Tangible Schizophrenia


Van Helsing

Yes, the movie was bad. But the skeleton of what could have been is still in there, and that's all I need. Well, and a strangely sexy vampire with a lousy Transylvanian accent.


Calling - Multifandom crossover.
Déjà Vu - Gabriel/Dracula. R. Bloodplay.
Dies Irae - Gabriel/Dracula. PG-13.
TDII: Van Helsing and Dracula - Gabriel/Dracula. Crossover with Boondock Saints. PG-13.
Grave Measures - Gabriel/Constantine/Balthazar. Crossover with Constantine. NC-17.
Ice - Gabriel/Dracula. PG.
The Last Temptation - Multifandom crossover. Gatekeeper-verse.
Moonlight - Hints of Carl/Gabriel, Gabriel/Anna and Gabriel/Dracula. R.
Oaths - Gabriel/Dracula.
Sense Recollection - Gabriel/Dracula. PG.