Tangible Schizophrenia


Territory Missing Scene: Border Patrol

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sands/El, ref. to Sands/El/Seth/Miguel
Feedback: Anything is good.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Crossover with X-Files. For elefwin in thanks for the icons.
Summary: From Territory II-what Sands and El were doing uptown while Seth and Miguel were chatting.


His warning bells clashing horribly with the ones ringing outside, Mulder warily eyed the long, dark, and apparently sleeping form that was stretched out in the next pew over. He glanced at his contact, then lifted a hand as a temporary shield so they could talk. "Is his presence really necessary?"

Former CIA Agent Sands beamed smarmily back from under big shades and patted the head in his lap. "Yep. Guard dog."

"You mean guide dog," Scully muttered from beside Mulder, still casting covert looks at the white cane dangling from Sands' twitchy fingers.

"No." Sands' grin grew like a weed. "So let me get this straight. There are aliens. And a secret Consortium of rich white-heads who get off to xenophilia. Both groups want to take over the world-except for Mexico, which for some strange reason, they avoid like rats a sinking ship."

Mulder eagerly leaned over the back of the bench. "And you can tell us why."

"Well, yeah. Any knee-high to a shitpile from the street could tell you." When he slumped back like that, Sands bore a disturbing resemblance to one himself. "They can't afford it."


Sands held up a finger, expression surprisingly serious. "Huge, delicate, long-running experiments that really shouldn't be interrupted at any point?"

"Yes…" Mulder affirmed uncertainly, exchanging glances with Scully, who began to gather up her purse and coat.

"There you go." The finger tapped empathetically on the pew. "They can't afford Mexico."


After the two FBI agents were gone, El cracked open an eye and scrutinized the pleased look on Sands' face. "I should shoot you for calling me a dog."

"Go ahead and do it, Lassie. But you're cleaning up the…the…" Trailing off, Sands tilted his head into the fingers stroking the underside of his chin. "…goddamn fuckmook…"

The corners of El's mouth briefly lifted, calmly smug. "We should get back to the others. If they're done killing each other."

"Fuck 'em." Sands dropped his cane and wriggled around to straddle El. "Let's reconsecrate the church."


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