Tangible Schizophrenia


For All Loved Ones

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Will, Elizabeth/Anamaria and Elizabeth/James
Feedback: Much enjoyed.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: 'Game'-verse. Modern-day AU that's heavy on the polyamory. Anamaria curses in French and English; translations available upon request. Modern-day AU where Bootstrap Bill was caught and tortured to death by Barbossa, who then hung his body from the Turners' porch for young Will to find.
Summary: Will has a unique way of celebrating the 14th of February. For penm and the rest of the Will Turner Defense League.


"Mmmm." Elizabeth unashamedly slurped her fingers clean, then reached for another petit four. "My God, Anamaria, is there any food you can't make, and make damn well?"

"I hear her jambalaya can be quite deadly," James murmured, burying his head in Elizabeth's curls and gently kissing the new necklace that decorated her neck.

"Quoi?" Though her face was scowling, Anamaria's movements were lazy as she lifted a hand and lightly smacked James' shoulder. "Was Jack's fault. Putain should've known better'n t'eat it wi' that much rum sloshin' in him." Her eyes slightly thinned. "Speakin' of, fille, where's him an' Turner?"

"Um. It's a little hard to explain." Elizabeth bit her lip, humor fading from her face. "You see, Will found his father's body-I'm not sure exactly when, but it was around Valentine's Day."

Both James and Anamaria growled, unconsciously shifting closer to Elizabeth. "Fucking salaud Barbossa's lousy sense of humor," the older woman muttered.

"But Will's okay now. Mostly," Elizabeth hastened to reassure her companions. She toyed with the bright copper bangle circling one of Anamaria's wrists, then snuggled back into James to take a deep whiff of his spicy aftershave. "He just has this one thing he does. And Jack went with him this year. They'll be back for dinner." A faintly saucy grin touched her lips. "Maybe."


"Da, I never understood how you could possibly stand these, but here's one for you anyway." With that solemn proclamation, Will lifted the blender high in a toast, then upended it to pour out the thick white goop that stank of fish. "An anchovy malt, made to your favorite recipe."

Jack leaned over one of the pier posts and squinted, then winced. "Will, I believe y'killin' all th'other fish."

"Oops," Will said in a dry, unapologetic tone as he shook out the last drops, then wiped off the blender and wrapped it up in a plastic bag. Then he tossed it back into the car trunk and came to stand next to Jack. "Actually, there's a lot of sewage here, so they're probably used to it."

A friendly arm draped over Will's shoulders, and then the hand attached to it started to drift in a more-than-friendly manner. Will closed his eyes and briefly thought about fending Jack off, but that would most likely attract more attention than the public sex. "You know, if we wait till we get back, Liz promised to save some of the chocolate syrup."

"Bright girl, she is." Jack sidled closer so he was pressing against the whole length of Will's back. "You all right?" he asked in a quiet, serious tone.

Will smiled ruefully at the hazing horizon. "Yeah. Just…give me a minute."

"Take all th'time in th'world." Wet lips grazed over Will's cheek. "We'll not be givin' it back, at any rate."


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