Tangible Schizophrenia


Three Strands

Author: Guede Mazaka
Ratings: See individual drabbles. Pairings: See individual drabbles.
Feedback: Keeps the muses calm long enough for me to eat and sleep.
Disclaimer: Public domain source, but I'll mention that the originals are Homer's, anyway.
Summary: Some discarded threads from the loom of Fate.


Impatience: Achilles/Patroclus, G, for snowpiratess

Achilles is beautiful like the sun is. He burns. To look at, to fight with, to fight by...to bed with.

Oh, Patroclus knows that his cousin cares for him, and he appreciates all that Achilles has taught him. He also knows that beside his famous relative, he's nothing, and he does not mind. One does not envy the sun for its heat, but instead, basks in it.

However, that does not mean that Patroclus is nothing as a man. As a warrior.

He wonders when Achilles will realize that.


Passing Resemblance: Hector/Paris, incest, PG, for usagi92

They were on the famed beaches of Troy, wrestling down a sand dune. Hector couldn't remember why, except that it'd probably been due to one of Paris' tricks again.

His brother ended up sprawled beneath him, grunting with useless effort as he tried to push off Hector, who laughed. "You look like a girl."

Paris suddenly relaxed, panting and exhausted. His head went back, dousing his neck in golden light, and Hector's breath swam dizzily in his head.

"You look like a girl," Hector repeated, no longer amused.


Gates of Ivory: Hector/Achilles, PG-13, for kate_swynford

There is no war, and their respective overlords are at peace with one another. And one day, the prince of Troy comes to tour Mycenae, and Achilles plays the gracious host.

Their eyes set each other afire over the banquet table. They do not make it past a private viewing of the stables. Hay scratching below as hands glide above, sweat and spit mingling in a heated kiss--

--and that is when Hector wakes, blindly staring into the night as his loving wife sleeps troubled beside him.


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