Tangible Schizophrenia


The Perfect Gift

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG-13, Rish?
Pairing: Will/Jack/Elizabeth/Anamaria/Norrington
Feedback: Much enjoyed.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Holiday drabble in the 'Game'-verse.


"Why. Me." Waiting for the backwards sway, Will abruptly planted his heels into the cheap mall tiling and pulled, sending Jack tumbling against him. "Elizabeth drags me out, and now you. What do I look like, Bi Eye for the Poly Guy?"

"Will, Will, Will," the other man soothed, hands fluttering all over his companion in an apparent attempt at placation. "'Course y'don'. Y'bedhop much as th'rest o' us."

Warily eying the lollipop-sucking kid watching them, Will grabbed the swooping wrists just before they reached more inappropriate areas and dragged Jack into the nearest men's dressing room. "Not persuasive enough, Captain," he said as soon as the door clicked locked. "I can understand why Lizzie wants my advice on speedboats, given all the tech we cram into those things, but gift-shopping for James-"

"Wanna give 'im somethin' really amazing," Jack murmured into the crook of Will's neck. "Jaime's been a bit put out wi' me since 'is last trip t'London. Dunno why…"

"You banged him in the airport bathroom and spiked his coffee so he was drunk before the plane hit cruising altitude," the younger man reminded him drolly, absently brushing off the roaming fingers. Shrugging, Jack dropped to his knees and was deepthroating Will before the other man could even think of complaining. "See," Jack mumbled around licks and sucks, "Like…Jaime's clothes…Look good on…good on th'floor…but don' know…where he shops. But you…dress like 'im…so…"

Seizing the older man's shoulders, Will yanked Jack up long enough to bruise his lips swollen, and then shoved him back down. "I need a credit card, the car keys, and you to finish up, goddammit," the younger man growled.

"Knew you'd come 'round," Jack grinned triumphantly, devoting all his attention to convincing Will.

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