Just Bad
by Elina

Author's Note: This is a concept piece. Go with it.

Jennifer shook her flaxen blonde hair as she laughed at Nicky's joke. "Oh, Nicky, you are so cute. Almost as cute as Kevin."

Nicky felt jealous for a second that Jennifer thought anyone was cuter than him, but one look at Jennifer's beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes made him grateful just to be in the same room with her.

Kevin sighed regretfully as he patted Jennifer on the shoulder, "I'm sorry my angel, but we have to leave now. We have to perform at the benefit concert. They really need us."

Jennifer smiled at Kevin, "I took care of everything. I called *N Sync, because they are my best friends, and they said they would fill in for you so you could have the night off."

"Wow!" Kevin shouted, "That's amazing! Do you know everyone in show business?"

Jennifer giggled, a melodious burble, "Yes, just about."

"Yay!" Nicky shouted, "That means we can spend the whole night with you! We are so lucky!"

"Yea!" Kevin joined in, "Hey AJ, Howie, and Brian! Guess what? We don't have to do the show tonight, instead we get to spend time with beautiful Jennifer!"

AJ, Howie, and Brian all ran into the room, happy that Jennifer had saved the day. Or the night, as the case may be. Jennifer blushed, "You guys are the greatest. I love you all. I want to go to bed with you all."

"Okay," they all said at the same time. Everyone stared at each other shocked, then they all decided not to miss this opportunity to sleep with the beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed Jennifer. They each took turns making her cum until she was perfectly happy. Then they sang her to sleep, combining their five gorgeous voices to send their glowing angel to rest.


Justin Timberlake pushed back from the computer.

"Well, that wasn't so hard," he grumbled. "I don't know why some people think it's such a big deal." He thought a moment, then his face lit up with an idea.

"Hey, maybe I could put some 98 Degrees in there somewhere..."

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