Tangible Schizophrenia


Crescent City Play

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Will/James/Elizabeth/Anamaria
Feedback: Much enjoyed.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Anamaria occasionally uses French; translations available upon request.
Summary: Mardi Gras, New Orléans, and a slight problem. However, let it never be said that Jack isn't resourceful.


"Man!" A bundle of clacking, flashing necklaces dropped onto the bed, then developed a blonde head. "It's completely amazing, Will. Only one time, and look!"

"I am looking." Grin firmly plastered on his face, Will eeled over the drunken Norrington in the way and tugged Elizabeth's shirt a little farther down. He nuzzled the beads from her throat, then burrowed his head into her collar, making her giggle. "And looking, and…hey. James."

"Tastes like mint ju-ju-juleps," was the unsteady reply, consonants tripping over each other.

Elizabeth laughed even louder as James slurped his way up Will's back, looking for all the whole like a determined puppy. Then she had to bite down on her amusement as lips encircled one of her nipples, gently nursing at it. "Oh, I love this holiday."

"Vraiment?" A second pair of lips, spicy and cool with hints of jambalaya and lime, captured Elizabeth's mouth and spread heat down to her core. "I'm glad, then."

"I'd be otherwise at th'moment," muttered an uncharacteristically sober voice. Elizabeth and Will raised their heads just in time to see a scowling Jack stalk by the bed on the way to the balcony. "Why th'hell is th'rum always gone?"

"Why isn't he over here with us?" James snorted, sprawling over Will with the boneless grace of the truly sloshed. "'nough rum in your skin for the whole bloody navy."

Luckily for Will, as he couldn't think of an answer, a huge cheer from outside drowned out any speech. A few minutes later, one highly satisfied Jack came strolling back in, arms full of bottles and thermoses and the like, which positively reeked of rum. "All right, then. Now th'party's started."


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