Tangible Schizophrenia


Two Verses

Author: Guede Mazaka
Ratings: See individual drabbles.
Pairings: See individual drabbles.
Feedback: Keeps the muses calm long enough for me to eat and sleep.
Summary: Sing a song of gods and giants.


The Patronized: gen Loki, G, for kokopelli_sings

They think he should be grateful.

They think they've helped him. Cultured him. Civilized him away from his people.

They're all fools, and arrogant ones at that. Can they not even see the examples that they themselves have created? The tallest trees in the forest are the ones that survive the worst storm only to fall to the tiny, humble worm.

Loki smiles and bows, but inside, he begins to chew.


Relativity: Signy/Loki, G, for adannu

Not all malcontents are born that way.

It is always beautiful and warm and perfect in Asgard. And it is almost intolerable. Happiness is not worth anything when it is bountiful--watching mortals has taught Signy that much. And she does enjoy watching them.

Frigga thinks it's because she loves them, and that is why the elder goddess lets her climb the tower. Signy thinks she respects them. She does not love them, because she does not know the difference between that and hate.

Not until Loki comes, and the wise dwellers of Asgard thoughtlessly hand her over to his fire as a pact-sealer. Their choice is wiser than they know.