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Okay, so this page is really for my own purposes. I don't bookmark slash pages at work, so I figure this can be my bookmark page. So yeah, feel free to use it all you want. But don't get offended if some big important page isn't on here, it just means that either a) I haven't found it yet, or b) I have some other way of getting there, and thus don't need it bookmarked.

This is me, copying and pasting my bookmarks into a wepbage. Too lazy to do more than that. And yes, I did go through my bookmarks one day, labelling who they belong to.


Some Other Stuff (that I realised didn't belong under "Puppies", but are sitting in splendid isolation because I still haven't gotten around to coding the rest of my bookmarks)

Okay, so there will be more to come, from other fandoms, but right now, I'm too lazy to go through bookmarks (that i haven't looked at in forever), and figure out which ones still work, and which ones don't. It's not like I'm actually reading any other fandoms these days anyway. 'NSYNC have eaten my brain.

Although because I'm thinking of it, here's an important one:

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