the highlander

stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.

consent of the twain and a good thing by aristide are smutty, graphic, d/m/amanda porn. nc-17. pwp with some hints of sentiment.

leaning with the turns, by aristide. duncan/methos, NC-17. nicely drawn-out and very hot porn, which is what everyone has come to expect from aristide. it's a nice look at the issues moving these characters in canon, despite having hardly any plot that's not delivered through the smut. the issues in this fandom are serious and rather deep, and the solutions to their problems in this story are a little fast for my taste, but i can't really blame aristide for that within this story. the story is lovely.

into each life, by barb g. d/m, nc-17. angst and cassandra's death. a depressed, gloomy-mood-ed story that's really very outstanding on top of killing cassandra, which already earned it top marks in my book.

sex, sex, and things in between, by basingstoke and ljv. d/m, r. a miniscule, dialogue-only humour scene. "MacLeod, I hate to point this out. Truly. But I have seen you, with my own two eyes, drink Coors Light."

breaking point, by chris. d/m, nc-17. humour. i liked this a lot from the beginning, but the plot almost made me not rec it after all. we'll just say i rolled my eyes at it--but then i realised how very canon-like the plot was. if not for duncan's more reasonable behaviour it could have been an episode, and therefore it passes. just take it in the proper light spirit.

decisions, by chris. nc-17 d/m. the methos pov is delightful, and delightfully in-character. also, miracles have been worked with duncan, making him far closer to his canon self than one would think possible while keeping him from becoming more irritating than he is. introspective and rather dramatic with a sort of abrupt, but fitting, ending.

deep waters, by chris. d/m, au, nc-17. duncan's a sidhe, not an immortal. methos discovers him and they track down a serial killer together. well-written, in character, and powerfully lovely --the alien duncan works astonishingly well. the magical element is intriguing and very nicely handled.

mathematics 101 by chris, d/m/amanda d/m, nc-17. amanda wants a threesome for her birthday and it doesn't turn out as she expected. a nice and hot story. pretty much angst- and adventure-free. nice but not totally complete characterisation of duncan.

hope chest, by elynross. d/m. longish, light-hearted, and very, very cute.

over the edge by elynross. d/m nc-17 established. pure porn, pwp. exhibitionist kink warning.

after midnight by esjay nc-17. a missing scene, internally consistent and well-done, although i'm not sure i can buy it at that point of canon.

the marrying kind, by esjay. d/m, nc-17, post-series. a nice, sorta romantic comedy with really hot porn, which all starts when methos decides on a whim to get married. And this moment pointed out by shiroi chi: Methos pocketed the keys and they set off down the street, Methos tucking himself into his usual spot behind the windbreak of Duncan's left shoulder.

straight and low, by esjay, d/m nc-17. an absolutely hilarious comedy of errors and sex featuring a brilliant, devious, angry, dangerous methos who is totally believable--no sign of a cowering, love-ridden fanon methos to be found. all narrated by a determined, grumpy, matter-of-fact mac who's a wonderful narrator.

the space between by hafital. d/m nc-17 first time. moody and sweet, and interesting. it's the first part of a series that i haven't read the rest of. also, i hear it contains spoilers for one of the movies.

adagio amidst the ashes, by illuferret; d/m, nc-17, post-series. a leisurely, lovely, very peaceful novella from duncan's point of view--my personal favourite mood and flavour in a story, sun-drenched and contemplative, slow and confident and inevitable. solidly, deftly written with some few small weak spots. never overly mushy: incredibly tasteful.

counting the cost by julia. d/m nc-17. short, dramatic post-byron first-time, angsty and believably characterised. enjoyable methos pov.

dry cell by laura jv, d/m, pg. methos dies. the point here is really the story and i can't spoil it beyond that.

embracing proteus by lisa weston. d/m, nc-17. medium-length, a solid but perhaps not entirely believable story that nonetheless contains some striking ideas and moments.

kriegers ahnung (warrior's foreboding) by macgeorge. d/m, nc-17, late-series spoilers, angst, drama. intense duncan angst beginning with the death of kell in canon, some rather opaque plot developments, some soul-searching and an ending that's odd but oddly satisfying. not flawless but very striking.

social graces by macgeorge. d/m, nc-17, humour. a rather romping romantic comedy set, i believe, post-series. light and thoroughly enjoyable, and not annoyingly OOC from my pov.

swords at sunset: the duke's reward by shalott. d/m nc-17, au. duncan and methos meet in scotland while duncan is still alive. diverges from real history too and includes kalas. an exquisite, well-made story. very satisfying.

swing it low by shrift, d/m, nc-17. funny and just an all-around good read, with several bits that i liked more than a little. (sequel to i know you, pg, which you may want to read first. it's also good, pretty setting, but i wasn't too excited about it.)

anima, by sleeps with coyotes. d/m nc-17. a mushy and smutty short story about what it feels like to take a quickening, among other things. the mush doesn't go all the way through, and there's some dubious characterisation right along with some sort of interesting characterisation. the mixed nature might come from the story's essential lightness.

close to death, by sleeps with coyotes. d/m, pg. there's a certain amount you have to take for granted in an established relationship piece, but if the characters therein still seem believable i'm willing to buy it provided there are still real issues there--and there are. this one's about methos leaving, which comes up a lot for good reason.

ends and means by sleeps with coyotes. d/m. violence but no sex. a gathering scene--imo too mushy, but it's an end that bears reading and contemplating.

how to make an irish coffee by sleeps with coyotes (NC17) humour, fluff, first-time, short. candy, basically.

hush by sleeps with coyotes. d/m, nc-17. an alternative myth for the creation of immortals, a first-time story that kind of isn't, some domesticity, and some rather over-blown angst make for a very enjoyable read. duncan is dumb but still charming!

oh, darling! by sleeps with coyotes. d/m, r. a "snippet" of drunken methos, singing. light and humourous and cute.

research, by sleeps with coyotes. nc-17, d/m. this is first-time fluff, but the story as a whole is nice and so is the porn.

welcome, by sleeps with coyotes. duncan/methos, pg, post-series. methos seeks out duncan again and doesn't get the reception he expects--beautiful. i find nothing to quarrel with in the characterisation. heavily sweet.

when after a long life by sleeps with coyotes. d/m nc-17. i recommend this with caveats. the beginning hooked me and fascinated me with behaviour for duncan which is strange in light of canon, unheard-of in fanon--yet not unbelievable. the ending is rushed and as a result of that, i think, winds up rather too pat for my taste, and the complex issues frissoning the beginning are simplified, i feel, in a way that does them a disservice. still: enjoyable with nice smut.

please don't pet the methos by suze. d/m, r, humour. duncan is predatory and more intelligent than usual, and he catches methos off-guard. funny, entertaining and very good. absolutely not a deep or angsty study of anything whatsoever. and, well, it has smartduncan ooc, but i guess you get used to that in highlander slash. he CAN'T be as dumb as in canon all the time.

the bark of dante by taz. d/m, nc-17. reportedly the first of a series of smut, this first-time story is blessedly unangsty. it's possibly a little preoccupied with its own slight mysteriousness.

be careful what you wish for by tessa rae. d/m, nc-17. a fluffy but not overly mushy first time pwp. for the most part outstanding porn with some rough spots in phrasing and word choice.

a roof against the rain, by tiffany. d/m, nc-17. this is a moody, angst-drenched, melodramatic second-time story, but i can picture the characters saying all the dialogue. that actually happens a lot: the show is kind of melodramatic and emo too. (it doesn't mention it, but it seems like a sequel to another story which i've read and am not going to recommend.)

grace period by tray. d/m, pg pre-slash. other pov--anne lindsay's daughter mary, a teenager. the pov character is good--almost brilliant in spots, the story absorbing and--nice. not at all without tension, but without a big dramatic adventure plot.

cold comfort by unovis, d/m, pg. a methos-pov christmas story. enchanting and nice. duncan so delightfully not-stupid that i'm not even going to question my first happy accepting reaction.