Tangible Schizophrenia


Gatekeeper Missing Scene: De Integro

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Sands/El/Abberline
Feedback. Is good stuff. Slightly addictive, but hey, mostly harmless.
Disclaimer: Erk. Not mine.
Notes: From Hell/'Mexico' crossover. Title means: "repeat again from the start." Dedicated to fangirl_lizzie.
Summary: Waking up in the new world.


Slight body, nestled down in one of Sands' few button-downs. There was a resemblance to the other man as well, but no more than superficial. No mocking snarl or playful gun-cocking greeted El's approach, but only a small stirring and a steady, clear gaze.

Abberline seemed to curl his way into a sitting position, his soft breaths rippling the front of El's shirt as he nuzzled his way up the mariachi.

"You did miss us," El murmured, faintly surprised. Even here and now, in this world, he still wasn't accustomed to being the one that didn't lack.

"Yes." Very quiet into the curve of El's neck, lips just touching his pulse. They simply laid there, still and patient until he brought up his hands to steady the other man, and then they parted in a tiny gasp. El smiled, dark rolling rich over his tongue, and looked over Abberline's shoulder at the laughing, sprawled third.

Sands grinned his way to El's side, then darted sideways to surprise Abberline into a trembling arch. "What do you see, pretty?"

"Death walking in the sun, free and uncaring." Melting of leanness into El's chest.

El took Sands by the chin and tugged him round to the other side. "It's a red sun, mad and sinking."

"As always," replied Sands as he and El moved over and around Abberline. "As always. But you can't forget the shadow. Obedient and faithful as time."


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