Tangible Schizophrenia


Ships in the Night

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gawain/Tristan
Feedback: Good lines, bad ones, etc.
Disclaimer: Ideas originated with the movie, not me.
Summary: Sometimes you’re just too tired.


Gawain dimly registered the sound of a door being opened, but didn’t roll over till he heard two more thumps: Tristan dropping his shoes on the floor. His feet got tangled up in something and he had to stop to kick at it. Then he switched to pulling his legs up when he realized that that was the blankets and that he probably didn’t want to rip them. He got free and cleared a space just as the mattress dipped under Tristan’s weight.

He probably should’ve been asking about Tristan’s day or at least saying hi, but the first few weeks of the semester always left Gawain feeling as if he’d been run over several times with a steam-roller, and this year hadn’t been any exception. But he did his best to move his hand around, just to show Tristan that he was alive, not ignoring the other man, and sorry about being so tired. Well, he hoped Tristan could get that from just a hand gesture.

Tristan laid down next to Gawain and poked his face into the crook of Gawain’s neck. His nose was cold, so Gawain flinched. But he grabbed Tristan before the other man could pull back and held him in place; the nose warmed up in seconds, and then Gawain was perfectly happy to be snuggling up to the other man.

After a moment, Tristan relaxed and slung his arm over Gawain’s waist. He pulled himself up so they were flush against each other, nuzzling at Gawain’s neck. His tongue flicked out to tickle just beneath Gawain’s ear; Gawain murmured and tightened his hold on Tristan’s head. So the other man outright licked at Gawain’s neck, and it felt good and Gawain didn’t want it to stop, really, but he just…he couldn’t…he was too tired to take it anywhere. He could feel Tristan pushing his hips up with increasing urgency, but Gawain couldn’t muster the energy to respond in kind.

It didn’t take Tristan long to notice and he abruptly subsided, pushing lightly to try and get away. Which Gawain wasn’t about to do, so he knotted his fingers into Tristan’s hair. “Sorry…sorry, really. ‘s not you—I’m just exhausted.”

“I know,” Tristan said. He stopped trying to get away, but he wasn’t exactly lying comfortably again. “I probably should—”

“Think you could put it off for fifteen minutes?” Gawain managed to dredge up enough energy to roll his head off the pillow and look Tristan in the eye. He untangled his fingers in order to run them through Tristan’s hair. “Missed you. Even if I’m kind of useless right now.”

Tristan didn’t do anything for a moment. Then he shrugged and let his weight fall onto the bed. After another second, he pressed up against Gawain again; tension was still running through him, but at least he’d relaxed enough so that he bent when Gawain tightened his arm. It wasn’t the best Gawain could do, but it seemed like it’d be enough for now.