Tangible Schizophrenia



Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: R
Pairing: Rufus/Tseng, implied Rufus/Reno
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Based mostly on Advent Children, less so on the actual game. Dedicated to lil_neko.
Summary: Someone catches Rufus in a quiet moment.


It comes and goes in waves. Sometimes he’s strong enough to pace among his half-built halls and sometimes he’s slack in the chair, wanting to curse but not quite strong enough to make his lips move. Like now, blanket a thick shroud over his face and muffling the low throb in his hands. He has a meeting with the very loud and very trying Barrett later and he has no idea how he’s going to get through it. Perhaps he should just collapse—that might provide enough of a shock to Barrett’s system so that Rufus will actually have time to explain the concept of delay while coal-mining equipment is reinvented and built.

Someone’s walked into the room, far too quiet to be anyone but one of the Turks. Even Reno lightfoots it, though he hardly cares about the rest. Someday Rufus should fire the man, just to see what silence looked like on him. Though of course he’d rehire the pest because—“Not now, Reno.”

But the hands spreading Rufus’ knees don’t listen, and neither does the breath that’s shortly warming Rufus’ zipper. Rufus wants to lift a hand, to push away the bother and indeed, he even works up the energy to start, “No, I’m…”

Too weak. Which he never is, and so he grits his teeth and hopes Reno gets it over with. His fingers start to curl as well, but then a spasm takes him and when it’s done with him his fingers are splayed on the arms and his prick is nestling in a hot mouth. Whoever’s kneeling before him simply lets it rest, allowing flesh and flesh and heat to equilibrate and this is when Rufus realizes not Reno.

Perfect timing as usual. On the cusp of comprehension comes one slow lick squirming along the underside of Rufus’ cock, and after it comes another and another until soon he is weary and weak in the chair for entirely different, much more pleasant reasons than before. He deigns to shake a few of the folds out of his face, and sees Tseng’s cool eyes waiting for him. “Exactly what was needed.”

“Only my duty, sir,” Tseng says, and quietly gets up, flicking the dust off his knees. He pretends not to notice how Rufus stares enviously at the movement, and Rufus pretends he wouldn’t reach out for the other man if his muscles had been less enervated.