Tangible Schizophrenia


Sleuth: Dick Tracy

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Combinations of Jack/Will/Elizabeth/James (Norrington)/Anamaria
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Disclaimer: Belongs to other people and mice.
Notes: Anamaria curses in French. Full translations provided upon request.
Summary: Carving up the turkey. Everyone finally makes it home for the holidays.


"…an' we give y'thanks for th'friends an' loved ones who're seein' another year at this table. Amen."

"Amen," echoed the crowded room of people. There was a second's pause, just until the matriarch of Anamaria's family raised her snowy head, and then everyone dove at the groaning tables of holiday plenty. Even Will, who generally preferred to wait till he could pick and choose at his leisure, got caught up in the rush of laughing and chatting people. A few minutes later, he emerged with three huge, full plates of food balanced precariously in his hands.

"Good thing I just went for drinks," Elizabeth said, appearing beside him. She pointed a fistful of glasses toward the courtyard doors. "Come on. I'm pretty sure I just saw Jack and Anamaria helping Jaime out there."

When they at last made it to the inside verandah, the two of them found Anamaria squatting by one of the windscreens that sectioned off that portion of the deck into a small room, kindling a fire in a large terracotta pot, and James leaning heavily on Jack as the two men lowered themselves into a pile of quilts and pillows by the house wall. At their approach, Jack looked up. "Timely o' you. Brought th'gifts-" he waggled two fingers toward a heap of rainbow-wrapped boxes "-so we can do ours away from th'crowd. Savvy?"

"Great," Elizabeth blurted, and then flushed red, setting down the drinks as she twisted to address Anamaria. "I mean, it's nice that we aren't going to get squashed, because really, I love your family. And your house."

"'cept for th'ghost," the other woman chuckled, patting Elizabeth on the back. "'s all right. Stop, fille, else I'll die laughin'."

Handing the food over to Jack, Will wandered over to the presents and began sorting them into little mounds in front of each person. Shivering slightly in the breezes that slipped past the screens, he sat himself down across from the other two men and picked up his first gift. "Too bad you got rid of the Countess before we got here," he remarked, turning the box over in his hands. "I would have liked to see her."

"No, you wouldn't," Elizabeth, Anamaria and Jack chorused. Eyeing them oddly, Will held up the present. "Whatever," he replied. "So, we going to start?"

"I don't see why not," James remarked, spooning gravy over the mashed potatoes on his plate. "As Jack's already unwrapped two of his." The aforementioned man tried his best to look nonchalant as the rest of the group regarded his ribbon- and paper-tangled fingers. Snorting, Will started on his own gifts. "You know," he muttered, "I think it's really Jack that could use the handcuffs."

Elizabeth coughed meaningfully, and Will looked from her still-crimson cheeks to the now-opened box in his hands. His eyebrows rose. "Ah. Never mind. Well, thank you very much, Lizzie. This should make stakeouts more interesting."

"Fille, y'would encourage 'em," Anamaria mock-scolded. Schoolmarm frown melting into a quizzical look, she dangled the shiny key in the air. "What's this, then?"

"A speedboat," Will answered, as Elizabeth was a bit preoccupied in squealing joyfully and hugging James for his gift of jewelry. "For the one that everyone said Jack blew up."

"Now, wait," the other man objected as he sipped his punch. "Didn' do that. Just-misplaced it for a moment. An' then it hit th'semi."

"Con." Glaring down her leader, Anamaria tucked the keys away in a secure pocket. "Y'still ain't touchin' this one." Gathering up the rest of her presents, she softened long enough to give each man a thank-you peck on the cheek, and then nuzzled Elizabeth briefly before standing. "Have fun, fille. I've got t'see to th'famille."

"'kay," Elizabeth purred. "See you tomorrow."

"If you're not cursing the hang-over again," Will grinned, grabbing Elizabeth about the waist and pulling her into his lap. He popped a piece of turkey into his mouth, then offered her a cream puff, which she proceeded to eat from his hand, licking the traces of chocolate from his fingers. Shaking her head, but still smiling, Anamaria watched them over her shoulder as she left to rejoin the party.

"Stop teasin' poor Jaime," Jack interrupted, rolling a new set of hair beads in his palm. "Man's injured; 's not fair t'show him what he can' do for th'next week."

It being Will's turn to cough, he did so with great gusto. Elizabeth shoved at him, then scooted off his lap to snag some more food. Jack slowly smiled, glancing over at James, who wiped his mouth on a napkin and put down his plate, then tried to disappear under the blankets. "Considering how much time I spend with you, could you honestly expect differently?" James grumbled, lower lip quite possibly pouting.

Apparently taking that mouth as a challenge, Jack abandoned the remains of his dinner and pounced on the other man, covering them both in quilts. Exchanging a look, Will and Elizabeth quickly and efficiently moved dishes and presents to one side, and then checked the screens to make sure no one would accidentally wander in. The blankets rustled and moaned, clothes tossed out, and a wild black mane surfaced, already rid of its headscarf. Jack regarded the pair of them impatiently. “Y’re lettin’ th’tide go,” he admonished.

“Sorry,” Elizabeth said, stripping off her dress.

“Our apologies,” Will echoed, tossing his clothes aside and burrowing into the whirl of quilts. He encountered Jack’s body first, and attacked the other man’s pants, mouth licking at the scars on Jack’s chest as he eased the fabric off. Elizabeth’s lips soon joined him there, but didn’t stay long, drifting across the span of Will’s shoulders, and then her hips brushed along his spine as she moved towards James’ thighs. Soon after, the gasps coming from that direction left no doubt as to what those two were up to.

Amiably relinquishing that field to Elizabeth, Jack turned his full attention to Will, hands working over the younger man’s lovely curving ass as his mouth fixed onto the junction of the other man’s neck and shoulder. Writhing, Will lipped whatever parts of Jack he could reach, tracing arabesques on the older man’s back with increasingly urgent fingertips. “Come on,” he murmured throatily. “Fuck me ‘fore Anamaria’s mother notices.”

“Don’ even,” Jack warned, yanking his arm free from the ensnaring blankets to grope about their discarded clothing. “Bad luck t’even mention it.”

“What?” Elizabeth moaned quietly, twisting beside James as his fingers caressed her inside and out. “It happen before?”

“Possibly,” James answered, thrusting into the hot, tight circle of Elizabeth’s curled hand. He twisted up to meet Jack’s bend in a brief kiss, then fell back, swiping a tongue over the tops of Elizabeth’s breasts as she climaxed, muffling her cry with a fist stuffed into her mouth.

Finally finding the lubricant, Jack squirted it over his fingers and reluctantly pried Will from his nipples so he could flip the other man over and start preparing him. Will shoved cloth out of the way and angled himself so he could arch over James’ hips and lean down to lick at the cock Elizabeth was still working. Not lasting long under such treatment, James soon came, and two mouths carefully cleaned the ejaculate from him.

Will suddenly gasped, jaw dropping open, and then shoved back. “Took your time,” he grunted, flexing around Jack’s cock. Seizing the younger man’s hips, Jack sighed. “No one ever ‘preciates th’savorin’.” He jerked his hips back, then slid smoothly forward. “Really, Will, y’should learn t’slow down an’ taste th’apples.”

“Oh, for—” pushing backwards, Will smirked when he heard Jack’s choked breath. “Apple-tasting’s for the morning after. Now, come on—oh, God, yeah. Like that,” he panted, rolling his hips faster and faster, till the world blotted out in white electricity. Vaguely, he could hear Jack following him over the edge, and then gentle hands, many hands were easing the both of them back to the earth.

* * *

“What’s that?” Beating down her panic, Anamaria arranged her face into a sincere expression and caught her mother by the arm. “Rien, Maman,” she said. “Just th’wind.”

The other woman pondered that, then relaxed. “Oui. Not th’Countess anymore, thank Dieu an’ th’loa.” She sipped from her punch. “An’ thanks to y’r Elizabeth an’ y’friends.”

“She’s not mine,” Anamaria corrected. “But they’re truly m’own.”

Nodding sagely, her mother hmm’d and raised her glass. “As y’say, chaton. T’all our loves, then.”

A small grin curving her lips, Anamaria raised her own glass and clinked them together. “T’our loves.”