by Elina

Dedicated to Ceili. Thanks to Emmy and Wax for readthrough, and to Emmy for coding and posting.


You're gay.

As such, there's a whole world of sensations you'll never share. You'll never know what it feels like to kiss a pair of soft, always-lipsticked lips. You'll never feel the slipslide of a clit between your fingers as you rub a girl to orgasm. You'll never experience the sheer bliss of curling up next to a peachy-smooth, sweet-tasting body smaller than your own.

But, because of who your boyfriend is, you will know the feeling of a waist beneath a corset. You will know the laughter, the struggle of fitting a body into an article of clothing patently impractical. You will know the delicious rush as he gasps and says, "Tighter," until the laces absolutely will not go any more taut. You will know the adrenaline that courses through your body as you run your hands down the sides of his body, feeling the nip of the boning as it bites into his waist.

Because your boyfriend looks beautiful in a corset and loves the way it makes him feel ethereal, disconnected from himself, you will learn how to gently lay him down and spread his legs without bending him at the waist. You will also learn how to let him ride you sitting up, back held unnaturally straight as he gazes down at you with fierce excitement in his eyes. You will learn that sliding your hands over and over the curve of his waist and swell of his hips brings you to orgasm faster than you thought possible, but that it has the same effect on him, so neither one of you really minds.

You will learn how to unhook him, quickly and deftly, when he is lying trembling on the bed sweaty, flushed, and limp. When he is unable even to lift his own arms, you will slip the hooks from their eyes where they march down the front of the corset, freeing his lungs to expand again. You will slip an arm underneath him, gather him to yourself, and gently slide the material out from under him, only to toss it carelessly across the room to land on the floor.

You'll curl up with his gangly, scratchy body and thank God that you're gay.

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