Tangible Schizophrenia


Breaking the Rules

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: NC-17. Children beware.
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth/James, implied combinations of Will/Elizabeth/James/Jack/Anamaria
Feedback: Constructive crit. and anything else, though flames and subpoenas will be deep-sixed.
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.
Summary: A little afterglow conversation. For fabu, who bought me extra pics.


Elizabeth poked at the gently-heaving stomach. When it didn't react, she sighed and positioned an elbow over the bellybutton. Then jabbed.

"Fuck! Liz!" Snapping up, Will nearly knocked James off the bed, but the other man just managed to grab hold of Elizabeth's elbow and scramble back to safety. "Sorry, James." Will shot a baleful look at his girlfriend. "And what the hell was that for?"

Swigging rum with one hand, she pointed an accusing finger with the other, then swallowed and replied, "You didn't answer my question."

"Well, it was weird, I'm sore, and right now, Jack and Anamaria are undoubtedly wrecking ground and sea traffic laws in the pursuit of securing supplies for restocking James' liquor cabinet." Will flopped backward and buried his face in James' thighs, hoping to God Elizabeth would drop the matter. Maybe a show would distract her-and James certainly wasn't objecting. In fact, that one startled jerk of his had come rather close to choking Will. Muttering dire words around his mouthful of cock, Will clamped down on the other man's hips and swirled his tongue over that one spot that always made James go limp. Which was what happened.

And then Elizabeth slapped Will's buttock.

"Mmmph!" An indignant Will immediately pulled back, ready to cut loose with every language he'd ever learned. Even the geeky ones, and that weird babble Jack started up with whenever they were sleeping on the Pearl.

James, however, displayed surprisingly quick recovery skills and got there first. "Elizabeth, that was not only rude, but painful."

"Will doesn't usually mind," she pouted, licking the rim of her bottle.

"I wasn't referring to him." Both Will and Elizabeth glanced down, then flinched.

"Shit. Sorry, James," Will apologized meekly, beginning to move down again. "I'll make it up to you."

But a hand grabbed his shoulder and brought him to a halt. "I appreciate the offer, Will, but I believe it would be simpler to just answer her question. Then there'll be no chance of it happening again."

“Do I have to?” Will looked from James’ firm expression to Elizabeth’s smirk, then growled and collapsed into a defensive huddle. “All right, fine. But you two have to do the same.”

“Fair enough,” Elizabeth purred, abandoning the empty rum bottle in favor of leaning forward and licking a long streak up Will’s neck. She nibbled her way across his nape, smoothing hands from his back to between James’ crossed legs so she could soothingly massage the teethmarks off the delicate skin. “So. First illegal thing you ever did, and why.”

Moaning slightly as he stretched out his neck, Will wrapped his arms around Elizabeth and pulled her under him, slipping in as easy as a fine wind billowing the sails. “Lied about my age.”

“Alcohol, I suppose,” James murmured, sucking on each little rounded ridge of Will’s spine. Shaking his head, the other man arched himself up. A moment later, lovely heated flesh filled him in a lazier repeat of thirty minutes ago.

“Internet.” Will dipped down to kiss Elizabeth’s surprised face, then nudged backwards, encouraging James’ slow thrusts, which in turn rocked Will in and out of Elizabeth’s sweetly clenching body. “There was this site…adults only…”

“Porn?” When Will once more gave a negative, Elizabeth brought her legs up to wrap around both men, jolting a threefold gasp from all their lips. “Then—what?”

“I—like mysteries—remember,” Will panted, eyes squeezed shut as his hands roamed over her breasts, as fingers stroked down his flanks and flattened against his chest. “Was—really good one. Online. But—sex in it—oh, Christ—”

Laughing, Elizabeth tugged him down for a kiss, then craned over his shoulder to snatch at James’ amused mouth. “You’re such a dork. But I love you anyway.”

“Am not,” Will protested, biting at the very edges of her ear to make her hiss and wriggle. “Better with a rifle than you.”

“Well, I can make—things blow up.” She nibbled under his jaw. “’s what mine was. Was going to—fail test. They kept…the exams…in these locked boxes…”

“You really—shouldn’t be telling me—these sorts of things,” James interrupted, shifting his grip to Will’s hips and adjusting the angle till both Will and Elizabeth were writhing beneath him. He shoved in once, twice, then slumped backward, feeling Will spasm about him, hearing Elizabeth’s scream vibrating his eardrums.

The three of them gradually subsided into the sheets, happily sticky and rumpled. Elizabeth dragged herself out from under Will, letting him wilt sideways, and crawled about his head to give James another open-mouthed kiss, thoroughly swiping all of his flavor into her own mouth.

“So,” Will began as he rolled over to face the other two. “What about you?”

“Oh, yes.” Curling between the men, Elizabeth smiled innocently. “Do tell, Jaime.”

Who threw a hand over his forehead and groaned something that, if uttered by Jack, could have been words. As it was James, however, Will and Elizabeth continued to stare demandingly at him.

“Come on.” She pried James’ palm from his brow and forced him to look at her best wheedling expression. “Even Anamaria’s confessed. No shame in this company.”

“And job-related criminal activity doesn’t count,” Will added.

“Deelbig parfing.”

“Jaaai-mee,” Elizabeth scolded, her tone a remarkably good approximation of Jack’s drawl. “Please watch your diction, sir.”

“Double-parking for two hours.” Glowering and red-faced, James silently dared them to laugh. “Because Jack couldn’t wait.” His voice turned half-pleased, half-annoyed. “Mauled me while we were coming back from an operation.”

“It was a completely justified reaction!” came a call from the door. Heavily laden with various packages of dubious coverings, Jack staggered in and crumpled into the nearest seat. Sashaying in after him, Anamaria took one look at the bed, snorted and walked back out, muttering something about weak mattress frames.

“So what have you been doing?” Will inquired suspiciously, propping his chin up on a fist to peer at the new bundles.

Jack’s already-grinning face beamed like a strobe light, blinding and reality-altering. “Will, never thought y’d ask.”