Tangible Schizophrenia


Smoke Rings

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: See below.
Pairing: Varies from drabble to drabble; see individual notes.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Pimpin' my minor fandoms. Some crossovers; again, see individual drabbles.
Summary: Three versions of an opium dream.


Hook: unrequited Abberline/Godley, G, for pinkdormouse

He doesn't have to put up with this.

Peter Godley has a good, solid record, and his reliability is a byword around the station. And so is his patience--if he were looking for a new berth, they'd be happy to transfer him to wherever he pleased. He doesn't have to keep working Whitechapel, keep diving into its muddy, suffocating despair.

But then Inspector Abberline bubbles awake, wet puppy-face mildly reproving, and Peter has to admit that he's content with what he dredges out of his district.


Compensation: Dean Corso/Fred Abberline, PG, for linaelyn
Note: G is what I named the girl in 'The Ninth Gate.'

Dean had to admit that he was slightly freaked out. After all, it wasn't your usual welcoming gift.

In the doorway, G shrugged. "You'll like him."

It--he--was waking up, and rubbing his way along Dean's chest, hands groping blindly for landmarks. Eyelids cracked open to display dizzy-looking eyes, which did go very well with the exotic sweetish scent that clung to the man.

"You're presuming a lot," Dean muttered, though he didn't shove whoever it was away.

"I wasn't talking to you." The sight of her smug grin was quickly blocked out by a hot, consuming mouth.


Signature: unrequited Godley/Abberline, G, for serinatia

Godley has better things to do than to sweep Fred up into the dustpan and dump him back into sensibility, as he does almost every night. He's a good, kind, friendly man who should be starting a family, or at least going out with more congenial drinking company. Yet he stays, and he helps.

There's an inkling. Sideways looks and hands passing over unfevered foreheads. But Fred doesn't want to see the complicated curlicue that pierces and knots through his life. He sees enough without adding this to the list.

Godley doesn't deserve it. And neither does Fred.


Ahmed at the Front Door: Ahmed/Dean/Fred, PG, for meneathiel
Note: Part of the Crossing-verse.

"Risen again, are we?" Dean turned another page in his book and absently scribbled a correction in the margin. Honestly, the modern-day occult was just pathetically wrong when it wasn't sentimentalizing everything.

Fred snuffled his way out of the sheets, blinking woozily as he looked about. "Ahmed's not back yet?"

"Not for another ten minutes. Why, you see something?"

The back of Dean's neck suddenly chilled, and he slowly put down his book to discover Fred's ominously considering expression. "Only a nice way to greet him."

And then Fred pounced.