good omens

stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.

for the birds, by adrienne. crowley/aziraphale, r. not a part of one of her series but a new immediately post-book standalone and a new angle on the aftermath of the book--sweet with some very funny bits and a wonderful framing device involving birds.

matchmaker, by adrienne. agnes nutter, c/a. gen. a veeery short little agnes fic in short little scenes. cute and hilarious and done with a nicely subtle deft touch.

the last temptation of crowley by adrienne.  r.  post-book first time.  lovely, sort of angsty and dramatic and really really romantic.  incredible.

one of those, by adrienne. c/a, pg, standalone (very rare from her!). a surprisingly subtle and deep look at the canon given its shortness. about that issue of ordinariness or not, again.

the pleasures of the world, and sleight of hand, by adrienne, illustrated by linnpuzzle. crowley/aziraphale, nc-17. "potw" is crowley's pov and takes up directly where the novel leaves off, spinning out the implications of it, making the development of their relationship the eventual consequence of the events of the book--which is not entirely unprecedented but feels new and unexpected, and meaningful. it's maybe a bit more... deeply reflective than adrienne's wont, kind of solemn, but still smooth and graceful and a little mysterious. a sort of human look at the nature of the relationship between crowley and aziraphale, as well. "soh" takes up where "potw" leaves off, but from aziraphale's point of view. it's more relaxed, very subtle, and contains all the beauty of everyday life painted in stunning, lovely detail. aziraphale's pov is really enchanting.

seven deadly signs you're going to fail, by adrienne. crowley/aziraphale, pg, established, humour. millenium reviews come up for both crowley and aziraphale. quietly, subtly hilarious and a little bit sweet. also, rather short and light compared to her usual.

trouble in paradise, by adrienne. c/a, r. partly established, partly flashbacks, this is a cute story about aziraphale and his embarrassing thing for crowley's snake form. there are some lovely moments and descriptions and it's all carried off with adrienne's usual deft, light touch.

city of angels by afrai, c/a, pg, made me shiver. it's essentially very angsty, with a very neat overlay of humor. it's excellent and powerful. it's set before lucifer's fall, not from the pov of either principal, and has to do with the naming of everything (concepts too). and it's lovely. very highly recommended.

salvation, by afrai, c/a, pg, a first-time of a short-middling length. also rather sweet. not funny except in the most perfunctory of ways. possibly a bit mischaracterized in its premise, but again, it's a very serious story, which sets it apart from canon at the beginning.

disillusionment, by alisa. c/a, pg. a funny little thing about exactly how evil crowley is.

holy water and sushi, by ariastar. c/a, pg. also only ambiguously slash. this one is a bit more serious than canon, which may be a failing, but then again it's entertaining to see the other demons who show up.

the agreement, sodom and loopholes, to fall or not to fall, audit, and switch hit, by ballyharnon. c/a, mostly pg and r for the last. series of snippets and vignettes. quirky and interesting, amusing and wistful. at the end, i feel, slightly silly, which is perhaps a side-effect of being too serious.

effable, by beth h. c/a, pg. cute, a nice crowley pov story with an edge of romance: a few years post-novel, crowley comes to visit aziraphale after a somewhat protracted absence. they two and adam are the only ones who remember the events of the almost-apocalypse.

a broken hallelujah, by carmarthen. c/a, r. an immediately post-novel story that's really desperately sad, calmly hopeless, etc, etc, saturated with angst. in that sense, it really doesn't seem to fit in a remotely similar universe to that of the book, which is sort of pretty, and all right, despite above and below being both assholes. nice. relatively happy in that calm, walking-into-the-sunset way. anyway, as i was saying, the story is recommended anyway because i don't feel the point is angst. it's a really beautiful love song dressed up in an angsty outfit, put it that way.

imperfect, by cinzia. c/a, pg. a sweet and subtly understated short first-time. it reads maybe a little artificial and forced about the theme, which is not surprisingly imperfections (aziraphale's accumulated, human-like ones, that is). and it's contemplative, hopeful but serious, and not really funny.

anger by daegaer may have been intended as a throwaway piece and it may depart somewhat from canon, but i found it really fascinating. pg, not really c/a but more than some are.

a blessed event, by daegaer. c/a, hastur/ligur, pg. ligur decides to pay a visit and make crowley's life hell. aziraphale is the possessor of secret reserves of the ability to be intimidating. i am not entirely positive that a.'s newfound strength goes wholly with canon, but i don't care because i love it so much. this is hysterical.

bright with his splendor, by daegaer, c/a, r. from the beginning of time to the end of go. inexplcit. a wearisome and not entirely convincing beginning, some very good bits in the middle, entirely too much serious for its own good, and a distinct aura of uncertainty. this story would really like to know what it was about but it doesn't. it's moving.

brightness, by daegaer. c/a, pg. a sad wistful little aziraphale-pov piece. extremely sweet, rather short, no humor, but not seemingly ooc.

but once a year, by daegaer. c/a, pg. a sweet christmas story, a. pov, charmingly grouchy c. much in evidence. funny.

california dreaming, by daegaer. c/a ust, pg. a hysterically funny buffyverse crossover. the accounts department wants to audit crowley, who is forced to practice economy and make his way to sunnydale to use the hellmouth to meet them in person. a. brings by his account books and tells the scoobies that c. is his familiar spirit. i haven't giggled this delightedly at fanfic in weeks. very highly recommended.

creeping change, by daegaer. c/a, pg. a sweet conceptual piece dealing with the persnicketiness of angels, supernaturally good cucumber sandwiches, and a tiny cottage covered in honeysuckle and bindweed.

crowley and aziraphale join an evening pottery class, by daegaer. a humorous ficlet. pg.

crowley's bad day, by daegaer. c/a, g. ahahahahahah. it's tough being a demon, eh? rather subtexty. not really texty, sadly.

even in laughter and hope deferred, by daegaer. c/a ust, pg. back at the beginning of the agreement, and crowley isn't really sure what he means by it all. really funny, strong undertone of seriousness. the angst is cute.

five things that never happened to aziraphale, by daegaer. c/a(ish--all implicit), pg. five short snippets which i found quite entertaining. aziraphale pov, naturally.

going home, by daegaer. c/a, pg. a nice adventure story with the slash not overt at all. about the same level as in canon, actually. funny, though perhaps not as funny as canon. cute.

a good example, by daegaer. c/a, pg. a jokefic in amish country because aziraphale was trying to get in touch with the youth of today, and crowley wants to trip up his efforts at setting a moral example.

heavenly visitation, by daegaer. c, pg, gen. thou-shalt-not-commit-adultery pulsifer has been visited by two supernatural beings. he came up with the homophobia by himself, though. not even crowley is that inventively whacked.

a helping hand, by daegaer, c/a, pg. ofc pov. a really interesting short piece--calm and peaceful and a little sweet and a little funny. aziraphale takes crowley along with him to his manicurist's just after christmas.

home is where the heart is, by daegaer, c/a, pg, dogma crossover. a sort of action plot with one of the most romantic, not sexual scenes i've read in months. great story. good characterization. not a total lack of humor. very highly recommended.

a horse of a different color, by daegaer. c/a, pg. a wakes up a horse. short, extremely silly, subtle, no angst. rather a relief, really.

like angels in heaven, by daegaer. c/a (very subtle), pg. sweet and rather wistfully just ust. c & a run into an angel who's having an affair with a human in 1930s singapore. very highly recommended.

mother of god, by daegaer. non-slash, pg. before the agreement, crowley tries to create a sort of scourge of the earth and accidentally ends up with alexander the great instead. cute idea, but pretty serious and rather touching actually.

ordinary people, by daegaer. c/a, r, go au. a modern au where both are real people. a fascinating window to how the author sees a. and c. as well as an extremely powerful story radiant with wistful sweetness. very highly recommended.

saturnalia, by daegaer. pg, c/a (hinted at), crowley pov, a little angst and whatnot.

the terror that flies-by-night, by daegaer. c/a, pg. crowley wakes up with the wrong kind of wings and calls aziraphale in a panic. amusing, occasionally sweet, rather baffling.

three things that never happened to anthony crowley by daegaer. c/a, pg. silly, weird, and rather painful at turns. er, two turns, actually. and three things. good.

trick or treat, by daegaer. c/a, pg. c. drags a. to a halloween party. it's fluffy and again, subtexty as opposed to texty. this one's amusing and pretty light-hearted although not quite in the same spirit of maniacal fun as canon.

white, by daegaer, is pg c/a, short and quirky and a little intense. ouch.

with this ring, by daegaer, is unjustifiably silly, and takes the form of a telephone conversation. crowley is just the sort you'd expect to behave like that, too. he'd probably say 'baby' like a rather sleazy italian gangster too. oh, right, the story. really funny, but makes you groan like at a bad pun.

two fish, by a demon. c/a, pg. first-time story with sex which is all metaphorical and whatnot, so no high rating. sweet. goes overboard on the 'serious' end of things, though.

icarus branded, by dr worm. c/a, r. weird and unfocused and short, but pretty, and i really like the title. and the idea of scratching an angel's wings.

what would god say, by e.e. beck. c/a, pg. what i feel is the most true-to-canon treatment of it all that still sparks an additional warmfuzzy. i mean, you can follow canon, but this one picks up themes of canon and takes them further, over a bottle of wine. very highly recommended.

snippet by ellen fremedon, c/a, r. a really sweet, cute snippet that's actually more slashy and graphic than usual as well as more in line with canon than usual. what a relief!

devil's dance, by farquarson. c/a, pg. aziraphale unwisely makes a bet with crowley. a sort of update of some folk tales, rather haunting, really. worst thing is that it was written in all seriousness for ginmar-the-anti-rpf-wanker.

a precise and accurate history of monday, eleven years later, by giddy geek.  good omens, crowley/aziraphale.  longish.

strange waters: if i lose my grip, by harlequin cerulean. c/a, pg, angst. aziraphale thinks about what falling would be like. i actually really like this one. i'd say it was well-in-character if he sounded a bit more, you know, britishly stiff-upper-lip about the angst.

intent, by honey. c/a, pg. set in the time of paul, who's really an ass. funny and perfectly believable.

dreams of the divine, by ivorette, pg, c/a, short and surprisingly sweet.

the first day of the rest of your life, by janie. g. a sort of immediate prequel to the first scene of the novel. fits in exceptionally well.

it was, of course, the sunset's fault, by jen, c/a pg angstfluff. this is more what i was expecting to find in the fandom: a little soppier than canon can justify, but nicely sweet and fun to read even if you know it's going too far in the sentimental direction. and although it makes me cautious it may not really be too sentimental. nothing stops demons from angsting, in theory, although c. may do so in a more understated manner.

one big happy pantheon by ka rose (dogma/good omens, loki/bartleby and crowley/aziraphale). absolutely hilarious--i think i cried from laughing. just brilliant and unmissable. "what the hell are you doing?!" aziraphale looked around nervously, his thin fingers drumming anxiously on crowley's arm. "would you believe... we're fighting?"

the happiest place on earth, by kali. adam young in disneyland with bits of hastur/ligur and aziraphale/crowley. the matter-of-fact adam voice seems about note-perfect and the slash cameos are amusing, not overdone, although they might induce a bit of everybody's-gay? incredulity.

like lucy and the eve of december by karen (notassuch on lj). crowley/aziraphale, pg. sort of a philosophical treatise on the difference between flying and falling, crowley pov, a little wistful, and not explicitly slashy.

a song stolen from the dirt, by karen. crowley, pg, dark. he's been left to take over for aziraphale for a few weeks.

implied. discussed. realized. by kat maxwell, c/a, pg. 300 words about crowley and people.

growing season, by kathleen anne. c/a, pg. aziraphale has trouble taking care of plants. sort of sweet, funnyish, and understated. sort of quiet.

coda, by lilith. c/a, pg. sweet and silly in that the behavior of the characters isn't exactly believable. but it's cute and funny--simple and straightforward.

last minute, by lovelyzelda. c/a, pg, go. cute and enigmatic.

the play's the thing, by lovelyzelda. sorta gen, c and a. a supernatural peanut gallery heckles a performance of romeo & juliet. silly and a bit anachronistic, but funny, especially if you know and like shakespeare.

a is for angel, by louise lux, c/a, pg. a first-time that's sweet and quirky and funny. and quite romantic, i think.

bundle of joy, by louise lux, c/a, pg, is a birthday ficlet in which aziraphale gets a bit of the all-knowing, all-loving schtick in, and crowley is made to hold a baby. i giggled, but in that close-to-saying-'aw' way.

cloud layer, by louise lux. c/a, pg. crowley suggests a walk in the clouds and both of them get highly introspective. a sort of mysterious, and again, sort of angsty and not funny piece. much prettier than your average.

the devil's courtyard, pg, by louise lux. c/a, really sweet, set in venice. just a ficlet.

flowers of the earth, by louise lux, c/a, pg, is just the kind of very-short-thing that i like. i have a weakness for this kind of sweet tension, i mean. aziraphale has a secret.

hell's kitchen, pg, by louise lux. his cooking skills leave something to be desired. even aziraphale isn't entirely polite about it.

innocence and experience, by louise lux. c/a, pg. this one's less short and less sweet. not without angst, and a bit funnier. goes on the premise that crowley's never had sex and aziraphale has, which is rather inherently amusing. probably still not exactly the right balance of funny and un-, though.

let it snow, by louise lux. c/a, pg. a sweet little ustish snippet.

naked and unashamed, by louise lux, c/a, nc-17. some time a long time before go c. convinces a. to give the pleasures of the flesh a try for the purpose of understanding people better. they try it out together.

northern lights, by louise lux. c/a, pg. short, aziraphale pov snippet. wistful. a hint of sweet. rather matter-of-fact for those two qualities. it's really not funny, which it should be, but it's justifiable since it's a's pov.

presents, by louise lux. c/a, pg, c pov. a sweet contemplative birthday piece, relatively short, about the presents aziraphale has given crowley over time. it made my stomach tighten up and i said 'awww.'

self-love, by louise lux, c/a, r. crowley discovers masturbation and gets disturbed. this one is funnier and a bit longer, but still angsty.

cumulative effort, by magpie. c/a, pg. a long quirky crowley-pov piece leaning towards the cute.

the true test of good by mizzmarvel. crowley/aziraphale.   pg.  very affecting, well-rendered longing.

ficlet by nostalgia. aziraphale, pg. rather morose for an angel, but makes a good point. (although i believe the collective noun 'a host of angels' or 'an angel host.' admittedly that is not specific to angels.)

falling by pandora souris-cadavre is pretty and surprisingly insightful. it really said something new about the fandom, and about angels and demons, to me. it's rather short and only tinged with a hint of sweet. and it's pg.

book sale, by snowball jane, should probably have been called 'fair trade' instead. c/a, pg. like many of its kind, could stand to be quite a bit longer, but it says some things very neatly about trades, and acts of kindness on the parts of demons, and angels who lust after books.

k627, by snowball jane. c/a, pg. mozart had a phobia of trumpets and performance reviews weren't one of crowley's better ideas. wine is consumed.

shattered glass and brothers, by snowball jane. c/a, pg. a shortish angstfest with some mistakes in punctuation, crowley pov. rather sweet. intriguing sequence of events, i thought. the sequel gets more intriguing, and continues the sweetness, but is, i think, a little darker too. no adventure plot though.

squash by snowball jane might be a bit out of character. it's gen, but pg. crowley secretly plays squash.

through negligence, through weakness, through their own deliberate fault by snowballjane. c/a, pg, 3xdrabble. clandestine meetings, and cake.

thwarting heaven. averting hell. by spykeraven. c/a, r (or nc-17, maybe, cause the intent is far more steamy than the level of graphicness implies). go. angels love and demons tempt because that's what they're supposed to do.

drifts by tea and snark, r.  short, wintery.

habit, by thia. crowley and aziraphale pre-arrangement, gen. this is the story of sodom & gommorah from crowley's point of view, beautiful and exquisitely done with meticulous attention to detail, an impressively rendered tone and mood, a perfect mixture of bittersweetness and seriousness and humour.

and when he falls, by torch, c/a, r. sweet. not graphic sex, but not unsexy. strikes the right laid-back, serious and humorous note without tension. we like tension in a story, but the unresolved tension between c & a, canonically speaking, is pretty small. very highly recommended.

a ficlet about a mouse by twitchycat, c/a, pg. a. finds a mouse and c. doesn't like it. very short. sorry, not overt.

snippet by villainy, pg, sad-ish but really sweet, rather poignant. v/ good.

a ficlet by zelda, r. crowley/aziraphale. humour.