Tangible Schizophrenia


Shapes Extra: A Cat's Life in Three Drabbles

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG-13 for implication. Possible bestiality and weird humor.
Pairing: Sands-bunny(-kitty)/El-kitty, Faye/Lorenzo(-falcon), Puss-in-Boots/Sands/El(-kitties)
Feedback: Dunno if you can feedback something like this, but feel free to try.
Disclaimer: Mine? Legality is so not Sands' style. Notes: Crossover with Cowboy Bebop and Shrek II. Blame inkbug and permetaform.
Summary: A couple moments in the muses' lives.


Patter. Patter. Patter.







Faye put down the tidbits and leaned over the windowsill. "Should we warn her that the Sands-bunny...uh, Sands-kitty now...is about to get eaten?"

Lorenzo-falcon resettled his wings and pecked at the meat chunks. "Nah. Just wait a minute."

Her eyebrow shot up, and Faye backed off. "Oh. I see. Your friends are weird."

"So's your dog." Lorenzo-falcon ruffled up in remembered annoyance. "He tried to feed me mushrooms."

"Hey, at least he stays as he is." Faye smoothed his feathers down with one nail, then flicked his beak. She lazily warded off his indignant attack with her cigarette. "By the way, you show up like this to our date tonight, and I'm buying a birdcage."


Lolling happily in the sunshine, Sands-kitty had absolutely no warning before he was unceremoniously grabbed and lifted by the scruff on his neck.

"There you are."

Sands-kitty narrowed his eyelids and conveyed an expression of utter feline indignation in the direction of the voice.

El coolly returned the favor with equally catty indifference. As if sensing it, the Sands-kitty dangling from his hand angrily hissed. So after checking that he had enough room, El lifted two fingers and tickled the cat's belly.

"Fret-fucking loose-assed cannon shit!"

One Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, human down to his furious scowl, sprawled out at El's feet. The mariachi blinked. "So that's how she changes you back."

"Fuck off." Sands began to crawl off, then abruptly whipped back to whack El's knees out from under the other man. "Hah. So much for the immovable object."

"But you aren't an irresistible force, either." Hands pulled Sands over, while a mouth muffled his protests. One palm roughly caressed his hair, stroking a moan from him. "Though you are cute as a cat," El added in a slightly breathless voice.


"I don't believe this." Sands shoved at El's shoulder, hoping to snap the jackass out of the crazy spell. "I am not a pet-person."

"No, you're a pet cat." El fended off the smack, then continued to pet the ginger furball while Sands hid his head in El's stomach.

"You're a bastard. And what the hell does he have, anyway?" There was a strange wriggle of fuzz, and then an annoyed-looking blind cat appeared on El's chest.

"I am Puss in Boots." The other cat poked at Sands-kitty with a small hat. "So naturally, I have boots."

"They're very good ones," El agreed, putting down Puss and shaking himself into cat-form. He rubbed up against Sands-kitty's side till the other cat reluctantly pressed back. "You should feel them."


Ein bounded into the room, and promptly bounded back out, nudging the door shut as he did. The sight was odd in any case, and furthermore, he didn't think he had enough paws to explain how things worked to Ed. Better that she never ran across such...furriness.


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