Tangible Schizophrenia



Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: See below.
Pairing: Varies from drabble to drabble; see individual notes.
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Pimpin' my minor fandoms.
Summary: Glimpses beyond the campfire.


Misperception: Brom/Ichabod (AU where Ichabod made Brom hide when the Horseman appeared), PG, for pyrotechnik

"You were making sheep's-eyes at Katrina!"

Ichabod didn't complain about his work very often, but now was one of the few times that he was severely tempted to. He didn't earn enough pay to compensate him for jealous swains, and the pleasure he received from applying science to detective work wasn't quite enough, either. "No, actually I believe I was trying to avoid eye-contact with the Horseman just now."

He snapped his words in order to forget about the chill in his mind, which was babbling over and over: The story is real. Science--science--

Brom's face tightened with anger, but then a stick snapped. The air iced over.

When they finally, cautiously, came up from the haybale to find an empty barn, Brom's temper appeared to have vanished. He touched Ichabod's cheek, oddly wondering. "You're freezing."

And Ichabod suddenly realized that perhaps he should have paid more attention to the exact quality and direction of Brom's envy.


Defense: Ichabod/Horseman, PG, for raphe1

The sword sliced barely a hairs-breadth from Ichabod's cheek, and he nearly passed out then and there.

His sparring partner instantly stepped back and lowered his blade. "If I had been trying to hit you, you would have been dead."

"Yes, I know, and yes, I do want to keep with this. I need-" exhaustion made Ichabod's lungs ache "--I need to learn how to defend myself. But it's just-so sharp, and-"

"I would never try to hit you." Fingers brushed over Ichabod's face, just where the blade might have--but had not--cut.


Inquisitive Nature: gen Ichabod, G, for juniper200

Curiosity and cats had nothing on Ichabod.

Fear was a loyal companion, always half-a-step behind even when he was performing the most innocuous tasks. He fought with it, tried to hide it as best he could, but in the end, it would always out.

He could've withdrawn from the world, for that certainly would have been safer. But then, there would have been so many things that he would never have known...so he traveled on. Hoping that someday, somewhere, he would learn how not to fear.


Dentistry: Ichabod/Horseman, PG-13, for hannahrorlove

It always sent shivers through Ichabod's blood, but he never could help himself.

He leaned over the resting--did the dead sleep?--Horseman and gently probed past the slack, slightly-parted lips. Sharp enough that a light graze stung, but smooth as pearl. Longer than normal; before they'd been sharpened, the Hessian still would've had a formidable smile.

And then the mouth closed around his fingertip, and Ichabod froze. Watched in wonder as the rest of his finger was gently sucked in around a smile.


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