[ PopOdyssey - Foxboro, MA ]

- Thursday, May 31st, 2001 -

So when I was stuck in traffic trying to get out of the stadium, I took down notes on all my reactions to the show. They are listed/elaborated on here, in the order in which they came to mind at the time. They are by no means in chronological order.

-The mechanical bulls, like, actually work in the context of the show! I mean, when i first heard about them, i was deeply frightened, but like, they manage to make it work. And like, look right. And also, the Space Cowboy choreography works so much better when they're actually sitting on bulls, instead of just pretending they are. i was truly fascinated.

-I *heart* Chris. Like, a lot. His joking! His physical comedy! He's adorable! He's trying very hard to be my #1, isn't he? If it weren't for the unbelievable hotness of one Justin Timberlake, he might just make it. Although i do have one bone to pick with Mr. Kirkpatrick-- he spent almost no time on the left-hand side of the stage [where i was]. I was very disappointed. :) I would complain that i didn't get any pictures of him, but i just got my pictures back, and they're not worth it anyway.

-It cost me $25 to park. Yes, that's right, i said 25 fucking dollars to park in mud, far from the stadium. Fucking Foxboro bastards.

-And then i got there, and discovered that i was about 40 feet from the freakin' stage!! On $30 tickets that were supposed to be obstructed (of course, we later discovered that we sitting in the wrong section, but we chose to ignore that fact, and enjoy the pretty damn amazing seats). So yeah, it was at that point that i started freaking out over that fact that i didn't have a camera, and went in search of a disposable camera. Spent 15 bucks for 15 exposures! Although, it worked out okay, for the amount of times they actually came over to the far side of the stage where we were. And as i said, none of the pictures are particularly worth anything anyway.

-I was *not* into the girl dancers. Not only were they gross, but dude, i didn't want no stinkin' girls touching my boys! I wanted my boys dancing with each other, and touching each other. although i was quite pleased..................[more severely spoilery]............... when they "killed" all the girls at the end of "Game Over". So that kinda made it okay.

-Okay, so at one point, early on, (and on the big monitor), i'm fairly certain i saw Lance check out JC's ass.

-So i didn't really fully grasp what i was in for, until i got on the highway, 30 miles from the stadium, and passed my first car, with mother and 3 pre-teen girls, with a sign on the window that said "I love Lance. Honk, if you love 'N Sync!" And it got worse as i got closer. Although i did like the car with the sign that said "Turn Up the AC, I'm Hot for JC!! " which i thought was pretty clever for a teeny.

-And i did have the brilliant thought later in the concert that I wanted a sign that said "Dyke who'd turn for Justin", even though it's not quite true.

-Oh, and "Game Over" rocks. I can't remember at this point why, but i remember thinking that it rocked. And the cool little graphic-novelly think that introduced it was pretty nifty too.

-Dude, my Puppies were wearing 20's three-piece suits. ::Sigh:: This definitely needs to happen more often. They looked fiiiiiiiiine. (to quote justin.)

-Ladies & Gentlemen, THE CUNT!CHIN IS GONE!! Yes, that's right, our boy JC is CLEAN SHAVEN!!! I'm so proud of him.

-I've also come to the conclusion that JC has naturally curly hair, cuz it got curlier as the evening went on. And actually, with the lighter bits and stuff, and it being so curly, there were several times during the show where, if they were far away, and i wasn't using my binoculars, I kept thinking he was Justin, and wondering "wait! what happened to the shaved head! oh nevermind, that's JC".

-Yeah, as i've already said at this point (cuz it's now about 3 days after the concert), Fuck the U2 concert, I'm going to see the Puppies again in New York!

-Okay, the Cowboy video thing was hysterical. Incredibly dorky, but that's why i love them so. It was so stupid that it was incredibly funny. Cuz it's them. Making fun of themselves. I *heart* them.

-Which reminds me-- summary of the whole concert: DORKS!! They are all Dorks!! Incredible dorks!! And that's why i love them!!

-The showed a preview for On The Line. It looks pretty bad, yet i feel an overwhelming need to see it. Sigh. they've got me so whipped. Which reminds me, in case anyone's wondering, Joey's "The Man/The Legend" shirt was for the movie, cuz he's wearing it in the trailer. And Lance is really fucking hot.

Okay, from here on out, it's about 3 months later that I'm typing this up, so I probably won't be able to elaborate on my notes in the same way (nor do feel the need to "explain" everything in the way i did previously)....

-Justin WRITHING on the stage during "Gone". Yeah, Fucking HOT. But we all know this by now.

-Digital Camera <- This was my realisation that I needed to procure a digital camera for the shows in NY. And boy am I glad that I did. [ NY & DC pictures ]

-Puppies??? <- I have no idea what this note was intended to remind me of, but i thought i 'd include it just for the hell of it.

-Justin was absolutely adorable during the "Gone" video. My heart melted. And can I officially say right here and now (cuz it's been bugging me), that video is really more Buster Keaton than Charlie Chaplin. He never smiles during the whole thing. The stoic look during physical comedy was Keaton's schtick, not Chaplin. So stop referring to it as Chaplin, people. Thank you. Cinema lesson over.

-The toys during "It's Gonna Be Me" were too cute for words. And not that I knew it then, but now I'm going to add, especially Joey with the teddy bear and the sucking his thumb.

-Can't wait for the new album, will go pre-order it now. <-I think that note is fairly self-explanatory. Note on the DC show: It's amazing the difference in the experience when you know the whole CD by heart.

-Joey's speaking voice was higher than I expected. <-I took this statement back when i saw a TV appearance later, but then i thought it again at the next concert I was at. I think perhaps the sounds system at the shows added a tinier quality to his voice. And as Drew at DC said, "He's got a high singing voice." So yeah, true. I guess he just looks like the kind of who wouldn't have a high voice.

-Joey's little butt wiggle during the band intros - very cute. And I've thought this every time after too. Too bad I never managed to get a picture of it.

-Bringing binoculars was definitely a good idea. I'm still pissed I forgot them for DC (i think it might of been intentional, as I was determined to have catwalk seats. oh well.)

-Scared by hootchie clothing. <-How amusing that I thought this, since now I'm just amused by it.

-Okay, so this is a thought I've been amused by at every boyband concert I've brought my car to: On the back of my car, I have a Nields bumber sticker and a rainbow triangle bumper sticker. I have this image of some teeny looking at my car, seeing the stickers and thinking "Hmm, 'The Nields', I wonder if they're another boyband!", and then going out and buying the cd, expecting to find teen pop. And then maybe liking it and getting hooked on folk-rock. It's almost subversive. :) I also wore my Moxy Fruvous "I Love Canadian Boys" to this show (or maybe to one of the NY shows?), and this amused me greatly as well.

-Van of teenies on the way there - looking @ me <-Again, I have no idea what this note is about.

-Chris had a solo!!! <-And of course, we all know about this, and know how exciting this is, but can just imagine how exciting this would have been to just have happen during a show. Just wow. (not that I remember feeling this way, but nevermind)

-Phone bit before Celebrity <-Obviously, I thought the whole 3-way calling bit before Celebrity was hysterical and showed off their dorkiness. Also, my office has an obsession with the "What are YOU Doing?" commercials, so this probably added to the amusement factor.

-All the costumes work in the show! <-I remember that before I went to the concert, I'd seen pictures, and was frightened by some of the costumes, thinking they were hideous. But then i noticed that somehow, in the context of the concert, they all seemed to work just fine.

-Justin's shirt for the clothes-ripping-off bit said, "Boybands Suck".

-Joey/JC in Game Over <-I can only assume that this is in reference to the hand-holding. Definitely a great PopOdyssey moment.

-At one point-- through binoculars-- It looked like JoLa kissed! <-I have no recollection of this, but i was obviously very excited at the time.

-14 years old <-I assume this is in reference to the fact that I seem to turn into a 14 year old in the presence of *NSYNC. Um, yeah. This has remained true. And in NY when, I was in the 4th row, it proved particularly true.

-DVD <-I bet this was "And the damn well better release a DVD of this show, because I need to own it."

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