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Smut Available in Several Exciting Flavors:
The Original Series! Sexy since 1962! Or was it 61![TOS]
The Next Generation! Special Effects! PC! Jean-Luc![TNG]
Enterprise! Southern Accents! Sex! The Guy from Quantum Leap![ENT]
Trek Smut University: From the Stars, With Lasciviousness![TSU]

The Original Series!

Always, NC-17, K/S. Rough sex, and death, and love.

sequel to "Always," ...And Forever, NC-17, K/S, heavy squick warning.

The Fall of the House of Sarek, NC-17, K/S, gently implied underage sexual experimentation. In this possible parody (but one with serious English-teacher intent), two characters from one of the most famous short stories in American literature are enacted by Kirk and Spock.

Moondance, NC-17, K/S, challenge. Kirk and Spock go on an undercover mission to Romulus.

Next Christmas, NC-17, K/S, AU. Christmas in our own timeframe with Kirk and Spock.

Oh, You Kid!, NC-17, K/S, AU, challenge. College boy fun in the 1920's.

Soldier's Luck, NC-17, K/S. Kirk and Spock have to spend the night in a cave.A slightly different version of this story was part of the 2001 KiSCon story competition under the title "The Love Song of Lt. Commander Spock."

Whalesong, R, Spock POV. During ST IV, Spock is in the water tank with the whales.

Daydream Believer, NC-17, K/Chekov. Is Pavel asleep or awake?

Easy as ABC, R, S/Mc, alphabet challenge. All dialogue.

Gentlemen's Agreement, NC-17, Mc/Gorkon. Too much Romulan ale at the famous first meeting of Klingons and Starfleet. One of those scenes that got edited out of ST V: The Undiscovered Country.

Mister, Mister, NC-17, Sc/Noonian Soong, TOS crossover. Mr. Scott has an opportunity to teach the young Noonian Soong.

The Next Generation!

Life, Friends, is Boring, NC-17, P/Q, challenge, irony. Cinderella... played out sort of like the episode Q-pid, with Picard as Cinderella and Q as the Prince.

Midnight at the Hotel Enterprise, NC-17, P/Q. Typical treksmut rodomontade: Spankings. Bolians. Buttfucking. Astro-physics. Deanna introduces a new outfit. Etc.

Promised Land, NC-17, P/Q and every pairing imaginable, AU, TOS/DS9/VOY crossover, het, underage, non-con, rough sex. Novel-length. Extravagantly so. Plain text format due to length. Winner of about a billion Golden O's. This is an A/U world which I'll bet you don't think is Star Trek, but it is; as a matter of fact, it's about nothing but Star Trek and the love of men for men. The story starts in the Southern USA in the early 1980's, and Jean-Luc Picard is lead singer of a little traveling bluegrass band. And it just goes on from there. "Promised Land" was started by myself and another writer inFebruary 1999; as the book grew, so did the awkwardness of thecollaboration, so, in April 2000, I took over editing and writingand finished this edition in August 2000. Dedication: A great deal of my contribution was written on the road from my house to the house of my ailing parents. So I dedicate this to Big Daddy Sunbeam (d. 8/25/99) and Big Momma Sunbeam (d. 9/9/99).

Approximately same universe: Anybody Night at Oscar's Egyptian Cabaret, NC-17, P/Q, P/La, P/D, P/f, AU, PWP. An unusual nightclub.

A Soldier's Story, NC-17, P/Q. In this story, Picard and Q fall in love and stuff and live a fine life together.

"A Soldier's Story" universe:

Love's Sweet Savage... Picnic!, NC-17, P/Q. Another Saturday night, and the old married couple rent a movie.

Merry Christmas, Baby, NC-17, P/Q. You don't have to know "A Soldier's Story" to get this story; it's just Jean Luc and Q spending the Christmas holidays in their vacation home in New Orleans and getting into a lover's quarrel. The most important background notes are that Jean Luc and Q own a English bulldog named John Q Bulldog and Q loves country music.

Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, NC-17, P/Q, challenge. With all the lovers throughout space and time to choose from, who would Q turn to for romantic advice?

Small Comfort, NC-17, Crusher/m. In the episode "Allegiance," aliens create a faux Jean-Luc who makes overtures to Beverly; this is a scene Paramount cut.

When Heaven's Rose Bloomed on the Beach, no rating, TREMENDOUS (secret) squick. A real exercise in old-fashioned window-rattling Catholicism. Based on a reasonably famous saint's life; for more info, go here.


In Dreams, PG, Reed. Vignette.

The Secret Life of Malcolm Reed, NC-17, R/m, R/f, other slash and het. A day in the life. "In Dreams" is an excerpt.

When In Fellebia..., NC-17, A/M, challenge. Old-fashioned, slow- moving, plot-heavy smut, plus the oldest gimmick in the Book of Slash.

Trek Smut University!

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