Tangible Schizophrenia


Advent Children

Back when the game was making its big splash, I was a lowly lurker in its fanfic. When the movie came out, I had two years of fanfic-writing beneath my belt. Pretty characters, liquid action sequences, and a plot so convoluted that it's delightfully malleable to a writer's every whim--of course I was going to get into it again.


Closing Call - Tifa/Elena. NC-17.
Q-sense - Multiple pairings, multiple crossovers. Cyberpunk AU. NC-17.
Operator - Rufus/Vincent. R.
Shedding - Rufus/Tseng. My sole FF7-based fic. R.
Slumber Party - Tifa/Elena. PG-13.
Solicitude - Rufus/Tseng. R.