pirates of the caribbean

stories are divided by fandom and consist mostly of slash. all links lead to works of fiction which may include sex, violence, homosexuality, borrowed fictional characters, and real people. navigation at top leads to separate pages for fandoms. "other" includes (among other things) csi and csi:ny, the dark is rising, jay & silent bob, jeeves & wooster, master & commander, rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, popslash and other rps, the sentinel, sherlock holmes and smallville.

a pillage of sorts, by lady adi. jack sparrow/will turner. pg. a nice solid piece, shortish, suggestive and evocative of slash rather than out'n'out. cute. leaves you wanting more.

plenty o' time, by sarah. elizabeth/jack sparrow. r. fun and funny, light, angst-free, short. nicely-characterized, too.

storytime with uncle jack, by sarah. will/elizabeth, jack/elizabeth ust. pg. potc futurefic. will's not so young and weak in this one, and old jack is very believable. it gets a gold star. gave me a little lump in my throat, it did.

at sunset, by sarah. will/elizabeth. g. another short little character study, with a dash of angst. will pov, and the secret longing to be a pirate.

rum and angels, by sinope. elizabeth/will, jack/will, jack/bill, jack/elizabeth, jack pov. r. a well-done bittersweet little ficlet that works very well in 2nd person.

closet phobia, by rhianna riddle. jack/will. r. jack and will get locked in a closet. shortish. in dialogue. cute.

all the rum is gone, by rhianna riddle. jack/will, pg. this is an interesting and not-too-girly will, and from his pov, with a convincing mood. unfortunately, a lot of jack/will, for expediency, takes a lot of the substance out of elizabeth. i find her somewhat insipid. but with a story this short, the motivation is largely open to interpretation, too.

jailed in tortuga, by rhianna riddle. jack/will. pg. potc futurefic. will's the captain of his own ship, or was. now he's in jail in tortuga, rather unfairly, as it happens. jack comes to rescue him. this is just adorable.

freedom, by fajrdrako. will/jack, jack/anamaria. pg. short, simplistic, and a little overly-sappy, but the dialogue's not out of tune with the movie, and i like anamaria.

the wedding gifts, by fajrdrako. jack/will, will/elizabeth, ot3? pg. light-hearted, with some banter that's very enjoyable to read, a bit of tension and a certain sweetness. pretty short.

on the horizon, by fajrdrako. jack/will. g. a short story from will's pov, which is very, very short, but also very remarkable, in that you rarely see a very well-characterized will. here's one--for a few hundred words at least.

leaving cast, by permetaform. will/jack/elizabeth. pg. character death. bittersweet little mood piece, highly dramatic but well-done.

fool's gold, by pen master. will/elizabeth, will/jack, jack/elizabeth, pg. angst. potc. a short, morose and nearly lyrical bit of will-angst, all about secrets. it's bitter, but it's not sweet.

soap and silk, by cara jones. will/jack, pg. short humorous little vignette: jack's trying on a dress, which might be strange for anyone but jack.

on the beach, by lady bd. will/jack, pg, captures in a nice sweet little bit of angst what this pairing could be in a universe where elizabeth didn't exist (whether she does isn't clear from the limited context of the story).

what jack wants, by korax. jack/will, jack pov, pg, could use a bit of polish, and is very short and unfulfilling, but i think it's a good, entertaining little glimpse of jack.

christmas gifts, by ash night. will/elizabeth. g. potc futurefic. short to a fault but fluffy and sweet.

rum, rum, rum, by magicspromise. will/jack. r. potc au. no elizabeth in sight. not too short. will's the first mate of the pearl, and something of a girl, but jack's fabulous.

synergism, by magicspromise. jack/will. pg-13. set during the movie, jack and will are alone on the interceptor, will's going mad of impatience, and both are characterized very well. a nice, satisfying read.

apricot, by the lacy. will/elizabeth, nc-17. potc futurefic. will and elizabeth have married sex and jack watches. short, dramatic, lush.

games of chance, by collie. will/jack, pg. potc, set during the movie. jack plays a game of cards... and will's nerves (to borrow the author's summary). quite short, as the stories in this fandom tend to be, but intriguing.

playing spades, by cara jones. will/jack?, pg, potc modern-day au. fascinating, well-done, and rather pretty, if a bit rough. short, though not too short by the standards of this fandom.

for your sake, by mandolin. will/jack, r. short-short smutlet, but the most beautiful thing i've yet read in the fandom, achingly bittersweet jack pov.

join the battle, by gileonnen. jack/will. pg. potc futurefic. jack cooks dinner and he's not very good at it. excellent jack voice, horrifically amusing, and sadly, no longer than the fandom average.

fitting the hat, by gileonnen. will/elizabeth, will/jack. pg. on the eve of the wedding, jack has a proposal.

gold, by gileonnen. jack/will. pg. set during the movie, a drunken jack reflects. possibly a little overdone, but the mood is lovely. the will may be a little out of character, but jack's observation of him is spot-on. again, a very short story.

pulled away, by gileonnen. jack/will, will/elizabeth. pg. just post-movie. a bit of angst, lovely jack pov, dialogue that seemed to leap to life before my eyes. short, though.

passing fancy, by gileonnen. jack/elizabeth, jack/will, jack/bootstrap, hint of will/other. pg. a cute, playful little piece from the pov of repressed!will.

cry out love, by zortified. jack/black pearl. g. jack's pov prior to the start of the movie, angsty, and the best rendering of his voice i've yet encountered.

hurricane jack, by shrift. jack/will. nc-17. potc futurefic. elizabeth has gone to see the world and will gets drunk. jack is a highly amusing and wholly unprincipled scoundrel. lots of enriching little bits of nonsense--jack's egotism and humor and memories of his childhood. it's long, for the fandom, too.

alchemy, by munchkinott. elizabeth/jack/will. nc-17. elizabeth and will have returned to join the crew of the pearl after their marriage, and they've got steel instead of gold for wedding rings. finally, a lovely threesome story, sweet and sultry and gently paced. not too short!

scars, by soappuppy. jack/elizabeth angst/ust, pg-13, set during the movie, on the island. jack decides to go for a swim and elizabeth gets a look at his many scars. not a sexual or sensual piece, a short story, but not as brief as you might expect.

i'll show you eunuch... cursed treasure, by brenda antrim. jack/will, will/elizabeth. nc-17. spackle of the movie with a post scriptum, of a refrenshingly weighty length (not novel, just quite a bit longer than average). will pov, and plausible, and a fun read. there are parts where i feel it could benefit by being longer, still.

cry out love, by zortified. gen. g. jack pov. short and lovely.

a scandalous lack of morals, by ponderosa. jack/will/elizabeth. nc-17. shameless threeway pirate smut sometime after the end of the movie.

figuring it out, by serafina. jack/will/elizabeth, jack/norrington, pg. post-movie-fic, cute, fluffy, humorous. and elizabeth's pov! i like this elizabeth.

vows by serafina. jack/will/elizabeth. r. jack's got some serious demons, and will and elizabeth try to deal with them. tense and angsty, but above all very sweet and rather uplifting. possibly overly sweet for some palates. i thought it was lovely.

whispers, by dreamiflame. will/elizabeth. g. a short little character study.

busy, by dreamiflame, jack/will/elizabeth, pg-13. jack sneaks in to watch the wedding, and then goes off to get drunk... fluffy. nice. short.

lubricity, by corialis. will/jack, will/elizabeth. r. post-movie-fic, a bit longer though still short, lighthearted and a bit silly.

fly, by mizzmarvel. will/jack ust, will/elizabeth. mmmmh, angst and ust! no happy ending.

mirage of blue and green, by thrift store junkie. will/jack. post-movie. will's gotten bored with landbound life and is learning to be a pirate. it sounds simple and matter-of-fact but it's quirky and strangely tense and it made me shiver.

not all treasure is silver and gold, by tony. jack/will. pg. a rather clumsy vignette with a deal of messiness in the grammar and other mechanics--and a very vivid image that, in my opinion, makes it worth it. a very nice vivid image, if i may say so.

a change of course, by elizabeth greenleaf. will/jack. potc, post-movie. wip, but imo, she's passed the best place to stop already (say, the end of chapter five). the first really good piece of glorious trash (tm wax jism, in ref. to harry potter fic) i've found in this fandom--a plotty, swoony, soap opera-iffic romance that's not great literature, but is great fun to read.

introduction to reality, by cleo calliope. jack/will. post-movie, slightly au. what if will's escape attempt at the very end succeeded, he saved jack from hanging--and ended up a fugitive himself? rather predictable plotwise, but surprisingly cute.

a better ending, by schala. jack/will/elizabeth. pg. and it really is a better ending. short, cute, a bit coy.

quickening, by pearl-o. will/elizabeth, hints of jack/elizabeth. pg. a funky little ficlet with some awkward dialogue in the middle that seems wrong, but i can't tell if she did it on purpose or not, and a very fast ending that'll leave your head spinning.

caribbean cocktail, by musexmoirai. elizabeth/jack, elizabeth/will. elizabeth pov. a raunchy pg. some drunkenness, fire-building, and angst while stranded on the desert island. not too short--a nice satisfying size.

corollary, by musexmoirai. will/jack, bootstrap/jack. nc-17. dark, angsty, and murky. not too short, for once! and smutty. rather chillingly compelling, with the odd soft spot.

of shackles and the sun, by nix. will/elizabeth, ot3? pg. a broody jack in a story that refuses to settle down as either broody or light-hearted. it's both. it's of middling length. it's jack's pov. it's cute, and it has will and elizabeth very much in love, and an elizabeth who's likeable, consistent, feisty, and pretty much how i see her, in my own head. which is all to the good.

forgetful, by rainsong. jack/elizabeth. r. set on the desert island. another strange one--this one is a bit too long, i think, and it drags a bit. for such a light-hearted story, it's got a surprisingly bitter tang. but the humor's definitely worth it.

first warning, by rave. jack/will. r. en route to tortuga. dreamily drunken, confusedly aroused, cute and classic rave. should i say confusingly aroused? it's nice, it's believable and fun and good, will is kinda ditzy in a charming way.

siren, by ciari. jack/will. r. post-movie-fic, another one of those leaps of faith where you believe in the will who's in love with the sea, whose blood sings to be a pirate, and who was just sort of devoted to the idea. once you accept that it's lovely, sensual writing, not too fast or slow, easy to get into, and with that very satisfying feeling of completion and real meaning at the end.

stupid things, by meghan. jack/will. pg. short, very light, very cute will pov. will contemplates whether it would be stupid to kiss jack.

past the map's edge, by teesa. jack/will, nc-17, the story where all-knowing!jack slyly seduces outraged innocent!will, playing it just right.

full circle, by molly. jack/will/elizabeth, pg, future. the true ot3fic i've been searching for. middling length. will pov. not exactly dreamy. not exactly sweet. not remotely bitter. rather lyrical.

sunrise, by kate elizabeth. jack/will/elizabeth, pg, ficlet full of lazy, sleepy established-relationship warm fuzzies--a sunny morning on the pearl, and three pirates standing at the rail, memories and idle thoughts.

by moonlight, by circe. elizabeth pov, hints of e/will and e/jack but largely gen. elizabeth, stranded on a desert island, ponders all that has befallen her--in a very nice little character study.

in the crow's nest, by spike daft. will/jack, pg, mmmangsty, with the descriptive phrases and metaphors possibly a bit overwrought. melancholy and bittersweet, rather pretty, but very short. a little vignette.

falling, by alex sisterwolf. jack/will/elizabeth, elizabeth pov. nc-17. just a little dreamy scene at midnight, rather wistful. it left a bittersweet flavor in my mouth--and then it surprised me.

dance in the moonlight, by alex sisterwolf. jack/will/elizabeth, elizabeth pov. pg. it's about how all three of them are haunted, but it's overridingly sweet. and, like so many things, only a wee morsel.

...and a bottle of rum, by malasita. jack/will/elizabeth. r. a series that stretches far into the future from the end of the movie and fluctuates towards and away from some little sweetnesses, but it's ultimately dark and more bitter than anything--but very good.

twinkle and twirl, by malasita. j/e, r, drunken goings-on when they're stranded on the island. humorous but not silly.

night voyaging, by stungunbilly. jack/will. r. a short, sweet little dreamy pwp.

pirate's dance, by teija. will/jack, pg, just a teeny tiny little ficlet. it's in here for some excellent jack dialogue--jack's hard to pin down.

answer the question, dammit!, by karasu. will/jack. pg. the voice slips at times, but it's overally a very believable and very cute little ficlet. will just wants to be sure before he makes up his mind to become a pirate.

salt, the content of my heart, by lady bee. jack/ocean, pg. from the ocean's point of view, and written in iambic pentameter, but not a poem. it's not too long, though the paragraphs are, which makes it a bit dense, but it's not too tough to follow, and it's really beautiful.

debauchery: one, two, three, four, five, six, by lady bee. will/jack. r. potc modern au. tortuga is a club, jack's a gypsyish club rat, norrington's a professor, and will's his poor but clean-cut secretary. lots of intriguing little moments, some very good dialogue, and some very clever parallels between the au and potc.

post-'debauchery' ficlet #1 and ficlet #2, by lady bee. will/jack, potc modern au, obviously follow-ups to the earlier-recommended multi-part 'debauchery.' go nicely with it, sweet and cute and all. it was the sort that left you wanting more, so i'm quite pleased to find the more after all.

can't breathe, by adina. will/elizabeth. pg. a very believable post-movie-fic addressing one of the largest issues in my mind after seeing it too. my only quibble is that it's too short.

captain's quarters, by jeroen richards. will/jack, nc-17, a short and adorable little thing, wistful beginning, smutty end, witty dialogue. just what the doctor ordered.

singapore, by lady k d'azrael. jack/will. nc-17. potc futurefic. a classic kinda romance set five years after the end of the movie, with some interesting qualities to the narrative voice and some very sweet sex. not without flaws, earlier on.

leverage, by gloria mundi. jack/will, nc-17, a sweet lovely little story all caught up in one scene, which is mostly sex, but it's not just about sex. will's pov, his little bits of confused tenderness, are excellent and some of jack's dialogue is strikingly spot-on.

monsters, by gloria mundi. jack/various implied: will, barbossa, bootstrap. pg, set during the end of the movie and spoilerish: takes the last scene on isla de muerta from jack's point of view and an important angle. cohesive, contemplative, thematically-oriented.

compasses, by gloria mundi. j/w, j/e, w/e. a 300-word little piece of lyrical metaphor, sort of like a poem. sweet.

the ballad of jack sparrow, by brancher. jack/will/elizabeth, r. an angsty and mostly not-drunk jack repines in a short but not too-short fic.

"the swordsmith and the pirate: a romance of the spanish main," by elizebeth turner, by gloria mundi. will/elizabeth, jack/various (imagined), jack/will (suggested), pg, potc futurefic. elizabeth has a vivid fantasy life, and jack is pretty. and this story made me giggle.

happy endings, by brancher. j/w/e implied, j/w fictional. an authorized sequal to gloria's '"the swordsmith and the pirate: a romance of the spanish main," by elizebeth turner,' just above. pg. the perfect ending to the piece above, cute, funny, believable and vivid. still short.

sharing will turner, by tamara. j/w, w/e, w/anamaria?, pg, will's being pulled in two directions and anamaria's a sympathetic ear. not the shortest of the short. really good characterization of both will and anamaria--jack and elizabeth enter only peripherally. and the j/w, e/w, j/w/e sequel, discussing terms. a shortish and fun read.

rules of engagement, by yeats. j/w, j/e, j/n. pg, humor. they're more like rules for life aboard the black pearl. brilliant. hysterical.

words, by tateybinks. norrington/elizabeth, pg, she'd like to repay him for his favor but he says all he wants is a kiss. this is a small, but excellent and evocative ficlet. i don't really like norrington, but she's got him down, no question.

white feathers, by anoushka. elizabeth/norrington, e/w, hint of e/j, pg, angst, no happy ending. it's an au where elizabeth marries norrington, short, sad, dead-on characterizations, rather pretty and lyrical. the sequel, the children of lir, pg, same pairings, has some of the same tone but has started to lift just slightly. elizabeth is stronger. the characterization is strikingly good again.

days of firsts and nights of lasts, by lady bee. norrington/anamaria, pg, a sequel to a firesignwriter's fortune and favor. pretty, engrossing and almost dreamy, grittily real, hard and angry in spots. lots of tension here.

rum, sodomy and the brand, by barb g, will/jack, nc-17, extremely dark and very murky, even to being a bit hard to follow. nice and long. no happy ending. good only if you're in the mood to wallow in that kind of thing--while it's good for the genre, it's not possible to pull off with some mischaracterization all around.

flight, by jess. jack/will, pg, jack is very, very, very drunk. humor. short.

magnetic, by sleeps with coyotes. jack/will, r, jack's magnetic. this is a nice piece of medium length with a sweet spot or two.

depth, by sleeps with coyotes. jack/will, g, sweet, a little dreamy/lyrical/obscure, not too incredibly short. will is in love with two people but he can only live with one.

better, by sleeps with coyotes. jack/will, will/elizabeth. pg. immediately post-movie, short, but in a concise way and not a "hey! don't stop!" way.

roan inish, by amy mayer. jack/willish, pg, i suppose it's futurefic. it has selkies, mythological (irish?) creatures which are well-done and quite fascinating and fit nicely into the universe.

swords, by sasjah miller. jack/will, pg, a jack-pov gloss of the last scene in the movie that stays fairly true to character. it seems unusual to me in that i've not often heard quite that note, or seen it written where will must make a choice.

all's fair in love and war, by sasjah miller. jack/will, pg, a short little thing from that couch challenge so many people were writing. jack shows up to pay a debt.

the pirate's code, by mirshanndstree. unrequited jack to will and elizabeth, pg, character death, angst, sadness, bittersweet longing. good writing, though.

do you remember...?, by ruu. pintel/ragetti, pg, rather sweet, with a tinge of bitter.

tiger-baiting, by lilygilding. will/jack, r, a post-movie pov which focuses on will but can't be said to be his pov. a delightful whimsical narrator is the most notable feature.

late, by dreamiflame. jack/will/elizabeth, pg, a cute little ficlet wherein jack is late and elizabeth and will berate him. apparently it is possible for a pirate to be late. like i said, cute. possibly just missing the mark of what it was trying to be. it could have been truly great, i think.

horizon, by lady moonray. jack/will/elizabeth, pg, a loose sequel to gloria mundi's 'the blacksmith and the pirate.' with a loose and rather open ending, all elizabeth pov. cute. a trifle unpolished.

history lessons, by adina. will/elizabeth/jack implied, jack/bootstrap hinted at. pg, jack pov, jack voice, jack backstory. a short thing which adina claims was an exploratory exercise. nice, well-done, not too serious though not as light-hearted as it might have been. and worth reading for a very satisfying backstory.

untitled pentadrabble by adina. will/jack/elizabeth marriagefic for "marriage protection week," pg, 500 words and a wedding.

what's in a name, by jean prouvaire. norrington/gillette, pg, a cute little tense bit of backrub. sweet.

from hell: down below by gloria mundi. j/w, pg, a fascinating little piece of fiction with one of my favorite characterizations of jack and a brilliant backstory for him. some subtle tension, a confused little ending, overall very nice. jack and will wait in the brig on the ship and contemplate death.

worse has happened, by eddy. j/w, pg, humor, post-movie, first time. mostly humor. jack pov. extremely quirky.

dark beauty, by wystii. j/w, r. first-time, jack pov, sweet and probably a little ooc.

dreaming by dreamiflame. j/w/e, pg, an extremely warmfuzzy-inducing established-relationship piece. not wholly without tension as some established pieces tend to be.

out of his depth, by gloria mundi. j/w, pg. will dislikes being out of his depth. a very good classic romance from will's pov.

a few long questions and no short answers, by queen nell. j/e, pg. another take on what happens on the desert island between jack and elizabeth, excellently characterized, very nice dialgoue.

sin and damnation, by ducks. j/w/e, pg. sort of a cute story. will irritates by being a bit stupid; i like to think of him as more intelligent, but sadly, i think the author has the right of it. other than that, there's some anachronistic language, but it's a fun story. jack is charming.

self-control, by juniper200. j/w/e, pg. a post-movie character study. established-relationship.

dawn appointment with the gallows, by sparrowhawk. j/w, pg, alternate ending to the movie and a very neat, classic-feeling jack/will spackle. a nice, well-written will, an appropriately exhilarated feeling to be gotten from reading it.

you and me and the devil makes three, by melusina. j/w/e, nc-17. longish first-time threesome. possibly a little short on the jack/elizabeth, but not unsatisfying.

profundity over the internets by pen m. jack/will, au. drabble. humour.

the gloaming, by pen m. jack/will/elizabeth, pg. a drabble.

and ye shall walk in silk attire, by fabu. j/w/e, r. a tiny humuor ficlet.

the interludes series by melusina, w/e, j/w/e, nc-17. still ongoing, largely established relationship series of short stories in a universe where jack drops in on will and elizabeth after their marriage from time to time.