disclaimer: these are completely not-for-profit works of 100% fiction. i make no claims on or about the borrowed characters or the real people herein. may contain homoeroticism, mushiness and pretension.


[wake up and notice] july 2007. my chemical romance; frank/gerard. genderswap. Everyone just stared at everyone else for a second until Mikey mumbled, "Everyone turned into a girl except you last night, so I guess now there won't be anyone to kill spiders."

harry potter

[hymn to eurydike] 2003. harry/snape. "It is hardly my fault," said Severus, "if your feeble intellect cannot distinguish between the black of your own guilty desires, and my soul." translated into chinese by rachel here

[thing] 2002-2003. explicit sexual content; sirius/remus au novel co-written with wax jism. i must point out that while it's largely my fault it is so long, it was her idea.

[sleeping with the enemy] 2001. explicit sexual content; harry/draco; humour. draco's an evil death eater, but harry loves him anyway.


[over there] 2004. frodo/sam, romance, angst. a valinor fic for thia.

[time] 2002. explicit sexual content; legolas/gimli; angst/romance/first time/interspecies; late ttt book canon, spoilers for ttt and for rotk (the latter in movie canon only). faced with possible death, gimli becomes preoccupied with the concept of mortality.

[perchance to dream] 2002. mild sexual content; frodo/sam; angst/romance/vignette; ttt book canon. no spoilers. sam and frodo pass a night in a tree.

[sauron's diary], by not cim but cim's daddy, in the style of cassie claire's secret diaries of the fellowship.

[promise] 2001. explicit sexual content; legolas/gimli; angst/romance/first time/interspecies; set during the end of fotr, book canon, with mild spoilers. legolas comes to terms with what he wants, though it's hard to believe.

[crush] 2001. explicit sexual content; merry/pippin; romance/first time/pwp; set during ttt. mild spoilers. pippin wants to sleep, but he can't.

[waiting for courage] 2001. mild sexual content; frodo/sam; romance/first time; set during the end of fotr, following written, not screen canon, with spoilers. frodo's worried about addictions, loyalty, and his own strength and value.

lotr rps

[karl and viggo's manly-yet-gay camping adventure] 2003-2004. explicit sexual content; karl/viggo. karl's tired of striking matches over soggy kindling with viggo.

[wasteland] 2003. karl/viggo; established-relationship. a very, very short improvisational ficlet written for phineas, about sleep and love and living with somebody.

[flood] 2003. explicit sexual content; billy/orli. angst/smut for buffonia, secret slasha 2003. billy has always been obsessed with drowning.

[reading glasses] 2003. karl/viggo, short improvisational ficlet. viggo's been stalking this poem for a week and he's about to pin it down.

[two wishes] 2003.explicit sexual content; karl/viggo. there's a difference between knowing what you have to do next and doing it.

muertos de sed [one], [two], [three], [four], [five], [six], [seven], [eight] mild sexual content; elijah/ daniel radcliffe (hp); pre-slash, scenes set starting with a very young daniel, eventually supposed to get him to a legal age. this is the only work in progress i will ever post, and can be regarded as complete at its current length.

[just for the asking] 2002. sexual content; dom/billy; schmoop. when what you can have and what you want intersect. written for naina as a reward for being there.

delirium (domlij; explicit sexual content): [half-mad][taste of want][fever]. 2002. same format as burn and tennessee. there are some things you can't learn not to need.

[warm] 2002. explicit sexual content; orlijah; pwp. cold. a storm.

[kiss] 2002. explicit sexual content; viggo/orli, justin/chris (nsync), orli/chris. crossover. romance, ft, graphic sex, angst, fluff, some humor. justin timberlake looks just like orli, practically. close enough to fool both chris and viggo, anyway.

burn (sean a/lij; also viggo/orli; explicit sexual content): [ashes][catch fire with day]. 2002. sequel to tennessee. lij has been waiting forever.

tennessee (viggo/orli; also lij/sean a.; explicit sexual content): [in the mountains][chattanooga]. 2001. not really two stories and not really a suite either. journeys.

[fantasy] 2001. explicit sexual content; dom/billy. graphic sex, angst, extremely fluffy mush, set during filming.

prince of tennis

[summer librarian] august 2006. tezuka/ryoma, au. tezuka is a research assistant and ryoma is a librarian.

[aozu & kyappu to bin: live tour in usa 2003 summer] july 2006. sexual content. tezuka/ryoma and momoshiro/kaidoh; background taka/fuji and golden pair; suggestion of inui/yanagi. one day, from breakfast till bedtime, in the life of two boybands.

[closing time] june 2006. mild sexual content. taka/fuji, futurefic. if it were possible to make sushi until his hands bled, taka-san would do it.

[the best, or: 20 facts about wakato hiroshi] june 2006. kajimoto/wakato, mild sexual content. Wakato is used to hearing that he is good at everything. He was never the best at anything.

[jetlag] may 2006. taka/fuji, mild sexual content. birthday fic for pixxers. futurefic. He climbs the rest of the stairs slowly, until he stands finally in Takashi's doorway, feeling jetlag and his year in Italy and all the mental distance he has managed to buy himself slipping through his fingers.

[the case of the missing phonecall, or: favourable outcome] may 2006. mild sexual content. tezuka/ryoma. in ryoma's second year, tezuka keeps giving him his phone number, but ryoma never calls.

[waiting is] may 2006. sexual content. tezuka/ryoma, futurefic. fuji has a cabin in the mountains. sometimes he lends it to more than one person at a time.

[playing for keeps] april 2006. mild sexual content. tezuka/ryoma. Spin-the-bottle is just a game, but that's wrong; nothing with Tezuka can be just a game. Tezuka never holds back. With Tezuka, Ryoma is always playing for keeps.

the sequel, [spirit house] april 2006. mild sexual content. tezuka/ryoma. Through the loose fabric of his shirt Tezuka feels the bumps of bone, the heat of his skin, the curve of his spine creating a small hollow, a void under his palm which shows Tezuka exactly where to put his hand. For some reason he has never thought about this - the perfect shape of Echizen's back. He knows he will never forget it now.

[first-name basis] april 2006. tezuka/ryoma, mild sexual content. futurefic. a crack ficlet composed as comment drabbles originally. Ryoma stops in the door. Tezuka is wearing pyjama pants and no shirt and his back is long and sleek and makes Ryoma's mouth dry. He thinks that if Tezuka was planning to sleep on the floor the least he could have done was put on a shirt for once.

[homecoming] april 2006. mild sexual content. tezuka/ryoma, fuji. futurefic. Of course it was the second time in his life Ryoma came home with a deep cut over his left eye that he unlocked the door and found Fuji in his kitchen. The light was on over the stove and Fuji was making tea. He was taller and there was something different about his hair, but Ryoma still recognised him after five years by the line of his back and his hand on the kettle.

[where to start] april 2006. mild sexual content. golden pair. "Nyaa, Oishi," Eiji mused, "do you think we should have sex yet?" There was a loud sound and Oishi and everything from the top shelf in Eiji's closet fell onto the floor.

miscellaneous rps


[things to do in uzbekistan] winter-spring 2007. ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari. au: ninomiya is wandering asia alone and runs into ohno and his family in uzbekistan. this is also known as "the ohmiya sk story" (by elfie, at least!) because it's the origin story that they invented themselves. count on ohno and nino to make the slash they write about themselves totally cracked. a translation of the interview which inspired this story is available here.

[in the lead] fall 2006. ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari. a short crack ficlet from a universe in which ohno and nino really have tied the knot.

[just like all those girls] october 2006. matsumoto jun/aiba masaki. explicit sexual content. a girl comes on to aiba and suddenly all jun can think about is aiba having sex with her and it's really hot. he knows it has something to do with last night.

[knowledge] september 2006. ohno satoshi/ninomiya kazunari. mild sexual content. short episode tag for the cheerleading grannies episode of mago mago arashi. nino and ohno are a little too impatient to just wait until they get home.

[a series of attempts by matsumoto jun to paint his fingernails] september 2006. matsumoto jun/aiba masaki. sexual content. birthday story for aeslis. jun just wants his nails painted, but he's having a terrible day. he enlists the other members of arashi to assist him. illustration by elfie!

tim roth/gary oldman

[volition] june 2005. tim roth/gary oldman. sexual content. futurefic. birthday ficlet for makesmewannadie. tim tracks gary down at a summer cottage.

[high rent] spring 2005. explicit sexual content; tim roth/gary oldman; AU. novellette. 1982 london; out celebrating what could be his big break, gary picks up a rent boy. lots of graphic sex.

[it's called the world] summer 2004. explicit sexual content; tim roth/gary oldman futurefic. it's 2020, and tim's son is gay. what does that mean to his three decades' attraction to his friend gary?

[better than one] summer 2004. tim roth/gary oldman. in the early 90s, tim and gary were photographed in magazines with messages to each other written on their body parts. this is a story about that.

patrick stewart/brent spiner

[que amarraron al cielo] 2003. patrick stewart/brent spiner of star trek:tng. tragicomic happyangst written for oneko briar's birthday. it's the old ages-unexpectedly-switched story from popslash fandom. the birds go by, fleeing. the wind. the wind. i alone can contend against the power of men. - neruda

[nightmares] 2003. brent spiner/patrick stewart; improvisational ficlet. brent has been having nightmares about patrick for years.

[third person, singular] 2003. brent spiner/patrick stewart pre-slash; improvisational ficlet. brent thinks speaking of yourself in the third person is annoying.

pop music femmeslash

[a bit of polish] 2004. explicit sexual content; christina aguilera/britney spears; regency young ladies' finishing school AU. that pretty much says it all, actually. it's angst, drama, and porn. with austeny sentence structures.

[a love song] 2003. explicit sexual content, het and f/f; pink/christina aguilera. pink has never written a love song that didn't end in tears.

[remix] 2002. explicit sexual content; missy elliot/nelly furtado. nelly attends missy's birthday bash.


[scenes from a pretentious indie flick] 2004. mild sexual content; kevin smith/jason mewes (actors who play jay and silent bob; kev, aka bob, is also the writer/director of the films). kevin and jason kissed once at a party.


[cat and mouse] 2003. mild sexual content; she-ra/catra; catra pov; dark. she-ra and catra have a little heart-to-heart.

[identity] 2002. explicit sexual content; she-ra/frosta; sequel to "home." romance/established relationship. some references to the pilot episode. graphic f/f sex, some reference to sexual abuse.

[home] 2001. explicit sexual content; sweet bee/mermista and she-ra/frosta; romance/first time; set partially during the episode "sweet bee's home." graphic f/f sex. sweet bee doesn't know if she will be stranded or not. frosta experiences the pathos of the queen.

sherlock holmes

[an interesting little problem] 2004. explicit sexual content; holmes/watson; film canon sequel to 'the empty house,' the episode in which holmes returns.

[for england, home, and beauty] 2004. explicit sexual content; holmes/watson. sherlock holmes. film canon spackle of 'the bruce-partington plans.' a small mystery may be the key to unlocking the larger solution.

stargate: atlantis

[instantaneous] 2005. explicit sexual content; sheppard/mckay; set somewhere in season one. "God, life is so unfair. I find what appears to be the sole personal teleportation device in the city, it decides it likes you, and what do you do with it? Save the city with a stunning feat of bravery and tactical prowess? No. You don't even bring me coffee--you use it to increase your repertoire of juvenile humour with a prank that three-year-olds have been carrying off successfully without teleportation probably for centuries."

star trek

[a logical organ] 2003. explicit sexual content; kirk/spock; set after 'the deadly years.' the radiation poisoning didn't kill either of them. now they have a second chance.

[only logical] 2003. mild sexual content; kirk/spock; post-st:tmp, pre-stii. jim's new protege reminds him of spock. speaking of spock, jim's birthday is coming up...

[what i am to you] 2002. sexual content; kirk/spock; spoilers for stii and stiii. post fal-torr-pann. spock dies in the line of duty and comes back to life, without his memories, and jim has had some time to think in the meanwhile. what now?

[saccharine] 2001. mild sexual content; uhura pov; sulu/chekov slash; challenge. great silliness.

[silence] 2001. mild sexual content-13; kirk/spock. make it real.

[unintended] 2001. explicit sexual content; kirk/spock. the best mistakes.


[fuckin' a] askewniverse. 2004. mild sexual content; jay/silent bob. it's snowing and jay has a cold.

[aim] chain of fools/hetty wainthropp investigates. 2002. mild sexual content; mikey/geoffrey. what is mikey writing on geoffrey's hand? [note: the point of this crossover is to bring together elijah wood's timid assassin and dom monaghan's helpful PI assistant.]

[the scientific method] csi: new york. june 2005. explicit sexual content; mac taylor/danny messer. "What happened?" Danny just looks at her. "He tied my tie, Aiden." She lifts her hands apologetically, "Hey, I'm not asking for a re-enactment." I am, Danny thinks before he can stop himself. He takes a drink instead of massaging his forehead.

[palm to palm] due south. 2002. fraser/kowalski. with fraser you're always waiting for the punchline.

[burnt offering] eight days of luke. 2003. mild sexual content; david/luke. is it worth it to be really happy for a little while, if you know that then you're going to be sad for the rest of your life?

[what it feels like] finding nemo. 2004. sexual content; nemo/gill futurefic. He had been able to feel himself slowly growing up since a long time before the tank fish came to the reef. What he needed to know was about when he was going to be done growing up and what was going to happen, and was he going to move away and--

[ordinary people: the anything but ordinary remix] good omens. 2004. sexual content; crowley/aziraphale. remix of daegaer's ordinary people for remix redux ii. crowley has started to take a proprietary interest in aziraphale's bookshop.

[what happens in a meadow at dusk] i heart huckabees. june 2006. mild sexual content; albert/brad. albert had always said that everything happened in a meadow at dusk.

[jeeves and the close shave] jeeves & wooster. 2004. j/w. jeeves near as a toucher has declared his undying devotion (at the end of jeeves and the tie that binds), and now bertie has to figure out what to do.

[nothing to say] meantime. april 2005. explicit sexual content. coxy/colin. mark and colin leave home and set up with coxy in a condemned flat. Colin isn't cynical, but he is matter-of-fact. There is plenty of the real world that is outside the field of Colin's view, and Colin doesn't know what he can't reach. But Mark would never have thought his brother wasted time on pipe dreams either.

[exactly what you want] real person/batman-verse. 2002. mild sexual content, [science fiction writer and asshole extraordinaire] harlan ellison/the joker. yeah, i... don't really know what to say about the crack that is this story, and i know pretty much nothing about ellison either. it's just... his name reminded me of harley quinn in a really cracked-out chat once.

[and write that symphony] singin in the rain. 2004. explicit sexual content, don/kathy/cosmo. novella-length; set post-film. highly referential, so watching the movie is recommended, though not required.

[partner katas] star wars: prequel trilogy. june 2005 birthday ficlet for grace. explicit sexual content; qui-gon/obi-wan; spoilers for episode iii. they are all doing what they must.

the anne trilogy. tombraider movies. 2004. hilary/brice.

[hard to find], lara pov. "Not at all," she said. "I'm a great admirer of my father's work as well."
[the all-seeing eye], sexual content, hilary pov. "His--personal habits," he had said once guardedly to Lara, "are--awful."
[your move], explicit sexual content, brice pov. None of the things Brice particularly wants to change has changed.