Mprov 6 - Slow on the Uptake
by Elina

Words: clever, feminine, sparkle, topiary

Chris couldn't remember a time when he didn't want Lance.

Well, of course, there was that whole period of his life before he even knew Lance existed. Then there was the time after that, when Lance had funny hair, and was underage. And then there was that whole thing with Lance and JC, when Chris didn't know where to look to avoid seeing them kissy-face with each other. After that, it was the thing with ex-Lance-and-JC, when Chris didn't know what to say that wouldn't set one of them off ranting about the other.

But then. After all that, Chris looked up during a band meeting, caught the gleam in Lance's eyes, and realized that he had always, always wanted Lance. Before Lance and JC. Before Lance got cool. Yes, before he even knew Lance existed.


Chris thought he was very clever to have maneuvered Lance into a this dark corner, carefully out of sight of everyone else, until he realized Lance had been working him towards this moment all week. Those shy glimpses out the side of pale green eyes, those hesitant smiles that gained confidence only when Chris returned them...they had all been carefully structured to bring the two of them into this damp, hot kiss in a theater wing.

Chris couldn't bring himself to give two shits about that. So what if he'd been groomed like a topiary, cultivated with precision to match exactly what Lance wanted? It got him what he wanted too, which was to slide his tongue across Lance's; down his neck; under the hem of his shirt; over the crotch of his jeans.

It got him Lance's hand sliding across the back of his neck as he unzipped and unbuttoned and tugged down. It got him Lance's harsh breaths panting as he licked the head of Lance's cock.

It got him Lance's grip on his hair, almost painfully tight, as he slid down on Lance's cock, taking it into his throat.

It got him the hot salty rush over his tongue as Lance bit back gasps and almost-words.

And it got him a grin full of sparkle when he stood, knees popping, and kissed Lance, his mouth still full of the taste.

Chris was slow to catch on, but he never let that stop him once he knew what was what.

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