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stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.

added 2 july 2006:

in prince of tennis:

for more prince of tennis fic (that i enjoyed, but haven't recommended here for a variety of reasons), check my links. the stories there are categorised by pairing, length, and a few other tags, but for the most part linked without comments. (eventually i plan to do this for other fandoms too.)

before you repent, by chiya. tezuryo, r. ryoma point of view, supremely angsty futurefic about a breakup and a long period of separation. everybody in the comments to this story says that they cried, which isn't surprising in the least - it's meticulously thorough and pulls no punches, wringing every bit of angst out of its plot. it's strikingly, breath-holdingly dramatic and painfully beautiful at points as well. ryoma's narration is matter-of-fact and weary, quietly heartbroken in a way that's entirely in character and all too believable. even when he's being fairly stupid, his longing for tezuka is palpable.

letters from echizen, by garlandgraves. tezuryo-flavoured gen, post-anime canon. perfectly timed humourous epistolary fic, and the voice is perfect - the concept of letters from ryoma is already hilarious by itself, and this delivers. and then it gets even better. all the letters (well, almost) are to tezuka, and there's more in what's left up to the reader's imagination than in the text. the whole thing is lovely.

tall grass, new cut by garlandgraves. tezuryo-ish gen, futurefic, set at wimbledon. this is incredibly satisfying to read. it rings very true to canon, it resonates with so many tezuryo themes and moments from canon, and it's aching with subtext and so well-done, simply delightful.

sensation, by kish t'rethya. tezuryo, pg. this is a short set of interlinked drabbles, one for each of the five senses--concise and effective and kind of cute. i love ryoma's matter-of-fact narration.

i am the walrus, by halrloprillalar. momoshiro/kaidoh, pg. a nice, longish piece from momoshiro's point of view that really seems to capture his amusing and rather charming simplicity, the competitive relationship with kaidoh and his confusion over his complicated feelings there. there is some of the most exquisite and adorable description of confused adolescent arousal in this fic that i have ever read.

bus stop, wet day, by garlandgraves. momoshiro/kaidoh, pg. this is a tiny ficlet with a lot of fighting in it that could have come straight from canon, and something about the kaidoh point of view seems almost stunningly right.

a team of experts, by soundczech. momoshiro/kaidoh, pg. a hilarious and completely delightful momokai story in which momo asks eiji and ryoma for advice about dating boys, and practically every new thing that happened made me bounce with glee. hilarious from beginning to end. practically perfect.

simple gifts (special golden power remix x 5) + BONUS TRACK, by halrloprillalar. golden pair. five unrelated ficlets about the golden pair which vary from g to nc-17 and include one in which they're vampires and one in which they're austen characters, a couple that are really sweet and one which is much more serious and angsty. but they are all very good.

one life, by pixxers. golden pair, pg, futurefic, angst. a short scene from eiji's point of view with a whole story suggested behind it, this is angsty but ultimately uplifting.

trickster, by kish t'rethya. taka/fuji, g. a cute story in which fuji isn't exactly sure what to do and eiji is determined to make something happen.

full dress, by halrloprillalar. inui/yanagi, pg. a tiny and wonderfully, inexpressibly great and hilarious little ficlet. every detail seems exactly right. and also really, really funny.

running into the sun, by sioniann. inui/yanagi pre-slash, pg. the expanded story of inui and yanagi's trip to hawaii. this story is exquisite, almost achingly sweet, and it's bittersweet in a way - from the vantage of canon - but all the bitterness is implied in the space left over, a space which is only very carefully hinted at throughout the story. all the little details are deftly chosen; every little snapshot scene seems perfect. i can't think of any way this story could be better; i just wish there were a lot more of it.

type slowly, by marksykins. inui/fuji, pg. this is great inui point of view - his careful analysis and his logical narration and the way fuji flusters him. the dialogue is particularly great.

thunderstorms, by kish t'rethya. fuji and yumiko, gen. a little introspective fuji character study, fascinating and kind of sweet and kind of moving.

sleeping habits, by becchan. atobe/jiroh, preslash, g. this is some excellent and very funny atobe-voice, and the whole thing is very fluffy and cute and harmless. jiroh is atobe's roommate and has a habit of falling asleep on his bed.

counterfeits by orpheneritus. atobe/jiroh, preslash. g. a short, funny little ficlet from atobe's point of view.

just playing around, by kish t'rethya. oshitari/gakuto, pg. light humour and a short story of great gakuto pov. very cute and sweet.