Tangible Schizophrenia


Game Epilogue: Battleship

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Will/Norrington, Elizabeth/Anamaria, Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth. Ref. to Norrington/Jack and Norrington/Elizabeth.
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Disclaimer: Stupid mouse says they're all his. I'm just borrowing them for a bit.
Summary: Sexual encore. And the Pearl had to show up some time, after all.
Notes: Anamaria curses in French and English. Translations available upon request. Dedicated to permetaform and her RPAS (Real Person Anthromorphic Slash), and to fabu, who's one of the best fanfic critics I've ever come across.


Admittedly, Will and Elizabeth knew very little about ships, but the reactions of Jack and James upon rounding the corner of the wharf seemed rather extreme: James stopped in his tracks, mouth hanging slightly open, and Jack somehow managed to cross the remaining distance in less than an eye-blink. By the time the rest had reached the gangway, Jack had already bounded aboard and over half the deck, resembling nothing so much as a caffeinated kangaroo.

"They've both been waitin'," Anamaria said suddenly, watching her captain with an almost affectionate expression. "Might as well let 'em have their reunion."

"And what a lady to wait for," James breathed, face uncharacteristically awestruck. "The lines of her…"

Shrugging at each other, Elizabeth and Will each took an arm, and between the two of them, they hauled Norrington aboard, with a lazily-amused Anamaria bringing up the rear. And then-

--Will stared down at the wooden planks, eyes glazing over. Beside him, Elizabeth's gaze grew distant and unfocused as she stared at the old-fashioned helm.

"'s a beauty, isn't she?" broke in a voice rich with sloshing wit. "Knew y'd like each other." Ignoring Jack, Will knelt down to run his hands over the deck, pressing his open palms to the grain as if feeling for a heartbeat. They rested there for a moment, absorbing the warmth from the sun-soaked wood, and then fingers pinched at Will's sides. "Jack, you bastard, that tickles!" he protested, but the older man paid no heed and dragged him up.

"C'mon, gotta see th'cabin," Jack tossed over a shoulder, towing Will away. More sedately, James followed the two into the interior of the Pearl, while Elizabeth stayed by Anamaria's side, laughing at Will's stricken backward look.

"God, I can't believe Gibbs managed to sneak her out of Havana," the younger woman bubbled, plopping down into a cross-legged sit. Anamaria did likewise, though she moved more slowly; her wounds had mostly healed, but the muscles hadn't yet completely recovered. The older woman smirked, walking fingers up Elizabeth's spine to toy with the wheat-yellow locks. "It'd be more a matter of Gibbs an' th'lot knowin' Jack would bury 'em all alive if they left th'Pearl behind. Though I'm shocked that Jack didn' whine 'bout someone else sailin' his precious."

"You…you don't…there's this strange…" Elizabeth murmured uncertainly, leaning against the other woman. Flashing white teeth, Anamaria replied, "Yeah, I feel it, fille. But not like you, I'd reckon. Don' look like that; 's all right. 's how it's meant t'be. I've got my own spirits."

"Liquid and gaseous," the younger woman giggled. "Can't wait till Mardi Gras, when I can meet your family. Always wanted to go to New Orleans."

"Guess I could show you th'little bit I took wi' me," Anamaria told Elizabeth, kissing her. Falling over in an arcing descent of black and gold tresses, they moved unhurriedly into each other's arms. "'m all healed now," the older woman said between licks at Elizabeth's throat. "No more excuses for you."

"Finally," Elizabeth retorted halfheartedly, finding herself more interested in the faint trace of molasses in Anamaria's skin. As the older woman teased garments off them, lightly scratching nails along each patch of newly-bared skin, Elizabeth drew wet lines with her tongue all along Anamaria's cheekbones, jawline, eyebrows. Purring like a cat, she bent in for another offering of lips, then trailed down to breasts and nipples, popping each hardened little knob of flesh into her mouth for a prolonged suck. Groaning next to her, Anamaria kicked the last of the clothing away, battle-calloused fingers drawing esoteric characters over Elizabeth's back, then drifting one hand down the sweet arch to slap lightly at a buttock.

Elizabeth gasped, pupils twitching open, and then ran her open mouth down Anamaria's side, teeth scoring the cream-brown skin, and plunged her head between Anamaria's legs. Cursing, the other woman collapsed backward, letting herself loll into the lips exploring her labia and the tongue darting in and out of her vagina.

"Fruity," the younger woman mouthed on the quivering moist flesh. Rising up on elbows, Elizabeth systematically smoothed down the wiry black hair with her tongue, as a lioness would the fur of her cubs. She stroked her hands repeatedly over Anamaria's thigh, the insufficient touch provoking a stream of double-tongued swears that brought a smile to Elizabeth's face. "Serves you right for teasing me all the time," she commented victoriously.


"So Jack," Will said casually, "Are you looking for something in particular, or do you just like turning everything upside-down?"

Looking up guiltily at the other man's words, Jack took in the condition of the room: bedding and cushions strewn across the floor, drawers jutting out. "Wanted t'make sure Barbossa didn' leave-or take-anythin'," he offered, arranging his features into an importunate expression.

"It does solve a few logistical problems," James remarked from beside Will, which put a puzzled look on the other Brit's face. "Such as how three men would fit in one small bed," James elucidated, expertly hooking one foot around Will's ankle and sending the other man tumbling into Jack's outstretched arms.

"Much obliged, Jaime," Jack said gleefully, hands already blurring under Will's clothing.

"Jaime, my fucking ass," Will yelped, though he wasn't really struggling as Jack brought them both to the blankets on the floor. Tearing at Jack's clothes, he continued, "That is so out of character-did Jack talk Anamaria into spiking your coffee a-mmmm."

Watching Jack slurp the gripes out of Will's mouth, James removed his jacket, tie and shirt, hung them on a nearby hook, and then knelt down to nip at Will's just-bared nipples. "I haven't been on a ship like this in ages," the older Brit confessed, hand sliding up and down Jack's thigh. "Steel's different, somehow."

"Nostalgic?" Will gasped, coming up long enough to rip off his shirt and James' pants. Then he went down again under four hands.

"I suppose," James replied. "Jack, did your men leave anything-" a tanned hand fanned out four different flavors of lube before him "-silly question."

"Makes the buggerin' easier," Jack told him, tossing the lube to Will and abruptly pouncing onto James, mouth a hot frenzy on chest, ribs, inner thighs and God in heaven, but James had forgotten that one spot behind his knee. Jack hadn't, of course, and Will quickly caught on, attacking the other leg. By the time the first fingers worked their way into his ass, James was already screaming himself hoarse.


"They rechrist-rechristening…the captain's…cabin?" Elizabeth panted, licking frantically around the fingers she was thrusting into Anamaria.

"Shouldn't still be talkin'," the other woman rebuked, speaking to Elizabeth's ass. Grabbing onto the legs shuddering by her ears, Anamaria sped up the pace of her mouth, determined to blow Elizabeth's mind to fragments.

Vision going, Elizabeth did her very best to return the favor, but she was already jazzed up from James' wake-up call and very soon her fingers slipped limply out of Anamaria as she fell back, back bowing upward to touch her belly to the sky. She cried out her pleasure to the seagulls, keening wordlessly.

"Whenever y're done learnin' t'breathe," a mellow whisper told her trembling ear, "Y'can get 'round to th'repayment."

"Now's good…as any time," Elizabeth answered, twisting about to slither up Anamaria's front, hand already back fondling the older woman's clitoris.


"Good thing…you've got this…private dock," Will gasped, shoving himself back onto Jack's fingers. "Else the tourists…would be…way too fucking camera-happy."

James would've sighed edgily at the younger man's inanities, but just then Will did something with his encased fingertips, and James was too busy bucking up against the other Brit to complain. The fingers abruptly exited, and, laughing at James' grimace, Will quickly substituted in his cock.

"Oh, fuck," James wheezed.

"That'd be what we're doin'," Jack snarked, taking out his own fingers and pinning Will's hips still-which drew gabbled swears from both Brits-then pushing himself into Will's perpetually lovely ass. "Holy Mother, bless me for I'm sinnin' an' sinnin'-"

"Jack, move or I'll drown you in the Gulf," James gritted. Nodding madly, Will jerked his legs free of Jack's hands and began rocking back and forth, bending down to suck a red bruise on the side of James' throat.


"Diable!" Her hands tangled deeply in the other woman's hair, Anamaria swooped down for a wild kiss, then threw her head back till she thumped its back on the planks. Grinning through her ragged breathing, Elizabeth moved her fingers faster and faster out of the older woman, pressing them in up to the knuckles. She snapped her teeth at the exposed collarbones before her, then sucked on them in time to the rhythm of her hand.

Anamaria climaxed with an unearthly yowl, her legs clamping up to Elizabeth's sides and not loosening until the last of the aftershocks had reluctantly died away. "Notre père qui êtes au ciel," she muttered, when she'd gotten back something like air.

"Notre dame," Elizabeth corrected, already beginning to drowse off. The sun was like a warm cloth stroking down their sweaty skin, and beneath them, the Pearl rose and fell lazily in the slight swell of the waves. "Think we should go in yet?"

"Nah." Curling an arm around the younger woman, Anamaria nuzzled into the space under Elizabeth's chin. "'s good out here. We'll give 'em till dinner."


"OhChristonhisfuckingcross," Will gibbered, suddenly freezing, then plunging into James as deep as he could go. Through the hazing world, the older Brit felt the ejaculation inside of him as if it were a jet of scalding water. His vision unexpectedly cleared to the sight of Will's straining joyful face, and voice dying completely away, James came.

Behind the both of them, Jack shouted one last string of nonsense before he too climaxed, and all three men flopped down into a messy pile of sticky, salt-smeared flesh. Eventually, Will and Jack dug up enough strength to pull out, but immediately afterwards they collapsed beside James, who hadn't bothered to move at all.

Snuggling over Jack's and James' chests, Will muttered dazedly, "Jack…think she liked that too much."

"No such thing," Jack objected. "'sides, she deserves it. An' 's good that she likes it, 'cause we're takin' her out soon as th'paperwork's done."

"Don't know how to sail," Will answered.

"Can be fixed," James murmured, finally shifting a little so he wasn't squelching in the wet spot.


Riding the waves easily at her mooring, the Pearl flaunted her sails jauntily, almost smugly, at the sky and sand and water. She held her burdens tenderly as they slept, rejoicing in the magnificent end to her long exile.


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