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stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.

object of desire, by courtney gray. bodie/doyle. r. exactly why is bodie so determined they're going to burn themselves out, anyway?

night moves, by courtney gray. bodie/doyle hooker au. nc-17. doyle goes undercover as a hooker. did i say glorious? did i say trash? yeah. mmmmh. and don't forget 'schmoop' while we're at it.

a rainy night in soho, by kitty fisher. bodie/doyle. a last-ditch attempt to save their friendship, and being angstily lost in a crowd full of people. interesting in that she takes the characterizations the opposite way from usual (although that may argue for bad characterization as much as originality), and written with the kinds of twists and pulls and tricks of words that make you melt whether you will or no. typically british punctuation mistakes, tons of breathless moments.

fevers, by pamela rose. bodie/doyle. r. ray's a bit more under the weather than he thought--in more ways than one. oh so classic h/c, written in 83, to boot. delicious, i tell you.

if wishes were..., by pamela rose. bodie/doyle. nc-17. recc'd for the adorable premise; it starts very strong and finishes, i think, wavering a bit back and forth, with a vanilla sex scene and a moral driven in with a hammer that doesn't make a great deal of sense.

where the worms are, by pamela rose. bodie/doyle. nc-17. very very high on the plot, lower on the romance, and the plot's engaging, fascinating, enthralling. so, yes. read this one.

time out: past tense, by pamela rose. bodie/doyle. nc-17. a giddy ride shuffling between if-the-world-ended fic, time travel, and leaving most of the practical issues raised rather charmingly undisturbed. it skips from point to point and ends a bit fuzzily, but on the way it hits a number of the good buttons. (perhaps she should've read a bit more sf first, but i won't hold it against her--too much.)

a very different kind of hot water bottle, by lh. bodie/doyle. nc-17. short, utterly plotless pwp with a good dose of sugar. good, though!

forget that i remember, and dream that i forget, by pamela rose. bodie/doyle. nc-17. amnesia fic! pretty good. long, interesting and fairly satisfying, although the end's a bit shaky.

again blythe spirit, by mosby singleton. b/d? pg. the funniest ghost story i've read in a while.

christmas snow, by pfl. b/d. nc-17. glorious trash again. schmoopy pwps--the genre seems to lend itself. this one has hints of other things too, though, an queer magical air fraught with meaning near the beginning before it melts into mush.

troubled waters, by kazi. b/d. pg. short, *not* pwp! although the plot is a bit small. it's sort of like a shaggy dog story, actually, only with lots more cuteness points.

boys' night out, by kazi. b/d. nc-17. a longer, plotty thing hinging on the undercover-as-queers thing. which is predictable as all hell, and the romance is predictable too, albeit very sweet, and by this point you're going, 'why recommend trash?' well, if you don't want to read *any* trash, don't read this. if you enjoy trash sometimes then--bring it on. ;)

man on the line, by kazi. b/d. nc-17. better then the previous one by the same author, i think, and not quite as predictable. also, a bit more light-hearted, and of a nice middling length. sweet, of course. first time, of course. need i even mention it?

massage, by kazi. b/d?, pg. an intriguing, pointed little piece, with a mood that slides around from schmoop to just-banked glowing tension.

after the party, by lh. b/d. r. another one of those drunken nights followed by angsty forgetful mornings, but cute. not too long, and it held my attention all the way through. although--sugar alert. of course, if you don't like that, i doubt you've lasted this far in this fandom.

a deadly serious game, by lh. b/d. nc-17. this author goes for *angles.* yet another relatively bland story made interesting by its manner. the bodie voice was intriguing, though i don't think it was always spot-on. and it has an interesting effect on the narrative too--go on. you'll see.

dearest possession, by lh. b/d. pg. short and thoughtful, sweet seeping through the cracks, but very oriented around the plot, actually. (not an action plot, i warn you, but a plot all the same.)

deja vu, by lh. b/d. nc-17. another funny one. caught between caution, and the possibility of all you've wanted--what do you do?

denoument, by lh. b/d. pg. the title makes it ironic--because the main attraction of this story is certainly the curiosity of its ending. it's doyle, with his poor heart broken over a girl, and for once, while emotional, not a little ball of flame.

a momentary aberration, by lh. b/d. nc-17. just one of those impulses, you know--the middle of the night, the moonlight--how could any bloke be expected to resist?

midnight clear, by amy morgan. b/d. pg. not unforgiveably soppy, pretty believable, a valid point to be made, relatively short.

o holy night, by amy morgan. b/dish, gen-ish, r for violence only. an actual action story! unbelievable. and beautifully put together, too.

the story of my life, by pj. b/d, ofc pov, pg. warning! this is practically the mushiest, sappiest story i have *ever* read. sap-sensitives will reel away from it, seeing stars, and wind up vomiting on the floor. that said, if you can handle mfeo-end-of-life type sap complete with apparent reliance on the existence of heaven, proceed. it's well-done, and the train-wreck of sap kept me caught between being moved and horrified and thus, i didn't cry, though the author doubtless intended me to.

the anniversary, by sebastian. bodie/doyle. nc-17. short, very oddly dreamy and sensuous. surreal. beautiful. low on plot, but it doesn't seem to matter.

army games, by sebastian. bodie/doyle. nc-17. another short and dreamy first-time that's very nearly a pwp, also quite pretty, but this one with some very humorous and touching moments scattered through the beginning. low on the action movie touches, though.

between the lines, by sebastian. b/d. r. a bit out of her usual line, a rather more thoughtful and complicated piece. i might go so far as to award it subtlety.

flu, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. a weekend of fever.

b & d beside the sea, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. another unapolagetic first-time pwp, heavy on the schmoop, with a somewhat annoying rhymed title. but very hot.

blood heat, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. throat-stopping up schmoopy angsty first time sex. these things are like bits of chocolate--can't stop eating them even if you'll make yourself sick.

first night, last night, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. sweet, but not nearly as light as many of hers. there are more layers and depths to this than to some of her earlier ones, and a beautifully unstable ending. fascinated me! go be fascinated yourself.

just a kiss, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. bodie and doyle get drunk at a ci5 party. i'm not sure if i'm reccing it for being sweet, or unintentionally funny, or charmingly plotted along through the beginning. the unintentionally funny bits are, well, pretty good. but i enjoyed it even beyond that! go on, then.

the smallest room, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. trembling uncertainty and lots of *looking* and oooh, very creepy. compelling.

stultiloquy, by sebastian. b/d. pg. mush and adorable silliness and possibly some dreaded meta.

such a day tomorrow, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. the best one i've read out of her, beautifully characterized, sweet, charming, emphatically quirky, perfectly put-together: no faltering, whimpering ending here.

trugh beauty, by sebastian. b/d. nc-17. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

vivamus, amenus, by sebastian. b/d. r. stickily, poignantly bittersweet. shocking cold bits in there, though.

noises at dawn, by fanny adams. b/d. nc-17. an unusual take on the undercover-as-gay thing with a very usual schmoopy ending. cute, though, particularly in the middle.

strictly classified, by alexandria. b/d. nc-17. minus major points for the ending, but nonetheless brilliant romantic comedy schmoop, if not particularly original. brought you've got mail to my mind, in fact.

grapevine, by brenda antrim. b/d. nc-17. another one of those 'story of us' ones, but not bad.

after ojuka, by sebastian. b/d, nc-17. pdf format--you'll need acrobat reader. this is a queer one.

the high road, by m. fae glasgow. b/d, nc-17, pdf. she's got a lush storyteller's voice, some amusing quirks of style, maybe a few overly emotional dirty tricks, but it's well worth it.

the still of the night by alexandra, nc-17. a believable end, but rather slow.