Gothland - Face Off
by Elina

graphics by Ang and Kyla

Joey feels like his eyes are burning, like there's fire inside his skull and it's baking his eyeballs from the inside out. He didn't even want to come to this stupid party, but JC had cajoled and pleaded and given him an amazing blowjob, so he had caved. All because JC wanted to try Ecstasy, wanted to roll for the first time.

And now Joey wishes he were anywhere but here. Wishes he had seen anything but what he saw when he opened that door.

== JC and Britney, bare-ass naked, smoking menthol cigarettes and giggling like children as JC tosses the used condom away ==

Joey storms into the host's bedroom, collects JC's coat and his leather jacket off the bed. He stands in the front hall, hotboxing a cigarette, and when JC wanders out, wreathed in smiles and sucking on a binky, he takes him by the arm and directs him outside, to the car. They don't say anything on the drive back to Joey's apartment. Joey goes to bed, and JC finally falls asleep watching morning cartoons.


The next night, Joey stalked into the club with retribution written on his face. He brushed off his normal fanclub and searched high and low for Britney. She finally turned up, looking angelic in all white on the dance floor. "You and me, we need to talk," Joey growled as he hustled her out onto the porch.

Britney huffed as she straightened her skirt. "What crawled up your butt?"

"Oh my God." Joey rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me you're going to try to play dumb, here." He thought a second, then sneered, "Although I guess that wouldn't be much of a stretch for you."

Anger flared in Britney's eyes. "Oh, fuck you! What, is this about JC?"

"You're fucking right this is about JC. This is about how you fucked him behind my back."

Britney raised an eyebrow. "Sweetie, I don't know if you've checked lately, but it takes two to tango. Your boy wasn't exactly saying no, if I remember correctly. Besides, we were rolling! He was just having a good time. It's not like I expect him to start sending me flowers, you know."

Joey gritted his teeth. "Exactly. You were rolling. It was his first time. And you took advantage of him."

"I took advantage of him?" Britney laughed. "Sorry to burst your bubble, honey, but he's the one who took me upstairs. C'mon," she drawled, "it's no big deal. We were just having fun."

Joey flexed his hands, having to work very hard to keep them from crushing her delicate little neck. "No big deal, huh?" She shook her head, eyes widening at the venom in his tone. "Good, then it should be no big deal for you to stay the fuck away from him." She opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off. "I mean it, Britney. He means too much to me to lose him for the sake of a little fun, and I know you too well to think you won't go back for seconds if you can."

Britney's mouth snapped shut, and she tossed her hair back over her shoulder. "Well, then, I think I'm not the only one you should be having this little talk with." She looked over Joey's shoulder, and he turned to see JC coming towards them through the black-dressed denizens of the club.

"What's up, Joe?" JC laid a wary hand on his shoulder.

Joey shook his head. "Nothing, nothing...just having a little talk with Brit, here."

JC studied each of them in turn. "Is everything okay?" Joey listened for nervousness or guilt in his tone, but all he heard was concern. He sighed.

"Yeah, it's okay. Let's go dance, alright? I think they're playing our song." He forced a smile, and took JC's hand to lead him to the dance floor.

Later, when they were twined around each other and moving as one to the beat, Joey glanced up - and saw Britney watching them from the bar, eyes sparkling in the foggy dark of the club. He held JC a little tighter.


Author's note: A "binky" is a baby pacifier. When people are "rolling", or tripping on X, their jaws clench spasmodically, and it helps to have something to suck on. Also, mentholated products like Vicks or menthol cigarettes enhance the experience. Or so I'm told.

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