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stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.



the night season by achillea, pre-quest frodo/sam angst. nc-17. starts out beautifully, even breathtakingly, despite being not really in a tolkien voice. loses some momentum as the characterizations diverge from canon but still sweetly achy.

dancing day by adrienne. frodo/sam. pg. a spring feverish first time. all shire.

of ruins and rescues, by adrienne. frodo/sam. r. can't believe i forgot to put this one up before! *scuffs toe* it's sooooo sweet.

coming of age, by bill the pony. frodo/sam first time. nc-17. sam comes of age. i think a lot of authors forget about the age difference between sam and frodo in book canon--and i don't have anything against movie frodo, but there's a lot to book frodo that informs the character and the story. one thing i love about bill's stories is that you can really see book frodo in them: his age, his angst, his fragile wisdom, all the things they don't have time to show you in the movie.

foolish games, by bill the pony. frodo/sam, merry/pippin. nc-17. the infamous spin-the-bottle fic, in the shire. hot and sweaty and occasionally sweet. not a hint of darkness or evilitude to be found. she thinks it's overrated, but things are popular for a reason, you know: this is great fun.

tea and lavender, by bill the pony. sam/frodo. nc-17. good characterization, which is becoming more and more hard to come by. set during ttt in the ruins of isengard. it was a slashily ripe section of the book, you have to admit.

and like the horizon, a very special birthday party, and the warming lesson, by briefly del. frodo/sam. pg. deep melodrama, thoughts in italics, lines and lines of angst. on the other hand, some lovely images, an essential angle on frodo, on his own in the shire, no quest about to distract things and muddy them up, and his eyes on sam, with all his age behind his pov. i'm a sucker for that...

sick day by calligraphy. f/s, nc-17, post-quest au romance/first time. original and well-characterized, if a bit saccharine. sam's teenaged angst is amusingly annoying.

for a star and a half, by cara loup. f/s, pg, pre-quest in the shire. sweet and tingly and slow, and rather angsty. it's at the same time not as heavy as questfic inevitably is.

water and fire, by cara loup, first 2 of a 5-part, as yet unfinished series. sam/frodo. pg-13, i s'pose. oh, with the imagery! the emotion! it's gorgeous.

an ordinary evening, by europanya. f/s, post-quest au. nc-17, established relationship. sweet and well-done. longish.

and i loved him that he did pity them, by janis cortese. sam/frodo. r. sam won't leave frodo. will he?

life and death, by janis cortese. frodo/sam. pg. set in the end of fotr, sam's pov on the boat scene, mostly. thoughtful and -provoking and nice, quietly right.

whispers and moans, by karadin, frodo/sam, nc-17. a rather soap-operaiffic story that relies for its conflict overmuch on silly and not entirely believable misunderstandings. but along with frodo's girliness is mixed in a lovely book!frodo, and a book!sam to go with him, though the visuals come clearly from the movie. it was good to read. and the character voice was for the most part excellent.

bridges, by lobelia sackville-baggins. frodo/sam, g, angst, ust. class differences. aching and bittersweet.

a dirty job, by lobelia sackville-baggins. frodo/sam, r, humor, rivendell book-canon. small and adorable. sam's asked to do some things that weren't in his job description.

the last shreds of autumn, by merripestin. frodo/sam. r. fotr book canon with spoilers through rivendell. a slow sweet romance, shared pov. well-characterized book-frodo.

wild creatures, by merripestin. frodo/sammish. r. pre-quest, frodo wants to see what sort of animal sam has hidden in the potting shed.

famished, by mcee. frodo/sam. pg. in rivendell, sam waits for frodo to wake. short.

shouting in the silence, by mj. frodo/sam. pg. this was written before the movie even came out, which i find somewhat awe-inspiring. naturally, then, it's steeped in book-canon. this frodo intrigues me and makes me shiver.

an empty mirror, by shirasade. frodo/sam (and merry/pippin), pg. dark, short sam-pov during fotr. sam is depressed and worried, and envious of merry and pippin.

elvenwise, by thia. f/s, pre-quest, nc-17. lovely, a little poignant, very sweet.

far over wood, by thia. f/s, book-canon, r-rated spackle from early in fotr. sweet, tense frodo pov.

the morning after, r, by thia, frodo/sam. and it's exactly what it says. a ficlet, but an exquisitely beautiful one. thia is a master of this pairing and the story is unfaltering and sweetly true.

so priketh hem nature in hir corages, by thia. f/s, nc-17, pre-quest. sam is innocent. frodo's a kind of debauched victorian gentleman.

aniron, by the x woman. frodo/sam. pg. life and desire, drama and angst. based on fotr book-canon, immediately following fotr.


barleywine, by ailei. merry/pippin. nc-17. sweet and yummy: merry and pippin, before the start of the trilogy, don't like girls.

more to have, by aozora. merry/pippin ficlet. short. nice.

foolish games, by bill the pony. frodo/sam, merry/pippin. nc-17. the infamous spin-the-bottle fic, in the shire. hot and sweaty and occasionally sweet. not a hint of darkness or evilitude to be found. she thinks it's overrated, but things are popular for a reason, you know: this is great fun.

a surfeit of honors, by halrloprillalar. m/p, pg, during the end of rotk. humor and very merry/pippiny, warm and fuzzy, and excellent characterization of the hobbits--which is a rare and valuable commodity.

burrow, by jane st clair. merry/pippin. pg. hard to describe, but it catches you unaware and sort of squishes you up inside, the way she often does. essence of hobbits, perhaps.

a world without, by kaydee falls. merry/pippin implied. pg-13. lotr, a contemplative, darkish, schmoop-free little piece that covers the whole trilogy and quite a lot of time before it.

the sweet purity of apples, by keelywolfe. merry/pippin, pg. shirefic, pre-quest, before merry and pippin are quite best friends. pippin tries to show merry how to sketch.

moving without speaking, by kit. merry/pippin, nc-17. a christmas first time story, angsty and extremely fluffy. the dialogue and tone falter a little at the end, imo--getting over-mushy.

visions, by lobelia sackville-baggins. merry/pippin. nc-17. what did galadriel show *you* when she looked into your eyes?

cabbages and kings, by madelyn scott. m/p, nc-17, first time, pre-quest--a sweet, naive little story. rather lush. middling length.

cakes and cobwebs one and two, by mj. merry/pippin, no-quest au. nc-17. sweet and thrilling and very hobbitty, all about food and forests and all the best friendshippy things about merry and pippin.

guardians, by naina. merry/pippin. r for war. "rest easy, perian. you will see your peregrin again."

summer afternoon, by tha wrecka, merry/pippin, pg. short extremely fluffy plotless scene from the shire. in a field.

a doll's heart, by venenatus venustus. merry/pippin, pg. a sweet, naive first-time story with something of a teen movie plot. about growing up. very high drama towards the end: i held my breath and then when i was all done, i shivered.

relief, by victoria bitter. merry/pippin and pippin/legolas. don't let the legolas bit squick you. r or nc-17, from a sex education challenge. too sweet and adorable for words. pippin's angsty, legolas knows everything, merry's got problematic sleeping habits.


back to the beginning, by adina. legolas/gimli. r. alternate ending to lotr--of a sort. far future of middle-earth, a fascinating, deeply-layered masterwork.

chamber of lovers, by adina. legolas/gimli. nc-17. a very romantic little pwp set after the trilogy.

no other hands, by adina. legolas/gimli, pg. a beautifully subtle story the length of a scene, about sharpening blades after battle. gimli's pov. his concentration, his flash of confusion, are beautiful. all is very subtly done.

undying, by adina, legolas/gimli, pg. a companion to "back to the beginning" in a universe where even the undying lands cannot stopy gimli from dying. high mush content, talk of gimli's death, but it doesn't actually happen.

sky as grey as your heart, by afrai. legolas/gimli, pg. short, and sweet with a hint of bitter--slow, gray, a little melancholy, a lot lyric.

i will follow, by arachne. legolas/gimli. pg. legolas offers his own hair for gimli to practice making the setting for galadriel's with.

many welcomes, the ways of riders, time for deeds, and hands that sing, by bill the pony. legolas/gimli. this is one of my favourite pieces in a favourite pairing--the saga-like narrative voice bill uses works extremely well, and these stories are satisfying and of a nice middling length.

of horses and herons, by bill the pony. legolas/gimli, pg. movie canon ttt, just a bit of banter and dialogue about that scene where gimli falls off the horse.

they say of the elves, by brancher. legolas/gimli. pg. short, brilliantly humorous.

raven's song, by camilla sandman. legolas/gimli. r. an epic, not unflawed, following canon almost to the letter yet not without surprise. the narrator's voice is beautiful.

an untitled legolas/gimli by c.m. shaw. nc-17. pwp. sweet and not ooc, for all that.

the hill of erech, by daisy norbury. legolas/gimli. pg. set during rotk, book-canon, gimli is frightened of the ghosts marching with them and legolas tries to hearten him. characterizations possibly a bit off, but it's a lovely story.

a bird and a beast, by doom's eyebrow. legolas/gimli. nc-17. post-trilogy, legolas and gimli visit fangorn together. sweet and measured and with a good tolkienish voice. the language is very pretty throughout--a luxury and a rarity.

fall and tumbled, by dracostella. legolas/gimli, r. ttt movie canon. romance and some hints of bittersweet angst, and some humor, and a few lines of elvish speech. really lovely.

watermark, by gloria lancaster. legolas/gimli, pg. the voice falters slightly, but i advise you to ignore it and enjoy the story, which is interesting, if simple and vignetteish. legolas watches gimli bathe. they banter oddly. they kiss. etc.

tantalus, by honesty. legolas/gimli. pg. galadriel pov, set during fotr. fascinating and lovely, a very original and very well-executed little piece.

not willingly unlock, by isos arei. legolas/gimli. pg. a sweet little piece in an odd, lilting voice, much given over to characterization of dwarves and how they are bound up in the dwarvish language and the naming of things.

stitch, by kandadze. legolas/gimli. pg. this is a very good story, told in the manner of a skilled story-teller; but i almost think it's meant to be heard spoken aloud. the voice is a bit crude and unpolished around the edges. a short story in which gimli mends legolas's tunic.

scent of a dwarf, by keelywolfe. legolas/gimli. r. a bored elf has nothing to do but exercise his olfactory sense.

untying knots, by keelywolfe. legolas/gimli. pg. short, sweet, terribly poignant snippet, and one of my favorites in the genre.

heart's ease, by laura jacquez valentine. legolas/gimli. maybe r, maybe pg. short, concise, well-done and interesting. there should be more like this. not that i think there will be.

lied: lay my heart naked, by laura jv. legolas/gimli. pg. gimli's pov late in the quest and a while after it, a very lyrical piece which is not quite poetry. the tolkien voice is beautiful and gimli and legolas are well (and interestingly) characterized. a nice glimpse of aragorn too, and what i feel is a better understanding of him than you often meet in fanfic.

love-knot, by laura jacquez valentine. legolas/gimli. r. some pretty little characterizations, some very tolkien-like dialogue. images. no sex.

echoes, by little my. legolas/gimli. r. legolas fulfills his promise to go with gimli to the glittering caves.

lessons in gardening, by little my. legolas/gimli. r. after rotk, legolas builds the lady eowyn a garden in ithilien.

an unspoken attraction, by marie noire. legolas/gimli. pg. book canon, no spoilers. a short, sweet piece, gimli's pov for once. she calls it 'pwp,' but she doesn't mean in the sex sense.

journey, by moirai. legolas/gimli. nc-17. book canon-based; a little collection of scenes written into the cracks of the story. very cute at times, a little overly sweet at the end, but very thoughtful at the beginning. so bonus points.

mirror'd image, by myst avalon. legolas/gimli. pg. a short piece very much in the style of tolkien on the visits of legolas and gimli to the glittering caves and fangorn forest.

when you are with me, by nimue. legolas/gimli. nc-17. long, following and elaborating on book canon from helm's deep and beyond. takes some liberties with characterization, in my estimation, or perhaps that's a faltering due to the difficulty of the tolkien pastiche style. perhaps a bit on the heavy side, ie, it could afford to lose some words; but i recommend it for all that, because this pairing is very hard to come by, and all these things aside, i think she has a very good grip on them.

dreaming, by oakenshield. legolas/gimli. nc-17, angst. recommended with some reservations--i can't reconcile myself to the characterizations entirely, and the voice is not a tolkienish voice but a modern one. however, the story is told with skill. it's dramatic (possibly overdramatic), bittersweet, and quite affecting, if you have a secret soft spot for romance.

interlude in lorien, by pythoness. legolas/gimli and merry/pippin. pg. gimli's moody and broody and merry and pippin are cute and surprisingly intelligent. legolas is gorgeous and enigmatic and other good stuff.


bargaining for beginners, by honesty. celebrimbor/narvi. pg. exquisite, sweet, very original and believable. most highly recommended.

warg hunt, by honesty. sequel to the previously recommended "bargaining for beginners." narvi/celebrimbor, pg. more on the craftsmen of the gates of moria. the gates don't come into this episode--it's just elf/dwarf relations and politics, and factions of elves too. that part's fascinating.

unscaled heaven, by wax jism. aragorn/boromir. "araboronecro? sounds gross." "oh, it is. but it's also very, very good. it's wax, after all."

lotr rps


the immortality of turtles, by airgiodslv. dom/billy, pg. largely devoted to characterization: fascinating dom, very guy-like billy.

thirty-seven, by anatsuno. dom/billy, r or nc-17, au. angst/smut/ust for lotr rps secret slasha 03. a harassed, near-to-oc dom in a very evocatively hot and uncomfortable atmosphere.

leather, by apple pi. dom/billy porn with a kilt kink. nc-17. hot, if the kilt kink doesn't get in your way.

peaches, by bluekat. nc-17. dom/billy. a lot of peaches and two boys, pretty much. pwp.

logical positivism, by blythely. dom/billy, r, funky and cute, quirky, enigmatic. dom pov, pretty inexplicit.

unique, by botticelli angel. dom/billy, pg. not too outstanding, as i think billy's a bit off, but it's very cute and gets points for being concise in a strikingly nice way. focusses on dom's leather wrist cuffs and is, oddly enough, sweet.

sabotage and its companion, subversion,, by calico. nc-17, extremely graphic sex. cast slutfic, especially viggorli, orlijah, dom/billy, hints of dom/billy/elijah. basically a giant smutbomb. elijah is turning 21. well, how to celebrate? ^.^

psychosomatic by cesare, dom/billy romance, billy pov.  witty dialogue and.  funniness, with a bit of classy angsty plot, and a bit of sean a/elijah.

snippet by chaya. sort of dom/billy or gen, g. pencil-puppet fellowship of the rings left lying on the coffee table confuse billy.

tomorrow, by crazybutsound. dom/billy, pg. a dombilly take on groundhog day, not unflawed but quite memorable. a sort of sense of dissatisfaction--perhaps it ends too quickly.

turning forty, by crazybutsound. dom/billy, pg. billy turns forty and gets a lot of presents, including one he's not ready for. the premise is a little angsty, and she's fairly upfront about that although it comes out gradually as it should. but the tone is not overwhelmingly angst. rather, it's sort of tired and resigned, and not entirely bad, like the kind of hope that glimmers from the bottom of a well of depression. well put together, it works for many subtle reasons but in the end comes off simple, complete in itself, as the best stories should. interestingly, cbs says this is her favorite of her own work.

fair game by glasgow blue. dom/billy gen. humour. all about a game called pooka and... i know i adored this fic before, so why wasn't it already on here? mysteries for the ages.

somnolent, by impasto. dom/billy, domlijah. pg. longish and dreamy, with disconnected scenes. smooth, lyrical, quietly angsty, pretty, and very well-written. sort of deliberate and slow, with an inexorable sort of slide to the end, but not in a predictable way.

bloodshot smile, by jacito. dom/billy. pg. billy pov. extremely angsty, imo, though she claims a 'semi-happy' ending. but with some very striking bits and some good dialogue.

william and samuel, by jubilancy. dom/billy, pg. exquisitely angsty with some funniness and some sweetness.

in which billy dances, dom is clumsy, beer is spilled, and all comes out alright in the end by one angry kate and ella minnow. dom/billy, pg lotr rps, a bit fluffy angst.  shortish.

funny, by kaydee falls. dom/billy, pg. a cute and clever, smoothly-executed concept-framework. some very nice dialogue. a fun, nice piece.

wisecrack, by kohaku. dom/billy, pg. pensive and very sweet fluff. but it's not completely fluffy. and there's tension.

master of disguise, by m. silverstar, dom/billy a cute but rather solemn one with a gift certificate to a mall, written for the 2003 secret santa challenge.

a quiet night, a happy ending, by mirabile dictu. dom/billy, pg. a cuddly fic which is warm and fuzzy and so sharply sweet that it's shocking.

kinetics, by naina. r. dom/billy. the science of us.

touching base, by nova number nine. dom/billy, pg, darkish. i say dark for a sort of overcast tone, but the story is quietly, grayly touching, not in really morbid or tragic.

recidivism, by veuki, dom/billy, nc-17, humor and fluff. very strangely titled--i'm never going to be able to remember the title. a wacky ending. first time sex that seems to creep up and surprise both of them in the midst of the witty dialogue and christmas decorating.


fade out, by airgiodslv. domlijah, nc-17, a bit of unprotected sex, futurefic. a strong theme-oriented mostly ghost story--angsty without wallowing, because it's, you know, a picture of angst. impressively cool and incredibly done: the only thing i'm ambivalent about is the ending.

surfing, the wave, catching the wave, ripping, wipeout, getting worked, and the wave part 2, by buffett. domlijah. nc-17. buffett's inaugural attempt, and she'll squirm about it. there may be hints of soap opera, but it's overall quite satisfying and lovely. and one of the earliest written in the pairing, i believe.

morning, by cesare. domlijah, pg. domesticity based on an infamous story called "the wood-monaghans," which is, i am sure, verybadfic. this is not. it's realistic, a little tired, a little sweet, and very funny.

butterfly eyes (or: how i learned to smoke), by chelle. domlijah. pg. forgivably smushy in there towards the end, an eerie creepy neurotic lijah, and rather cutely clueless dom pov, in that boy-way.

sense, by doom's eyebrow. domlijah, pg. unabashedly, perfectly, unrelievedly fluffy christmas fluff. yes, it was originally written at christmas. but good for warmfuzzies all year round. short.

forget pretend, by eleanor lavish. dom/f, domlijah angst. nc-17. short, shocking, sweaty, thick with angst. has a bit of a kick to it and an appropriately messy, confusing end.

trading places 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, epilogue, by iamtheenemy. g, humour. an absolutely hilarious story in which the real dom and elijah trade places with the dom and elijah of the tinhat universe. "So itís your belief that no one in the cast is straight?" Billy asked. "Is what?" Dom questioned. "Straight," Billy reiterated a little louder. Dom shook his head. "Iím sorry, I donít take your meaning." "Straight? As in heterosexual," Orlando clarified when Billy looked too flummoxed to speak. "Heh, Ďheterosexual,í" Elijah giggled, "You say that like itís really a word."

somnolent, by impasto. dom/billy, domlijah. pg. longish and dreamy, with disconnected scenes. smooth, lyrical, quietly angsty, pretty, and very well-written. sort of deliberate and slow, with an inexorable sort of slide to the end, but not in a predictable way.

how the story goes, by kaydee falls. sean astin/billy boyd, domlijah. pg. caution to the marriage-squicked. but well-written, interesting.

jealous, by kaydee falls. domlijah. r. a lot of confusion on all sides eventually leads to... some more confusion! but at least lij knows what he wants now.

you're on, by kaydee falls. domlijah. pgish. who gets this competitive over *chess*?

actors, great and little, by mcee. pg domlijah. a short, sweet, interesting little piece. bittersweet, i should have said. is that dom, and is that lijah? well... it could be...

ante up, by mcee. pg. domlijah, dom pov. highly-charged with a bit of angst and well-paced, but short. a satisfying little not-to-be-missed morsel. what are the stakes?

josh & jeremy, by mcee and buffett, the nc-17joint smutbomb. domlijah. an anonymous encounter.

vipashyana, by mirabile dictu. domlijah, pg. an incredibly charming and sweet romance.

love letter, by nicole. pg. domlijah. funny and adorable. not unnecessarily schmoopy at all, which is such a curiosity with this pairing that you ought to read it on that basis alone.

everything you ever wanted, by overloved. dom/elijah. a short story, kind of angsty, except the angst is mainly elijah's and it's from dom's pov, and dom is mainly puzzled. i found that rather interesting.

positivity, by rave. domlijah. pg. elijah's not gay. dom licks people. billy says weird things and they sound perfectly normal. this is the most enjoyable domlijah i've ever read. ::happy sigh::

regarding elijah, by sophrosyne. domlijah, nc-17, sweet, graphic, fluffy--angst followed by smut. first-time. set in nz. lyrical and sort of painfully wistful and pining.

a grown-up love story, by tuuli. dom/elijah, r, dom pov. a compact short story, dom pov, contemplative and slightly (but not grossly or dramatically) angsty.

cutting edges, by zarah. dominic monaghan/elijah wood. pg. wearing sunglasses in public. swift, intense, heart-stopping.


mincemeat, sugarplums and the tinned duck, by azrhiaz. billy/elijah, sorta billy/dom, pg. a christmas story with a bit of angst and a lot of disasters when elijah attempts to cook. short, a little funny, and definitely on the schmoopy side.

in which billy says stuff by inbetweens. elijah/billy, pg. elijah finds billy's voice sexy all the way through the phone book, which billy reads to him.

king of the air, by lassiter. billy/elijah, pg. a billy pov scene, mainly dialogue, cute and funny.

magic fingers by m. silverstar. billy/elijah, r.  during filming elijah has horrible recurring hiccups.  hilarious and cute.

getting it, by mdbfan. billy/elijah, nc-17. a painfully angsty new take on the 'fellowship' of the fellowship, with a pov-character elijah who's something of a prodigy and can't fit in.

double take, by nimh. billy/elijah, nc-17. first time at the beginning of filming, billy point of view. rather short, with a lovely picture of the instant rapport among the whole fellowship.

grasping the concept, by shaenie. billy/elijah, nc-17. a first time pwp set during filming in which billy's kilt features prominently.

the only way out is through, by shaenie. elijah/billy, nc-17. a supremely angsty elijah-pov romance novel--plotwise at least, extremely satisfying, wonderfully well-written, set during filming. suffers a bit from mush and romance cliches, if those bother you. if you sometimes crave them, look no further. (well, go ahead: look further: there's other stuff you might like too.)

ten simple things you ask to make a young boy sigh, by sparcck. billy/elijah, nc-17. this is a dreamy, opaque, slightly fucked-up piece that's ultimately nice, kind of sweet, slightly haunting: futurefic in which billy visits elijah and they fuck, and almost all of the story is nonetheless about dom, who isn't there--but not necessarily in a triangulating kind of way. the subtlety and complexity are what are great about it.

unclean, by zarah, billy/elijah, pg. elijah point of view, solemn and wistful, short and vivid, kind of sweet. this is one of my favourites of what i've read in this pairing.


itch, by becca ming. viggo/orlando, pg. it's a jpg of a page from viggo's journal with illustrations and a bit of musing. short, introspective, cute, strikes a very viggo note. the worst thing about it is the title.

clean cut, desirous, and crest, by calico. orlando/viggo. r to nc-17. orli wants so hard it makes him nervous, but of course, he can't quite tell what viggo's thinking.

sabotage and its companion, subversion,, by calico. nc-17, extremely graphic sex. cast slutfic, especially viggorli, orlijah, dom/billy, hints of dom/billy/elijah. basically a giant smutbomb. elijah is turning 21. well, how to celebrate? ^.^

telling secrets, by chaosmanor. viggo/orlando, nc-17. a sweet viggo-pov first time set at the end of filming: some hot tense foreplay, soft intelligent narrative voice, a little poignant at times.

the boy and the box, by doom's eyebrow. viggorli. nc-17. a beyond excellent remix of gloria's 'make my day,' smoldering and glaring and muttering with confusion and tension. it jerks you around a bit and stops you hard at the end with the funniest kind of release and makes you say 'oh.'

dwell, by dreagonfli. viggorli. pg. orli decides to turn the tables. short and rather cute.

redux, by elaine. viggorli. nc-17. a longish, lovely, angsty and then sweet fic of happiness, very well-done and pretty. possibly a bit overly fluffy, but then this is a very fluffy pairing.

the archer's paradox by empress wu. viggorli. really lovely and a an excellent example of all the things i love about this pairing. with some nice characterization of orli.

falling, by empress wu. viggorli. pg. a funneh little snippet with the pairing not really there, only just suggested that made me giggle and then smile.

sleeping with ghosts, by io. viggorli and karggo angst, angst, angst. nc-17. a sleepy, dreamy, sort of flighty and wild little piece of sadness and tension. viggo's remembering, blahblah.

make my day, by gloria mundi. viggorli. nc-17. fluffy smutty essentially pwp, but with characterization stuffed into the cracks artfully!

discontent, by lalejandra. viggo/orlandoish, orlando pov during filming. vignette, not really angsty though not happy.

pure love and its prequel, new love, by linda. viggorli, pg. a hysterically funny crackfic, very high on the crack, from the point of view of an unbelievably ditzy and idiotic orlando. hovers on the edge of self-parody. not believable, but wildly entertaining. (but note, the first one is a txt file and thus nearly impossible to read, unless you save the source as .html on your hard drive and open it from there.)

the other trailer one, two, three by lobelia. viggo mortensen/orlando bloom. nc-17. sharing a trailer with the elf, goddammit.

musae, me servate!, by lulinda. viggo/orlando, humour, pg. images. it's a whole pairing in two seconds! and it's only two images--not actually image-*heavy* per se.

half-asleep and dreaming by mirabile dictu and empress wu. viggorli, dom/billy, dom/orli, elijah/sean a. well, this has a lot to say about viggorli that i've never read before and was extremely pleased to have read. viggo's pov and he's all introspective and wistfullish. it has a fantasy, questy feel, helped along by quotes from alice in wonderland.

silence as deep as eternity, speech as shallow as time, by mirabile dictu. viggo/orlando, pg, during filming. a nice viggo pov piece with brief spot-on cameos from the hobbits. love the viggo characterisation, orlando's behaviour, and the tone and mood.

three days, by oneko briar. viggorli, nc-17. a rather short contrelamontre piece from an unusual sort-of-distant narrative voice.

restless, by rave. viggo / orlando. nc-17 or r. orli is exasperating. viggo is enigmatic and wise and shit. both of them are witty (like rave!) and, of course, hot. it's raining. fun ensues.

what you get, by super cat. viggorli, pg. a sad little viggo-pov snippet. very well-done.

the muse of lost things, by untitled06. viggorli, pg, no happy ending. this is quite good, pretty and lyrical--not my usual kind of thing, a little slow, a little more introspective than i tend to like, rather fatalistic. it's hard to pinpoint. but it's not really bittersweet, because it's more bitter than that and more sweet--sharply poignant. like a long, dreamy poem.

mister cellophane: a song for you, by zahra. viggorli. pg. recommended with some reservations, as it is almost a songfic, but it earns bonus respect points in another department.

flash: testshot, black, white, and red, by zarah. viggorli. r. it's all about photography. and angst.


okay, by abundantlyqueer. orlando/elijah. pg. club-hopping nz-era hobbit-n-orli being silly in a phone booth. not too short, not too slow. funny. with some nice sexual tension.

disengage, by airgiodslv. orlijah, nc-17, angst. an extremely bitter story, no happy ending. orli pov--a very earnest and possibly somewhat innocent orli.

so... this is new, by ally. sean astin/elijah wood. nc-17. elijah is jaded and sort of tired, but he's really not all that grown up. and sean is fantastic. and married. and... dammit. *sob*

discard, by becca ming. orli/sean bean. pg. a bit of ambiguously orli-pov (i don't mean because she tries to fool you, just because she doesn't mention his name for a long time) shortfic of tired pain and angst and dissatisfaction. a very nicely-made mood, with maybe an overly-abrupt ending.

good talking, by becca ming. orlando fic. gen. orlando needs a pep talk. funny, cute dialogue. shortish.

te anau, oral fixation, puppy, and squirm, by buffett. sean a/lijah. pg. not terribly comfortable to read, but interesting. and one of the few good ones in this pairing.

for anna maria, by cal. miranda otto/liv tyler, nc-17, pwp. a mostly pwp early in the morning on a chilly blueberry hill.

sabotage and its companion, subversion,, by calico. nc-17, extremely graphic sex. cast slutfic, especially viggorli, orlijah, dom/billy, hints of dom/billy/elijah. basically a giant smutbomb. elijah is turning 21. well, how to celebrate? ^.^

semaphore, by doom's eyebrow. orlijah, pg. a funny tense piece told from the point of view of an orlando whose motivations are very opaque. i'm not sure he's in character, but he's interesting, and interestingly fixated on elijah.

the bonfire, by jintian. karl/viggo, r, first time. a camping story with a sweet sort of dreamy mystique--karl pov. viggo's characterization was intriguing.

how the story goes, by kaydee falls. sean astin/billy boyd, domlijah. pg. caution to the marriage-squicked. but well-written, interesting.

limpidity by kendra, r, orli/elijah/viggo/sean bean and permutations.  humour/parody.  a lot of humour, with skilfull skewering of fic conventions from inside and outside the lotr rps fandom.

the bird's nest, by mirabile dictu. pg, no pairing, sean bean pov. a sweet perfectly-paced friendship fic for the whole fellowship.

bread with joy by mirabile dictu, sean a/elijah, pg.  an old, wise elijah pov.  serious and... nice.

five consummations devoutly to be wish'd by mirabile dictu, various pairings, nc-17.  lotr rps.  all future aus.  she describes them as 'unrelated epiphanies.'

half-asleep and dreaming by mirabile dictu and empress wu. viggorli, dom/billy, dom/orli, elijah/sean a. well, this has a lot to say about viggorli that i've never read before and was extremely pleased to have read. viggo's pov and he's all introspective and wistfullish. it has a fantasy, questy feel, helped along by quotes from alice in wonderland.

simpatico by veuki, dom/viggo, nc-17. short, arty, full of some lovely evocative images of viggo. amusing. cute. very pretty and lyrical. sort of--startlingly pretty.

shadows, by zarah. orlando bloom/andre schneider, dom/elijah. pg. domesticity and sweetness and light...?

best of me, by slowly dying. orlando/elijah, pg. short, both points of view; an interesting mixture of tired hope and bitter anger, clear and effective.