harry potter

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ten zillion points from gryffindor, by amanuensis. harry/snape. r. restricted section--requires password. a short, vastly humorous and somewhat raucous little piece. snape is more characteristically snarky than usual. and he has some great lines.

the measure of our torment, by amorette. snape/potter, r. a future au in which slytherins are second- or third-class citizens; harry comes back from out of the country determined to fix things.

night vigils, by anino. snape/harry pre-slash, pg. possibly a little too heart-warming and overly moody. pomfrey-pov story of a quiet and peaceful nighttime vigil and a strange conversation with snape.

cell biology by aucta sinistra. harry/snape, nc-17. dumbledore connives to trap them together to get things rolling. characterization is pretty good. the story was enjoyable, but not outstanding.

hollow, by aucta sinistra. harry/snape, r. a post-war fic where snape, vulnerable and injured, comes to harry-the-recluse for help. has a lot of the feel of classic romance, some quite good dialogue, etc. felt rushed in spots, including the end.

the holly and the ivy, the sequel to scratch, by aucta sinistra, nc-17 harry/snape, established relationship, seventh year. "scratch" is not nearly as polished nor sophisticated, but it will probably enrich the experience of the other.

quid pro quo by aucta sinistra. harry/snape, nc-17. long, meaty post-war first time, highly romantic and quite well-written. snape is internally convincing, but rather more sane than his canon incarnation. the ust is explosively sexy.

relations, by aucta sinistra. harry/snape, nc-17. a really affecting exquisitely tense piece from harry's pov. characterization is good but not, i think, unflawed. the mood and language are lovely; the whole is sweet with hints of bitter. more of that is-harry-old-enough-to-know-his-mind plot makes an appearance.

demon's needle, by blackbludger. harry/snape. nc-17, short, first-time pwp. hot, rather cute.

the fourth year, by caligryphy. snape/harry, nc-17. a snape-pov post-war novel in which snape's been imprisoned, after the war, under harry's supervision, and not allowed a wand. i don't think that the characterisation is actually perfect, but it's close enough to make no difference. the story is hilarious, brilliantly plotted, long and fascinating and detailed, wry and witty and occasionally wicked and generally just extremely satisfying. this quality of fiction is really rare in this pairing, and this story is one of the best two or three that it has produced.

crucius,by dolores crane. harry/snape. nc-17. a beautiful darkish story. harry is tired of waiting for voldemort to come to him: he takes life in both hands and determines to prepare for the battle. this takes the form of being tutored in dada by the most knowledgeable source available to him: snape.

cake and a cup of tea, by cybele. harry/snape. nc-17, sort of pwp. at restricted section. first time romance with a thoughtful air that's almost... melancholy. this snape is perhaps a bit soft, but i can believe in him.

what he wants, by debchan, harry/snape, nc-17, post-ootp, spoilers. a slow and rather prickly snape pov piece which goes pretty far out of character for more than one character. it's pretty original, though. and rather dark. harry and snape deal with the events of ootp.

dumbledore's folly, by dementor delta. harry/snape, nc-17. a long futurefic, classic romance, beautifully done. all harry pov. in a way, verges on original fic, because of how different the principal characters are, but that's for the most part justifiable by the passage of time (in my opinion).

a helping hand, by dementor delta. harry/snape. pg. another mark suddenly appears on snape's clock.

just to be sure, by dementor delta. harry/snape, pg. set in the future, and quite unusual in that it's partly from lupin's pov. this has a nice characterization, some pleasantly unflattering descriptions of snape, and a good deal of very good dialogue. very satisfyingly tense all through, too.

nothing says christmas by dementor delta, nc-17, h/s established relationship. a very funny, sweet, cute, domestic christmas fic which sort of revolves around gingerbread cookies.

over tea, by dementor delta. harry/snape, mcgonagall pov. pg. mcgonagall and snape have sustained an unlikely friendship over the years and join together in watching over harry. told as a series of vignettes, so that the breaks are rather abrupt and disturb the flow; but of course, it covers a great deal of time. nice, warm, comfortable story--heartwarming even.

parseltongue-tied, by dementor delta. harry/snape, nc-17, warnings for snake-assisted wanking. cute, not too transparent, rather thoughtful and sweet through most of its length. i like the harry. i love the snake. the dialogue slips up a bit around the end; sort of jarring; but it doesn't spoil the story.

rhyme and reason, by dementor delta. harry/snape, nc-17. brilliant. she's still getting better.

slow dancing by dementor delta. pg-13. good, sweet, and funnyish ficlet.

spirited boy, by dementor delta, a sequel/spackle to "over tea." harry/snape, nc-17. hp. called a "smutlet," this is not without plot, and it picks up themes from "over tea," and introduces new ideas too. however, it is confined to a few scenes, and as longer smut tends to do, it can get monotonous towards the end. sweet.

the task at hand, by dementor delta. harry/snape, nc-17. post-ootp, mild spoilers. not unflawed, but delicious and adorable. snape casts a parsel-mouth spell using harry's blood and ends up with a distressing side-effect.

the wizards' bond, by devi. snape/harry, nc-17. a serious, rather dark, and very thoughtful attempted spackle that has a lot of merit and a certain amount of believability. it moved me, but i almost didn't recommend it anyway. i'm very wary of the various devices by which authors do this psychic bond thing. it's a highly overdone concept.

smoke and mirrors, by downdilly. harry/snape, pg, at ink-stained fingers. short, serious, and intriguing, but with some funny moments--quite good, and surprising. i feel the characterization is off, but it's not often i find myself re-reading so much as a paragraph to follow what's going on. lots of bonus points for that.

parsley sage rosemary and thyme, by femmeslash. harry/snape, nc-17. at ink-stained fingers. although it's got nothing to do with the ocean, this adorable adventure story is definitely swashbuckling. it's cute, longish and rather satisfying, and a fun, if rather light read. some faulty characterization, some long-windedness towards the end. very funny after the beginning.

loop in time and a perfect day for harry, by goldenpaw. harry/snape. snape pov. pg. harry potter. a mischievous take on the movie groundhog day with a brilliantly characterized snape.

j'ai oublier, by gothlupin. harry/snape, pg. short. a bit dark, but clever and interesting and believable. harry's discovered the value of paying attention in class.

nothing but scars, by hikaru. harry/snape, nc-17. a slightly opaque story, mostly potter's pov, with lots of bitterness and anger and a rather violent and abrupt and strange encounter in which nothing quite means what it seems to.

all things but love, by isis colo. harry/snape, pg. short, and somewhat original, with a premise which intrigued me. it could have been a lot longer without losing my interest, but is a concept piece and would also have lost something that way.

declaro, by isolde. harry/snape, hints of harry/draco and snape/draco. r. another take on the wizarding courtship rite. a fascinating and convoluted story that neatly avoids a great deal of closure and remains somewhat mystical. it reaches to be something really fabulous and isn't too far away from it.

remedy, by jade. nc-17. harry/snape. some non-con. snape rescues harry, first-time, hurt-comfort, but with a twist.

unfinished rhapsody, by jade. harry/snape, nc-17, sort of pwp. an extremely moody mood piece. not much of a plot external to the romance, but well-done.

too wise to woo peaceably, by jaykay. snape/harry. future, obviously. after the final defeat of the forces of darkness in their last year, hermione casts harry opposite snape in much ado about nothing.

lest i wither, by jim. harry/snape. r. novel-length, a lovely and very satisfying read. angst, a little sweetness, a little sour, quite funny. i find nothing to quarrel with.

of arms and the man, by jim. harry/snape preslash. pg. the fic that deviates widely from canon like this tends to come off as believable because it comes in for less comparison and less scrutiny. i like jim a great deal. this story isn't outstanding, but it's quite good.

severus and the crup, by josan. harry/snape, nc-17, at ink-stained fingers. a novel-length story set after the final battle, when the magic has been drained from every witch and wizard in britain. the beginning intrigued me greatly. it wavers towards the middle, and turns into what's really a completely different story, and not at all as well-done.

contemporary magical innovations, by h. granger, by kai. harry/snape, r. an adventurous and original futurefic, very funny. in fact, i might go so far as to call it a "mad romp," with a very well-done snape and a quite believable harry. supporting character dumbledore and villainess narcissa malfoy also imperiled my affections. you really must read.

clay, by kass, harry/snape, nc-17. original, astonishing, very well-characterized and moving. fascinating use of knowledge of hebrew and whatnot.

fool, by kass. harry/snape, nc-17. at ink-stained fingers. a nice thoughtful little snape piece on the not terribly original premise that harry's got to prove it wasn't just a schoolboy crush. and the end isn't overdone--by some standards, under-done, i imagine.

a life more ordinary, by lexin. harry/snape, r, au, mpreg warning. not funny mpreg--kind of quietly angsty, and, astonishingly, really good. i kept waiting for my usual reaction to mpreg ('oh, for god's sake!') but it never surfaced.

unnatural, by lexin and tidmag, harry/snape, nc-17, mpreg, is also a rather original and very interesting story. an intriguingly distant narrative voice makes for some strange moments, and it's very far off of canon in many ways, verging on original fiction.

sodomy on the bounty, by lady k d'azrael, harry/snape, nc-17. a somewhat bemusing and extremely amusing little pwp. sort of parody-ish in that the characterization seems, to a certain extent, irrelevant. wins my award for 'most startlingly gigle-inducing line of dialogue.'

chalk dust, by kimmie. harry/snape, nc-17. another entertaining unabashed pwp.

disarmed and the key to the kingdom, by luthien. harry/snape, nc-17. two established relationship pieces of middling length, both very angsty, both very well-done, and neither one very er-ish at all.

harry potter and the polka-dot plague, by mariner. harry/snape pre-slash, pg. harry didn't get vaccinated for the wizarding version of the measles, and snape can't brew the cure. cute, a bit plot-flawed, but very funny.

the same coin by meridian, nc-17, harry/snape. post-war, sweet and excellently characterized. harry returns to hogwarts, badly injured. snape helps to cure him and they become lovers.

for services rendered, by minx. r. harry/snape. she's quite prolific, isn't she?

halloween, by minx. nc-17. harry/snape. a pwp that i can recommend with no reservations. as a pwp it's completely satisfying. also humorous.

the love charm, by minx. nc-17. harry/snape. harry catches someone masturbating and hears a rather startling name. god forbid he would ever be a do-gooder. again not unflawed, but i really enjoyed this one.

the match-maker, by minx. nc-17. harry/snape. dobby is inspired by reading pride and prejudice. kind of lame at points, but still entertaining.

till break of day, by minx, harry/snape, nc-17. astonishingly good, even for her, another one of those stories on the theme where snape insists on a time-out to be sure harry knows what he wants.

weird summer, by minx. r. harry/snape. amusing thematic use of jane eyre. a delightful mad romp which leapfrogs over itself with references to literatures and legends, and is generally unabashedly fun-loving and silly.

change, by nym. harry/snape. pg. short and rather specific futurefic. cute, not overly, not too ooc. not outstanding, but worth a look.

lost and found, by nym. harry/snape, r, at the same site (same password). harry passes up an opportunity and snape offers him another one. not as good as the previous one (possibly because it was written much earlier), but still quite good. the snape pov is excellent and the harry pov isn't bad.

recognition, by nym. harry/snape, nc-17. her site is password-protected and the passwords are to be found here. she calls this pwp, but while it's limited to a single scene, it's not without plot. snape pov for graphic graduation sex and some mind games to go along with. it's very neatly done.

it will never be enough, by odogoddess. harry/snape, nc-17, student/teacher but no chan. harry's sulky and unresponsive; snape, determined to get through to him, starts by giving him detention. an astonishingly well-characterised story, enjoyable, believable, and excellent. the very end is weak, but can be safely disregarded, i feel; there are very few other weak points.

sense and sensibility, by phoenix akai. harry/snape pre-slash, pg. an odd, lyrical, over-stylized little piece. sweet. contemplative. pleasant.

both sides now, by predatrix. harry/snape, nc-17. light, short humor told from both povs simultaneously.

the love song of bastard and idiot, by predatrix. harry/snape. nc-17. long, though not novel-length, fun and relatively light-hearted snape-pov romance. distinctly smutty. very amusing, although the lightness may imply a small offness in characterization. a fun read though.

mixing your drinks, by predatrix. snape/harry, nc-17. another example of predatrix's gleefully light-hearted approach to the pairing. lacks some depth, doesn't lack at all for humor, say, or dialogue. perhaps a bit choppy.

occasional table, by predatrix. harry/snape, nc-17. snape tries to become an animagus and accidentally hits inanimagus instead. a nice satisfying length, hysterically funny... i love this story. not sure how good it objectively is, but i adore it.

va-va-voom, by predatrix. nc-17. harry/snape. a fun and silly pwp. harry unwittingly sexually harrasses snape.

familiar, by resonant. harry/snape. nc-17. slow and contemplative post-apocalypse without all the angst. charming and adorable.

how gilderoy lockhart heroically defeated the evil in professor snape, by sloane. harry/snape. pg. lockhart's back, with his memories, to make severus (his "foil")'s life a misery. and to protect harry, although that part doesn't work out so well.

the sweetest venom, by snaples. nc-17. harry/snape. a plot of voldemort's backfires. ingenious idea with some weak spots in the execution.

negatives by sinope, harry/snape, r. an extremely brief ficlet which is serious in itself, yet adorable, like a baby with a frown of concentration on. makes me wish she would be more prolific in the pairing.

the see-all by stellahobbit, harry/snape, nc-17, humor. occurs while harry is still in school. and is very very funny.

hall of the mountain kings by tara tory, nc-17 novel-length snape/harry. stunningly original, sweeping and almost epic, piquant and riveting. verges on original fiction. the story's very romantic, but somewhat flawed, with not-very-canon characterization.

heart's desire, by tara tory. r. harry/snape. snape will die if he doesn't get his heart's desire. various attempts are made to save him. will harry succeed?

no place like, by tara tory. nc-17. harry/snape. l. frank baum taken intentionally in vain, a lot of intriguing ideas picked up and turned over and then put down again. it's a fascinating and very well-done story that's reaching hard to be truly great, as dale says, and not quite making it.

a most disquieting tea, almost, at times, the fool, like a glass, and corresponding, by telanu. harry/snape. snape never expected anything to happen, either, especially not when harry was a student. however, his control falters, harry gets a clue, voldemort decides to use this for his own ends, and things escalate from there. simply delightful.

oh, just this once and your horoscope for today, by telanu. harry/snape. hysterically funny series, first time and then established relationship. the second focuses on coffee. um. sort of, yeah.

truth, by thisveryinstant. snape/harry, nc-17. harry potter. spoilers for ootp, sixth-year fic. middle-length. gorgeous and real, slightly lyric, angry and tender and broken and magical and heartbreaking. the best snape/harry i've read, the closest to the perfect ideal fic i've been looking for for this otp.

a nick in time, by tira nog. snape/harry pre-slash, pg. a critically acclaimed novella about a sort of mishap that puts seven-year-olds snape and harry together to become friends as they can manage. sweet, well-executed. perhaps a bit heavy-handed with the heart warming; other than that, perfectly delightful.

pale green by torch. harry/snape. pg-13. a bittersweet and quirky little fic.

last words, by trismegistus. snape/harry, pg. falters at points but is a shockingly powerful story that fits well in the new dark post-ootp hp world. full of spoilers. snape tries to rid himself of some of his guilt.

the courtship of harry potter, by diana williams. harry/snape, nc-17. at ink-stained fingers (requires age statement and password). this is a challenge-fic based on an interesting premise taken from ancient greek society, where younger men were linked in a kind of social apprenticeship with older ones, and of course had lots of sex. here we find dumbledore strong-arming snape into 'courting' harry, with competition from a sleazy but not unattractive rival. not entirely likely, but it had the potential to be really brilliant. anyone who reads snape slash has long ago given up on a truly perfect characterization of him, so i suppose i should stop deducting points for that. this snape is a bit soft, but he isn't unbelievable.

first time's the worst, by diana williams. harry/snape, nc-17, at ink-stained fingers. a story of short-to-middling length based on the ridiculous premise that harry's life is in danger if he doesn't lose his virginity (and snape's too, for that matter). quite amusing, although it's not entirely humor or parody--there's a bit of seriousness, which might have been a mistake, considering, but the ending is still well-managed.

clipped wings, by theresa ann wymer. nc-17. harry/snape. au. a poignant and slightly melodramatic but lyrical and highly literate story. longish. one of the weirdest slave aus i've ever read, too.


boiling point by annie sj, nc-17 s/r marauderfic: angst-free smut in a boiler room.

sing my heart by annie sj, nc-17 post-gof s/r. why? incredibly romantic. leans maybe a bit much on lyrics.

waiting for ganymede, by canis m. lupin/black. nc-17. the king of the gods didn't *only* ravish girls.

out of the woods, by canis m. s/r. pg-13. the marauders spend a night out in the forest by moonlight.

smoke, by casira. sirius/remus, nc-17, marauder-era. angst! i rebelled at first at the idea of marauder angst because i like fluffy and happy and above all funny marauderfic. but this story is exquisite and falters only in a few small bits. it felt wholly convincing, wholly believable in book and movie canon, so that i could actually picture and hear it, so that it actually captured the bittersweet flavour of s/r that i, at least, fell so in love with in movie 3.

charms and their forgetting by cate. sirius/remus, pg. post-hogwarts-pre-badness winter fluff, short and amusing. good character voice.

the twenty-first thing and thingamies, and their consequences, by cate. s/r, pg, marauder-era. these are sweet, funny melty fluff as written by a master of same. very light. very happy. painfully cute.

two wizards, one gift, and a duck-billed platypus by cate. sirius/remus, pg. sirius and remus go shopping in muggle london for a present for baby harry. cute and light and funny.

shared warmth, by cruise director. s/r, nc-17, marauder-era. shared sleeping bags, a cliche i quite like! and, obviously, a good specimen of it.

so you want to transfigure yourself a rock band, by dazzler; s/r nc-17 marauderfic. sweet and angsty, revolving around sirius coming back to school glam and deciding to make a rock band. charming, but a wee bit ooc.

fenris' justice, by dracostella. remus/sirius. pg. short, angsty and dreamy, dealing with the fidelius and the period right before the potters' deaths, mixed up with some norse mythology.

the good morrow, by fay jay. sirius/remus. r. short, light marauderfic that's coy in the good way.

boys' own camping adventure, by grimslasher. sirius/remus. r. a soap-opera-y, very teenaged sort of story, with sirius stupid and remus, well, perhaps a bit more anxious than his wont. amusing. cute.

much ado about stalking, by hyphen. snape/remus, sirius/remus and snape/sirius. r. sirius is *such* a troublemaker. and a moron.

the ambiguously gay werewolf, by jack ichijouji. sirius/remus-ish, pg, hp, marauder-era, humor. sirius and james want to know if remus is gay, but can't come right out and ask. very funneh.

the love song of sirius black, or five things that never happened to sirius black, by kaydee falls, pg. a book-five-inclusive sad and moving thing.

night vision, by keieru. snape/lupin, s/r. "you mustn't blame sirius. not for being in love with me. he may have chosen me... but i chose him as well."

you're a little late (letters never sent remix), by kyuuketsukirui. sirius/remus, marauders through book five, angst. strikingly picturable and real, and painful. compact. pointed.

th'inconstant moon by lady jaida. sirius/remus, pg, marauder era. ust. james and lily get sick before a production of romeo & juliet, leaving sirius and remus to take over their parts.

ut pictura poesis, by lady jaida. sirius/remus, pg. marauder-era prose poem, whimsical and cute and wistful. light and a bit heavy at the same time, as marauderfic so often is.

epiphany by librae. sirius/remus, pg. cute and sweet, and brief.

the pink is obligatory, by librae. sirius/remus, pg, pre-slash, marauder-era. a valentine's story that's very funny, but isn't really a humour story.

apogee, by llamajoy. s/r. nc-17. well-written and subtle, with a very thoughtful remus and an earnest pre-disaster sirius.

gasp by lupercali, marauderish-era, sirius/remus, nc-17. sweet and, um, really nice and sweet, with excellent voice. when i see sirius acted by gary oldman is when i get the most excited. so, um, i got excited this time. the nutter. ♥

practical astrology, by lupercali. sirius/remus pre-slash, pg. a sweet and intriguing ficlet whose main flaw is being a little hard to follow. remus pov. i love remus.

humorous thingy by lupercali. r, marauder-era, and cute as well as very funny.

all souls' day, by phineas. sirius/remus, pg. phineas is a doll and might have sweated blood writing this story, but you'd never know from looking. it's short and concentrated, with a polished finish and a melancholy air/tension that's highly decorative, and entirely in the interests of a magnificent sort of bittersweetness.

levity, by prufrock. sirius/remus. r. a small bit of ootp spoiler; set before harry's birth. i was all prepared for it to be sweet and adorable, but in fact, it's got a quite original remus and it's really not sweet, but angsty and introspective. the suspense is really sort of dreadful as it slowly starts to fall together. i'd argue with the very end, i guess.

that the science of cartography is limited, by rave, nc17, s/r. medium short, and highly depressing and full of impact. covers marauder era to ootp in bits.

stealing harry by sam. harry, sirius, remus, snape; s/r; au. novel-length. sirius doesn't go to azkaban, and he and remus kidnap harry from the dursleys when harry is eight. brilliant, sweet, almost flawless.

the first two of three snips here by one of the sandies. s/r, pg (both). the first is really striking, mostly for the beginning, and because of the dialogue; the second one is less memorable but rather cute. both are very short ficlets.

outlined joys by setissma, pg, s/r. post-school marauder era. really really funny and incredibly good and sweet and i cried which i haven't done while reading for years. so. yes.

for whom the pants toll, by sullen siren. remus/sirius, pg. a marauder-era humour first time, emphasis on the humour. fun.

another second time around by victoria p, s/r. rated g, sweet and short, during ootp.

hot as an oven by victoria p, s/r, r. remus and sirius bake harry a birthday cake during gof.

hot ice and wondrous strange snow by victoria p, s/r. rated pg, sweet and rated pg. marauder-era.

promised eternity: a ring of endless light remix, by victoria p. sirius/remus, nc-17. post-book 5. the veil and an alternate universe--a bittersweet story, long and well thought out. i found it quite... impactful. and i particularly enjoyed the sirius pov.

three days, the rebuilding the temple remix by victoria p, s/r. from an original by kest which i haven't read. rated r; during ootp.

inhabited by winter, by yahtzee. sirius/remus, pg. a dark and extremely bitter story, very well-written, very good. remus pov. some unusual (extra-dark) characterization.


darken many virtues, by sara. h/d, nc-17. a humor story, draco pov, that's very witty and relies a lot on snappy turns of phrase. pretty short, and, as hp humor seems to be, a little ooc with respect to book characterizations--but not at all, imo, to the detriment of the characters.

rituals and traditions, by amanuensis. harry/draco, nc-17. at restricted section. voldemort really only wants draco for his body and harry, astonishingly, has to save the day via an elaborate magical rite.

fidelius, by coffeejunkii. harry/draco, nc-17. a lazy post-war romance set when draco turns up unexpectedly after five years' absence... working as a curse-breaker who harry hires to remove wards from grimmauld place. the story is harry's point of view, kind of peaceful and possibly understated although flavoured with the sadness of their former lives, and really very pretty.

unfinished business, by dee. harry/draco futurefic, nc-17. ten years after the end of the war draco makes an appearance in the wizarding world again. draco pov, characterizations possibly a bit off. some great dialogue. some poignant moments. a definite regency vibe.

blowing origami or those things that really suck by zahra. harry/draco. pg. evil!draco pov. quite amusing, with an excellent evil!draco.

letters to a young gentleman by halrloprillalar. pg. harry/draco. hilarious! and short!

a thousand beautiful things by duinn fionn. harry/draco novel, somewhat original, well-executed and absorbing, but in the end, a bit ooc and a bit twee.

catching up, by hallucination. h/d, pg. mixed pov. harry's in a growth spurt and has become very clumsy. humor.

deadly green, come back to life, by lisa roquin. harry/draco established, nc-17. a post-war fic set in the immediate aftermath of the final battle, draco's point of view; the story is a bit dark and a bit sad as befits the subject matter, an interesting and nicely real and immediate treatment of the events and the mood.

a consummation devoutly to be wished, by mirabella. draco is a veela and harry is his mate parodyfic. nc-17. bloody fantastic, hilarious, etc &c.

harry potter and the inconvenient condition 1, 2, 3, by mirabella. harry/draco, nc-17. for halloween, mira produces the best ever romantic comedy in which harry accidentally becomes a vampire.

transfigurations, by resonant. harry/draco, nc-17, future. post-apocalypse: harry and draco are working together to rebuilt hogwarts in the aftermath of the war. a beautiful, exquisite novel. a rather irrationally stubborn harry. draco is fanoner than fanon. the story as a whole was written pre-ootp, and it is saturated with the feeling of harry potter without ever quite matching it. it's like a punk cover of pop, or more accurately a classically orchestrated cover of folk music--a tribute, beautiful, loving, the same and different, soaring over and around it in a different key. so the point is that it's exquisite and can't be heaped with enough praise but at the same time it's not wholly satisfying as a harry potter story. it really isn't one.

contingency one and two, by dorrie6. harry/draco, r. set in seventh-year, draco pov--an angry and very confused draco. i found it engrossing, funny, sweet, and cute, and did i say engrossing? although i'm not sure i'd say it was all in character.

when, by zionstarfish. harry/draco pre-slash. pg. nice, contemplative futurefic. cute, fairly serious, but occasionally amusing.

the crush trilogy: and now for something completely different, lemon zingers and strawberry jam, and public displays of affection, by zahra. harry/draco. pg. what is a crush supposed to be called when it's returned? hysterically funny, almost painfully adorable harry. and some great one-liners.

second of our reign, by wax jism. harry/draco. pgish. a strange beast of a story, with startling pacing and sharp humor and achingly painful angsty bits hidden away. you might not get it on the first read-through (although the end's been cleared up a bit). and just beautiful. i've never read a better harry/draco.

porcelain, by missi. (link defunct) sort of harry/draco and sort of gen. pgish, dreamy and poetic, and odd, with a very satisfying bite to it.

deus ex machina, by silvia. (link now defunct) harry/draco. pg. draco's got a foolproof, long-ranging plan and he's thought of everything.

extracurricular, by ivy blossom. r. harry/draco. the world will end if you don't shag, and a lot of other bad things will happen too.

how harry potter got his groove back, parts 1, 2 and 3 out of a planned 5, i believe. index here. by durendal, pg, harry/draco. unfinished, but absolutely the most hysterically funny thing i've read in a long long time.

the eleventh doorkeeper, by shalott. (the reason that you should read the whole as-yet-unfinished series, consisting of a rare descent, passing through, ted, and the seasonless world.) the series as a whole has overtones of incipient harry/draco. starts in the future. draco, harry, and what turns out not to be the final confrontation with the dark after all, except that draco's still the key. drama. angst. adventure. spotless good writing, and some damn near breathtaking bits.

happiness involving a teahouse, by nopejr. harry/draco, pg. harry and draco banter after the war in a teahouse. very nice banter.


summer thing, by halrloprillalar. hermione/fred-george, het, nc-17. summer is... hot. this is very nice.

gathering by copperbadge. salazar slytherin/godric gryffindor, pg. gg pov. nice, adventurey, poetic and evocative, and rather romantic. feels very historical. subtle reference to interesting things like king arthur. simply delightful.

flowers and candy, by adrienne. very mild dumbledore/snape. g. hyterically funny at times. also tons of fun and pretty short. and a brilliant dumbledore.

the man who lived, by beth h. snape pov. not slash, but r. harry potter. major character death. dark spooky bitter second-person fic. it's an odd one, maybe a bit high on the drama, but quite well worth a look for the characterization of snape, which is good, and intriguing.

out of the bag, by bernice russell. mcg pov, young!snape, genfic. harry potter. mcgonagall reaches an understanding with a sullen student. awww. so cute.

broken, by copperbadge. ss/gg, r. another of this pairing, rather dark, still that sweeping historical feel, supremely intriguing. this one ss pov and far more personal.

if you're breathing, by sandy justine. harry/neville, pg. a solemn neville-pov 6th year (post ootp, spoilerish) piece that makes me think i really like this pairing. it's a little anxious, a little sweet.

a spirit of brotherhood, by torch. snape, lupin, and black. pg for war and blood, but pretty sexually bland--gen with slash peeking through the cracks. a very, very nice look at all three of them with some witty dialogue and a concept that doesn't get any less powerful for all its age.

winter kept us warm, by delphi. snape/dumbledore, nc-17. yes, you read the pairing right. graphic, good, a little scary, sweet and not really bitter. plotty. incredibly sensual descriptions of legilimency.

the house of my fathers, by kay. fred/george in grimmauld place. pg, during ootp, spoilers. twincest. very short, exploratory, good.

real methods of divination, by proserpina. lavender/parvati, pg. a really good look at both characters in a way you don't often see, divination-centric in a way that works very well to tie the whole thing together.

meeting requirements, by a month of sundays, harry/neville, pg. set sixth year with what you might consider ootp spoilers, harry might start the sekrit defense lessons up again. cute, brave neville, well-characterized.

in love, by halrloprillalar. marcus/oliver, marcus pov, pg. fabulous, brilliant, and really really cute. falling in love from the point of view of a moron!

jj taylor's conversation with remus. pg. angst. not exactly normal fic.

jj taylor's second bus ride with severus snape has no characters but snape and the author. it's a cold, windy day. it's a journal entry hovering on the edge of normal fiction. sort of entrancing, actually.

jj taylor has another conversation with snape on the bus, pg. like the others.

a man of property, by josan. g. snape retires to a muggle house and takes in some homeless house elves.

double or nothing, by calico. fred/george/lance bass, crossover with popslash. nc-17. lance wants to pick up both weasleys or none, so they say yes, of course. i'm not incredibly fond of lance, but i was itching for some twincest and this is a nice good one, and rather serious--which was what i wanted.

fizzy, by glockgal and lise. fred/george. pg. a very, very short weasley new year piece. the twins and ron and ginny.

class, by glockgal and lise. fred/george. r. george always puts his hand down fred's pants.

gay, by glockgal and lise. fred/george. r. george is the gay one. all of these are like drabbles, or dribblets, super-short little ficlets. cute.

hot, by glockgal and lise. fred/george. r. everything about the twins is hot! another extremely short little giggly piece.

first signs of magic: hermione granger, by icarus. hermione fic. gen. the first signs of hermione's magical abilities are a bit stressful for her parents.

letter from exile one merciful morning, by textual sphinx. snape/hermione (not slash). you know it's got to be good to convince me of *this* pairing. overwhelmingly sweet and romantic.

true but not nice (link defunct), by v. marcus flint/oliver wood. nc-17. no one really knows where the rumors are coming from.

mr storyteller (link defunct), by silvia. marcus flint/oliver wood. pg. a bit on the experimental side, but interesting.

beast, book and scandal, by craww. snape/lupin. pg for innuendo. snape is intrinsically lecherous but doesn't have much of a feel for animals. or anything else.

the skull beneath the skin, by ellen fremedon. snape/lupin. nc-17. voldemort's unwilling servant and the unwilling servant of the moon have a few things in common.

hush and gossamer, by de orakle. snape/dumbledore. beautiful narrative voice. sweet and powerful, but hush is slightly squicky in a bloody sense.

teacher's pet by didodikali. g genfic, totally child-aimed, funny and adorable. it's in comic form and therefore image-intensive.

imperfection, by pandarus. hermione/ginny, r. short, cute and sexy.

delicate by zahra, ron/neville, r. cute, sexeh, short.

last stop by weatherby. draco/pansy ficlet--short, somewhat confusing; solemn and intensely emotional.

mama zabini's husbands, by nope jr. gen, blaise zabini and his mother. consists entirely of images and is v. cool.