Cuteness of DOOM!

aka: Website of SLOTH
aka: Land of Non-Updating
aka: don't expect big changes any time soon.

"I want me some of that JC lovin'Let's not get too excited. We're being photographed. Why is everyone else closer to him than I am?Me first!  Me first!I'm the one actually touching him.What are they doing?  They know I'm ticklish.

It is just possible that you are wondering how cuteness can be fraught with DOOM.

The answer is simple: Nsync is involved.

What's New:

03.12.03: No updates from J or Christina. Our friend Rivki wrote a diary for JC for her creative writing class, and J just thinks it's the cat's pyjamas. JC's Diary

04.18.02: J finished her Slash Across America story. Finally. It took a long time. She is sorry it took so long, really. For you: Chicago, Illinois Is Like a Shiny Toy.

04.12.02: In honor of the move, we've updated. This page has had a slight tweaking and a new links page is up. Life is good. Err. We promise more actual fiction soon. Also, we hope to get up some concert pics soon.


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