teach a humanoid sexual techniques course; qui-gon decides to observe. and then assist.

enough said, by alice. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. qui and obi are getting married. a lovely sort of tongue-in-cheek humor i'd like to see more of in this universe.

unrequited (with alligators), by alice. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. first-time sort-of adventure tongue-in-cheek humor. not unflawed--it reads a bit like pieces are missing. well-conceived but not entirely fleshed out. but more of that lovely tongue-in-cheek humor... .

dyscommunication, by anne carr and emrin alexander. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars:tpm. a sweet-tipped and funny first-time (following some angst). a nicely-characterized relationship between two adults (!).

no one will believe, by augusta pembroke. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. obi-wan asks qui-gon to pretend to be his lover at the padawans' ball. silly and very light.

danse de l'inconscient, by binky. qui/obi, nc-17, star wars: tpm. a pretty, smooth, witty, light-hearted first time story. angst, action, plot, two povs, and then some rather rushed sex. a very nice read.

a delicate balance, by destina fortunato. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. a calm and thrillingly deliberate and peaceful little peace. 'sweet' isn't quite the word because it's firm, without more than a hint of mush.

reflection, by destina fortunato. qui/obi, pg, star wars:tpm. i gleefully laugh at qui-gon's troubled mind. his feelings are returned? oh, the angst! also, in the background, there's some sweetness going on.

mosaic, by destina fortunato. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a long whole-history-of-us story which includes a first time, though not as the climactic moment. a little loose, not as spare and careful as it might be, with some missteps in the tension throughout. but still sweet and not without important moments.

night of k'amar, by dev-aki basaa. qui/obi/ nc-17, sw:tpm. a sweet, tense, exquisite first-time story. very well put together and smooth. a traditional night of no consequences on a planet they visit leads to some, er, consequences.

cards on the table, by emila-wan kenobi. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. another of those future-changing first-time stories. it's a fascinating, compelling topic, the movement of the future, and this treats it interestingly, with a prophecy from an old woman with a tarot deck. the tension releases early and in general the story is not quite what it might have been, but it's very good nonetheless.

don't you ever knock?, by emila-wan kenobi, qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a first-time pwp, sweet and a bit fluffy and really very good. short and shockingly good. made quite an impact. a really nice read--perhaps that had to do with the anger and tension.

bend in the road, by emila-wan kenobi, qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a first-time sex-or-die story based on the original star trek pon farr template (although it doesn't say that it is, it is all too evident). the derivative nature counts against it, and the scenario in itself is simply so unlikely that it's hard to swallow. that said, the issues raised are dealt with interestingly. another story that intrigues, awakening ideas and the possibility of a much more brilliant story which it could have been.

proximity alarm, by emila-wan kenobi. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. first-time pwp in an escape pod. short, humorous.

stark raving, by emila-wan kenobi. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. sort of a cross between pre-slash and first-time, an action-driven piece with a sweet chewy center.

finding serenity, by ghostwriter. qui/obi pre-slash, pg, sw:tpm. a sweet reflective little piece of fluff, but with a hint of bittersweet. not unflawed. some poor word-choice, some flabby over-softness.

blind man's bluff, by graendal. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. they're on another planet, kissing blindfolded and force-blind--and it's supposed to be double-blind--but obi-wan figures it out. cute. sweet. not unambiguous.

first nights, by graendal. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. sweet and smoothly-written but rather emasculating of obi-wan. he's also only sixteen in this story. i suspect it of being written to the underage kink (you know the one: 'teach me, master!' tons of sweet and innocent versus tolerant and amused and powerful and gentle and in control.)

lost in translation, by helen. qui/obi, r, sw:tpm. some well-meaning aliens program qui-gon to think he's a pleasure slave (temporarily). obi-wan's control is tried. also features the trademark incomplete sentences (trademark of helen), bruck who's grown up and okay, and obi-wan being an actual adult, competent and sort of dimensional.

shut up and taste it, by helens. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. obi-wan as master chef, qui-gon endearingly less controlled than usual. interesting, with good dialogue and some cute bits. still sweet.

cinders and padawans, by hilary. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. basically it's cinderella with obi as cinderella. cute, sweet, not overdone. light.

clothes, by hilary. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. just a highly amusing, light little first-time pwp featuring ditzy, surprised obi.

roses!, by hilary. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. again, a short, fluffy and light little first-time story. qui-gon's got a secret admirer who's sending him way more roses than he wants.

rogue, by hilary. qui/obi, r, sw:tpm. a rollicking au adventure in which obi-wan was never taken as an apprentice. first-time, and very dramatic. probably the plot of at least an entire movie. the action is a little too fast, and not quite smooth enough. at some places it's hard to follow, and overall it's probably a bit facile, the result of the story being not long enough so that it reads somewhat like a summary of itself. but it's very good and exciting.

stars, by hilary. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a particularly hot and sweet little first-time pwp. au in that popular, qui's-not-dead way.

your dream date awaits!, by hilary. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. a light-hearted, cute little piece. short, amusing. no adventure to speak of. sweet.

single helix, by isos arei. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a sweet first-time fic, contemplative and meandering, that follows a long path, covering a great deal of time. somewhat artificial, especially towards the end, with the similes and whatnot. but very pretty and very nice. relaxing.

temperance, by jacynthe demorae. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a sweet and somewhat profound first-time. some original touches. fear adds depth to the characters, although she drops the thread before the end.

kisses and colors, by karita wyr. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. a nice piece, very brief, a bit fluffy, sweetly tense, qui-gon's point of view. very romantic. a little breathless. confined to a single scene, it doesn't waste a great deal of time on exploring anything or character development, which is a flaw because when i finished it i was wistfully wishing for more.

learning curve, by karita wyr. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. sweet, short, contemplative. this one is not without plot, but the plot and the framing structure are perhaps a little artificial--a little too overt.

spring cleaning, by karita wyr. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. a plotless and humorous little vignette. no sex, though.

sugar, by karita wyr. qui/obi, r, sw:tpm. au. an interesting little concept-piece, possibly a little overly sweet. the whole meant-to-be, soulmates kind of thing is very big in this fandom.

this time it is true, by karita wyr. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. a short, humorous conversation-only vignette. so rarely do i recommend established relationship pieces that you ought to mark this writer on your calendars.

a winter's tale and the less exciting mirror-image, a winter's tale take two, by kass. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. skilful, sharply sweet, shockingly arousing and filled with a heart-tightening wistfulness.

critical thinking, by kassxf. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a first-time pwp with some amusingly feeble motions towards plot. pov of a self-possessed, intelligent, not-babyish obi.

tpm snippet 1: studies, by ladonna king. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm, first-time humor. obi-wan has been cramming for finals and is very, very tired, and not very controlled.

tpm snippet 3: blue morning, by ladonna king. qui/obi, r, sw:tpm, first-time, humor. obi-wan is into kinky sex. hopefully jedi sex will be enough to satisfy him.

tpm snippet 4: padawaned, by ladonna king, qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. innuendo, mainly, and humor. an undercover mission leads obi to learn some fascinating slang.

tpm snippet 5: master, by ladonna king. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm, preslash. qui-gon and apprentice discover a highly-force sensitive little boy in the wreckage of a house and take him to the temple.

identity crisis, by lorrie wood. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm, pre-slash. light humor, blessedly understated in comparison to some. entirely free of angst.

how to seduce a jedi, by mac. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a rather unremarkable first-time story--obi-wan decides to go for it, qui-gon is perfectly unresponsive, it's all rather frustrating. he's far less responsive than usual, which was interesting; but towards the end the lack of a fine touch is apparent and the closing isn't carried off particularly well. qui-gon becomes less believable. obi-wan is, well, rather self-absorbed for a jedi, but at least he's not a child.

tropical knights, by mac. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. another first-time, this one more serious and calm. qui-gon's is brooding, which is perhaps more angst than strictly believable for a jedi master, but obi-wan's believable, and the whole thing is sweet and slow and laxy, faltering only at the very end.

what happens tomorrow? by mali wane. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm, angst, sentimentality. i have to rec this one with great hesitation. i have strong issues with characterization of any jedi as as silly, childish, or mopey as qui and obi often are, and qui is particularly weak and foolish in this one. if you accept that premise, however, i think this story is important, and even powerful, at its center. it's a story about an obi-wan who is serene and calm and totally determined and confident about what he wants on the day of his knighting, who comes to qui-gon to take it, speaking no words, and discovers that qui-gon isn't as perfect as he has believes. he becomes angry--possibly too angry, and with some poor dialogue--but i think his anger is believable. he's perfectionist, a man of principles, even among the jedi. there are indubitably outward flaws, but i think deep down this characterization is insightful.

rival the stars, by mama deb and saraid. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm (post-movie). an excellent first time adventure. the jedi council are foolish and inflexible, just like always. qui-gon behaves fittingly, although he's perhaps a little less confident than he should be, and obi a little more foolish. both these flaws can be put down to a slight surfeit of melodrama. on the whole it's a compelling concept and a good story. just hold your breath to get through the mush at the end.

old lovers and new, by master elayna. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a nice, not outstanding first-time piece which puts the longing on qui-gon's side, and makes obi-wan clueless about his own feelings. he reacts as an adult, except for a rather silly slip. good, not outstanding. medium-length.

then, by maygra. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. very short, calm and quiet, an assured, adult obi-wan reflecting on his first time. perhaps a little sentimental.

rites of passage, by merri-todd webster, qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a first time story, longish, angsty, sweet. both are painfully uncertain--could be really exquisite if that painful awkwardness were intensified.

the mona lisa smile, by miriam heddy. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. an amazingly unusual-seeming story. the difference is all in the approach, i suppose. an extraordinarily fascinating, adult, competent, confident, self-possessed, mysterious and serene obi-wan. qui-gon pov. first time. brilliant, just the kind of story i like.

autumn and winter, by mona r. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. sweet, quiet, contemplative, deliberate, maybe overly so. calm.

poet laureate, wind and rain, ruby on the vine, shapes of clay, and preferred vintage, by rachael sabotini. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. 'shapes of clay' is the first time story in this series. each story is short and to the point; shockingly sweet in the middle, with a nicely believable obi-wan, although qui-gon is possibly over-angsty. the last one is a pwp and not necessary to the series.

whom gods destroy, by rushlight. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a sweet pre-tpm first-time with a bit of action. middle length. nice, not outstanding.

meditation, by ruth gifford. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. an angsty, short bit of first-time pwp fluff. obi-wan catches qui-gon meditating nude and decides to take advantage.

a place among the stones, by sage. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. a veeeeery sweet, slightly angsty, highly satisfying first time from qui-gon's pov. alert for high levels of mush. said mush-levels are also the main flaw--some overly-angsty angsting, some melodrama etc.

top dog, by sian. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm, au. qui-gon and obi-wan are age mates; qui and yoda arrive partly through training and qui is the first serious challenge to obi's status as top padawan. friendship forms in spite of this. well-plotted, sweet and lingering. main problem is being a bit too long and too little concise.

something to talk about, by susan anthony. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm, humor. a funny little first-time story with both protagonists clueless. features scheming!yoda and a cameo by mace. highly enjoyable, nice and lightweight, medium length.

apprentice to journeyman, by susan smithson. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a novel-length, pretty, contemplative, mildly angsty first-time piece about falling out of infatuation and into love. very long, very growth-oriented, a little top-heavy (that is, if the "top" is the ending). not flawless, but enjoyable and meaty.

again, by trinity. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. it's basically just the movie groundhog day. cute, fluffy, with that sort of after school special air. not bad, though.

trials, by trinity. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm au. qui and obi have left the order and work as a team of rogue jedi. they're called to a planet quarantined with a horrible infectious disease. obi-wan regrets having left before taking his trials. not outstanding, but it has some points to make.

grounded by lightning, by wednesday. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a long, plotty, relationshippy story told mostly from obi-wan's pov. not unflawed in characterization, possibly a little over-angsty, but well-thought out, in some ways insightful, and deliciously lingering and sensuous.

surfacing: at first, at moments,at odds, at last, at home, by yahtzee. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. rather storytellerish, an obi pov first-time story that tries for bittersweet. it's more sweet than bitter, though, possibly as a result of what i think is a bit of overconfidence in the narrative style.

bear the consequences, by yvette. qui/obi, r, sw:tpm. makes sense until the very end, where it stops inexplicably without proper resolution. interestingly, obi-wan gets arrested in a bar fight and the whole thing starts with a great deal of bitter anger--more, i think, than is probable on qui's part. but the whole thing gets very interesting towards the middle, with their movement towards forgiveness and a twist which doesn't play out as i expected.

gardening at night and gardening post-script by torch. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm, an exquisite first-time action/adventure. perhaps a bit overly sentimental. there's a slight rebellion on a planet--obi-wan chases the perps, qui-gon uses the living force in a rather spectacular display.

a promise kept, by mercutio. qui/obi, pg, sw:tpm. angst, mainly, but remarkably clear and not very dark, considering it comes to no traditional happy ending. obi-wan has to decide how to respond when a diplomat they encounter makes a determined play for qui-gon.

a jedi's life, by mac. qui/obi pre-slash or gen, g, sw:tpm. a good story with narration bad enough to make me wince. would work better told out loud, i think.

the argument, by mac. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm, pwp. only read if you're in the mood for genuine pwp, because there's no plot here to speak of, just some emotion--anger, followed by sex. for a pwp it's nice.

demi-gods and hungry ghosts, by cori lannam, is the best in this fandom i've read. set during/after episode iii, obviously no spoilers, obi pov. bitter, aching, quiet, somewhat confusing, measured and cautiously glorious.

star wars: original trilogy

about time, by vic coopers. luke/han, pg, star wars (original). this is a post-trilogy story from the pov of an ofc who has a few things in common with luke. the most striking thing is the sweet sense of tamped-down tension and the mood. the second most striking thing is the homoerotic soap operas which seem to be a throwaway invention.

the gift of tides, by alex j. luke/han, nc-17, star wars (original). everyone should read a story where leia is, incidentally, a lesbian. a nice thing about this relatively small genre is the prettiness that seems to be so much in style. it's lyrical, high on metaphors and pretty, neat turns of phrase. the hero's throat is tight the whole way through, but the mood might be too tightly-drawn to sustain itself, to carry the reader through the whole thing.

departures, by irene heron. han/luke, r, star wars. an au version of han and luke's first meeting at the beginning of a new hope. premise seems slightly silly, but it's a good read.