Tangible Schizophrenia


Stocking Stuffer

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG
Pairing: Will/Norrington
Feedback: Much enjoyed.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Holiday drabble in the 'Game'-verse.



"Hmm?" Holding his breath, Will peered over the edge of the desk, finger delicately tapping once. He waited…and the computer beeped happily. "Yes! Yes!-" his elbow smacked into something hard that crumpled and cursed.

Turning around, he found James kneeling on the floor next to him, clutching one leg. "Oh, shit, I'm sorry," Will gabbled, pointing and trying to rub at the sore limb. "It's just-finally got the chance to sit down and finish this, and it works! And it's so amazing, you see. Turned out all you've-hey, are you okay?"

"I think I shall survive," the other man replied archly, though his eyes held a reluctant gleam of humor. "Incidentally, you knocked into my shin, and not my…" looking down sardonically "...thigh."

"You want me to stop?" Will asked innocently, hand crawling even higher. "What'd you want, anyway?"

"I was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice," James answered, slightly breathless. "As it doesn't appear that I will have time for shopping beyond this weekend-"

"Oh, no," Will began, fear dawning on him. "Not you too-ow! Dammit!"

Sighing, the other man pulled him away from the rabid desk drawer and worked long fingers into Will's hair, massaging gently. "Why are we on the floor?" James queried mildly, other hand slipping round to cup Will's chin. As head-and-neck injuries shouldn't be moved more than necessary, of course.

"Gotta placate the gods," Will mumbled, nearly purring as his eyes fluttered shut. "Thou shalt beware the system crash…" He remembered, and tried to jerk away, declaring, "No. No way. I'm sore. I mean, my feet are sore, because I've been doing so much walking, and…oh, hell. Who?"

"I know Elizabeth's had her eye on pearl and abalone jewelry," James said apologetically, "But damned if I can tell the difference between one piece and another."

"Tell you in fifteen minutes," the younger man murmured wickedly, shoving them both over.

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