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Okay, so I haven't written much yet, and I'm a pretty slow writer, so don't expect this page to suddenly fill up with stories.

I'd recomend starting off with the the obligatory disclaimers & warnings:

And then, move on to the fic:


    [ Coffee Shop ] - Gingerbread lattes, a sparkly shirt, and a brick wall. (Chris/JC, NC-17ish) *NEW*

    [ Sex ] - The boys have a post-show ritual. Justin might fuck with it. (Justin/Lance, GroupSlutFic, NC-17ish)

    [ well, you see I met this boy... ] - Justin's freaking out because, well... (Justin/Nick, NC-17)

    [ Interest ] - Some boys are in love. Short and complete schmoop. (JC/Justin, PG)

    [ Buzz Cut ] - Justin cuts his hair. Chris likes. (Chris/Justin, NC-17ish)

    [ Airplane ] - Sleepy JC. An Airplane. Lance's Shoulder. (JC/Lance, PG-13)

Sports Night

    [ Predicaments ] - Casey. Dan. A bar. During "La Forza Del Destino". (Dan/Casey, PG) [originally posted under the pseudonym "lizabug"]

    [ Brought To You By The Letter P ] - Dan and Casey discuss Gay Things. Flagrant abuse of words that begin with the letter P. Answer to a challenge intended for "Homicide" fic. (Dan/Casey, PG)

    [ Hip Deep in Pie ] - Ficlet. Casey's late-night ponderings. (Dan/Casey, PG)

The obligatory disclaimers & warnings:

1. I write using a whacked-out mixture of American and British spelling and grammar. Because I can't tell the difference anymore.

2. In theory, some of these stories may one day contain content that some people might think isn't suitable for young people. If you're a young person, and think you might get in trouble for reading this, you probably shouldn't. Or you know, just don't read anything labelled "NC-17".

3. The stories below contain slash. If you're not into the idea of hot boys (either in a boyband or from a tv show) gettin' in on with each other, then don't read 'em. And don't complain to me about it either.

4. There be Real People Slash here. There be Boyband Slash here. If either of these bother you, again, go away.

5. I do not know any of the members of *NSYNC, nor do I know any members of the Backstreet Boys. I've never met any pop star potentially mentioned in any of these stories. I do not claim to know whether or not they all engage in hot group sex after concerts. This is FICTION. Can you say "fiction", boys and girls? No slander or libel is intended.

6. The characters of the TV show "Sports Night" do not belong to me. I did not invent them. They are the brainchild of the evil genius that is Aaron Sorkin. I could only hope to one day create such great characters. I'm just borrowing them. Cuz I think Dan & Casey need to get it on more than Aaron lets them. No copyright infringement is intended.

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