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Well... Something about my self then. I'm not much with words so I'll give you a few pictures to get you off my back.

My cat
My cat
My workstation
My workstation
Dragon and couple
A bride, groom and dragon

I've obscured the images a bit because that's just the wannabe artist prick I am. Can also tell you that all these pages were made using KWrite, graphics on GIMP. My computer is running Slackware with pride. You can tell these images are old 'cause the computer screen shows a blurry view of Windows, but I'm feeling much better now, thank you for asking.

I'm a geeky version of a lumber jack who is specialized on geographical information systems. That's GIS.

I've taken care that these new pages are all 100% xhtml clean and proper. Validated using W3C's HTML validator.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

Do you want to know more?

ICQ: 14204790
MSN: marrewikstro@hotmail.com
AIM: marrenail

And you'll also find me on Facebook for some silly reason.