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I don't really have the energy, at present, to arrange these pictures into pretty webpages or anything. But in the meantime, you're welcome to poke through my directories, and look at what I've got.

2001: Pop Odyssey!
Obviously, concert spoilers abound:

    [ Monday, June 4th, 2001 ] -- Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ -- I took a ton of pictures with a digital camera I borrowed from a friend. And all I have to say is, 4TH ROW, baby!!!

    [ Tuesday, June 5th, 2001 ] -- Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ -- I took some more pictures the next night, but we didn't have as good seats that night, so I didn't take as many. I did experiment with taking pictures through my binoculars, which sometimes worked, and sometimes didn't.

    [ Monday, August 13th, 2001 ] -- RFK Stadium - Washington, DC -- Seats weren't as good as the first night in NY, nor as good as I'd wanted (i was hoping for catwalk), but they were pretty decent for middle-stage stuff (although there was an annoying spotlight shining in my face). Pictures aren't great, and a lot are blurry, but i still like them. And pay no attention to the names as far as blurriness is concerned. I was rather inconsistent in with that. And somewhere along the way in the cropping/shrinking process, I discovered the Sharpen and Contrast tools. I'm not sure if it was to good end or not. Anyway. If you want originals of anything (to play with) let me know.

    [ Thursday, May 31st, 2001 ] -- Foxboro Stadium - Foxboro, MA -- No pictures here, but if you'd like to read my bizarre-ass commentary on my first *NSYNC concert, that's what this is.


    I might've maybe kinda attended a 98 Degrees concert (it was free! I swear!). So, summary of the event is [ here ], and crappy-ass pictures are [ here ]. Enjoy. If you're into that sort of thing.

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