Tangible Schizophrenia


Extras: Nuts

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: NC-17. Bondage, d/s.
Pairing: Keanu/Gavin
Feedback: Good lines, typos, etc.
Disclaimer: Completely fictional. I have no idea what actually happened on Constantine’s set or in these people’s private lives.
Notes: For _emptyspaces.
Summary: Gavin’s commonsense apparently has disappeared.


Getting out of the room isn’t only desirable, since Gavin doesn’t want to walk back into the press whirl Monday looking too obviously fucked over, but also necessary since the cleaning staff has to get in some time to clean up the bedsheets. In both their rooms, since in the interest of fairness, they’d switched to Gavin’s the next day.

“I’ve got somebody taking care of the hotel staff, so you don’t have to worry about that,” Keanu mumbles. He’s face-first in a gigantic ice cream cone and they’re wandering in a private park behind their fancy hotel. His tongue curls dexterously to catch all the drips before they hit the long, long fingers that had been wrapping heaven around Gavin’s prick several hours ago.

Gavin’s limping a little. Not that much—just a bit of stiffness whenever he drops his weight onto his foot. But it’s enough so that any…er, lift in his crotch exacerbates his awkward walking. He pushes at his hair; it’s cool but moist out and he hasn’t bothered with gel in the last night and two days, so his hair is a mess of frizzing curls. It’s mostly annoying, but once or twice he’s caught Keanu’s fingers twitching towards it, so he lets it drift in his eyes. “You really seem to know what you’re doing about this.”

“Yeah, you could say that.” Keanu shoots him a sideways look that has to squeeze between Keanu’s face and the ice cream. The other man’s still ambling casually, but he’s perceptibly shifted his attention. There’s this look that gets into his eyes, one that lingers on Gavin’s neck and mouth like it wants to lock on them, and it’s there now and suddenly Gavin isn’t really shivering because he wore too thin of a shirt. “I’ve done this kind of thing before.”

It’s a temptation to ask for names. It’s a temptation that Gavin’s expected to show up a lot sooner, but now that it has, he’s surprised at how strong it is. He actually has to spend a moment reminding himself of all the reasons Gwen and he figured out that that was a shitty idea. Long as the past was the past, no point in treating it differently. “Oh. I guess that’s good, because I’m sort of stumbling in the dark.”

He smiles self-consciously after that, hands jammed in his pockets where they’re nervously rubbing themselves into a disgusting clamminess. He can feel Keanu’s gaze tracking over the side of his face and it makes his cheeks warm a little. The flush that’s already there from the morning chill probably hides it pretty well.

“You know, it’s not like there are hard-and-fast rules,” Keanu finally says. He’s crunching on his cone now, and a bit of it ends up on his nose. It takes him a second to figure out why Gavin’s suddenly relaxed enough to laugh at him, but once he does, he’s good-natured about it. Just swipes it off with a finger. He’s about to lick it off, with Gavin pretending not to be avidly watching, but he changes his mind at the last minute and holds out his finger level with Gavin’s mouth. “It’s always different. It’s like jam sessions. You fool around till you figure out where the groove is, and then you try to stick with it.”

Okay. Gavin’s had practice at that sort of thing. Doesn’t mean he feels much more confident about trying to translate what he has with his guitar to this, and God, that just sounds stupid. He shakes his head and tries to focus on Keanu, who’s still holding out his finger. “So…I could not lick that.”

The corner of Keanu’s mouth twists wryly. “Exactly. If you didn’t want to. And then we’d go from there.”

They’ve wandered into a small clearing. Over the tops of the trees, Gavin can see the hotel, but otherwise they’re cut off from the rest of the world by trees and wisps of mist. His skin is prickling and a bit wet at the same time, which is an odd sensation. He rubs at his forearms and glances about again.

Keanu just watches him, eyes calmly unreadable. And it seems like if this was supposed to work, that shouldn’t be true, but just as Keanu begins to lower his arm, it occurs to Gavin that he’s been staring in the wrong places. Music’s not so much about sight, anyway, and if the analogue works…

He grabs for Keanu’s wrist. “And if I did want to?”

Head cocked, Keanu just smiles. He’s leaning towards Gavin, not close enough to be crowding, but near enough to show he’s ready whenever. “Then we go from there.”

Gavin hesitates, more because he suddenly thinks that’ll play right than because he’s unsure and confused. Of course, he is unsure and confused, but he’s beginning to get that that’s part and parcel of the whole deal. That helps make it work if he rides it right, and when he leans forward to flick his tongue around Keanu’s fingertip, the slight tensing of Keanu’s jaw muscles reads right to Gavin.

Slow as honey, Gavin pulls back and rolls the particle of sweet around in his mouth. He’s surprised and yet expecting it when Keanu steps forward to meet him and then steps again, backing Gavin against a tree trunk. “How many other people do you think are out here?”

“I have no idea,” Keanu murmurs. He tosses the last bit of cone in his mouth and then lunges forward so Gavin jerks into the bark. At the last minute he pulls up, and it’s all in one fluid motion like a snake striking. Even the crunching and smooth swallow as his mouth glides over Gavin’s cheek, as his throat brushes over Gavin’s lips that press gently against it.

Gavin doesn’t bite. He tilts up his head, half-closes his eyes and lets out his first gasp when Keanu’s hands close on his wrists. “What if I wanted to get down and suck you off?”

He still fucking blushes as he says that. Though he doesn’t think Keanu really notices, because Keanu’s going stiff and breathless. Then Gavin’s suddenly pinned against the trunk, bark scraping his bare arms and rasping hard through his thin t-shirt, hot mouth ravaging his throat from base up to the tender spot behind his ear. He can still strangle his moans, but just barely. His knees are apart before Keanu even shoves his thigh up against Gavin’s prick.

“Then we could go from there, too,” Keanu’s saying, every word rich with searing hunger. He kisses open-mouthed Gavin’s jaw, lets his teeth press hard warnings into Gavin’s skin just before his lips lay down silky apologies. “I’m really impressed. We’re here—”

His hands squeeze Gavin’s wrists, grinding the growing bruises there, and then he’s sliding something thin and slippery and soft around Gavin’s right wrist while Gavin nips pleadingly at his neck.

“—where anyone could walk in on us—”

Right wrist caught. Keanu seems undecided about where to go next, tugging on the silk strip so Gavin’s arm bends back, bends forward. Gavin has a sudden fit of inappropriate humor as he realizes Keanu’s stolen a bathrobe belt again, but his laughter is eaten right out of his mouth and only a sharp, desperate longing is left when Keanu’s through with him.

“—and you’d like to do that.” Behind, Keanu finally chooses, and he’s twisting Gavin’s arms behind him so the silk hisses tight around Gavin’s wrists, jerks Gavin forward so he’s mouthing at the underside of Keanu’s jaw. But the other man stays aloft, keeps his chin up so Gavin can’t reach his mouth, and firmly pushes Gavin back against the tree. He’s grinning darkly, hair flopped over his eye so the triangular shadow it paints makes him into a devil. “Yeah, I remember. You liked Djimon watching. You want someone to walk in? See you down in front of me like a whore?”

“Oh, God…” Gavin’s not actually responding to what Keanu’s saying. His prick is already a hot stiff pain that his jeans are crushing against him, and his nails are going to be ripped bloody if he doesn’t stop clawing at the bark. Thing is, he can’t help himself.

He stares dazedly up at Keanu, who’s put his hands on Gavin’s shoulders and is gently, irresistibly pushing Gavin to his knees. He watches Keanu grow and tower above him till Keanu’s all that he sees, till Gavin’s trapped beneath him and completely at his mercy. When Keanu threads his fingers into Gavin’s hair, Gavin nuzzles into that hand. When Keanu pushes Gavin’s head against his thigh, Gavin rubs his cheek over and over it. His nose bumps into Keanu’s erection and he immediately turns his attention to it, mouthing the length of it through the trousers till the fingers in his hair are painfully forcing him away.

Keanu’s other hand comes down and undoes the fly for Gavin, which is a blessing because Gavin can’t focus long enough to distinguish between zipper and skin. But he can taste the difference. Can taste the salt of Keanu’s sweat, follow its muskier gradations into Keanu’s groin. Let his tongue tangle with the hair around the base of Keanu’s prick, and despite the fact that Gavin still isn’t all that confident in regards to this skill, he doesn’t feel nervous at all. The fingers knotted in his hair show him where to go, what to pay attention to, and the sound of Keanu’s breathing tells him what works.

He finds the pulse of a vein and hears a hitch above him as his tongue-tip flicks over it, so he lingers. Runs the flat of his tongue down it to the head that he then takes into his mouth to the tune of Keanu’s harsh groan. Nails dig into his scalp, something thuds behind him and suddenly Keanu’s shoving two inches of flesh into Gavin’s mouth. He gags and Keanu withdraws a little, cursing about…splinters? The tree—Keanu’s propping himself up on the trunk, and now he’s pulling Gavin forward, forcing him to work at it. Swallow, keep swallowing and Gavin closes his eyes because he’s starting to worry about how much he can take and he doesn’t want the distraction. Just wants the sensations: silk cutting into his wrists, prick twitching inside his jeans, Keanu’s cock in his mouth, Keanu going ragged above him. Keanu’s hips beginning to move and Gavin feels that, can respond in time to adjust to that and then even flirt with it. He goes off-rhythm for a beat, waits for Keanu to shake him, and obligingly gets back on.

“Christ,” Keanu hisses. He abruptly slams his hand against the trunk and his prick slides a little farther inside Gavin’s mouth. His breathing sucks in with a snap that says almost and his hips buck forward so suddenly wiry hair is scratching at Gavin’s lips.

Gavin’s strained to the brink, but he’s just thinking to his shock that he can take this when Keanu abruptly pulls back. He whines, tries to follow Keanu’s prick, but the other man holds him in place.

“Oh, no. Not yet,” Keanu promises. He gives Gavin’s cheek a pat, then draws his finger over Gavin’s aching lips that are stretched wide in panting breaths. Then he pulls Gavin up onto unsteady feet and leans him against the tree. Puts both arms on either side of Gavin’s head, cranes in close so his words slither like ice across Gavin’s heated skin. “You are so damned pretty like this. Anyone that would walk in—they’d just drop whatever they were doing and come over and want to fuck your damned brains out.”

His hand turns to drift its back over the side of Gavin’s cheek and the light touch feels like a deep, raw burn; Gavin whimpers but the hand keeps moving. It wanders over Gavin’s chest, then up beneath his shirt to torment his nipple. The sore one, the one that Keanu had tortured last night and that was still aching so much that Gavin had winced to pull his shirt over it this morning. Gavin’s mouth is hanging open and his throat is too tight for real sound to get through, so he can just stare and twist. Beg with his eyes.

Keanu’s feeling generous. He lets Gavin know that by giving Gavin a long kiss as his hand slides away from that nipple…and over to the other one, which Keanu pinches till finally Gavin can’t stand it. “God, please, Keanu—please—” he’s moaning, writhing against the tree.

“I could leave you here, get myself a couple of beers and some food and stake out in that bush there.” A nod in that direction, though Keanu’s eyes never leave Gavin. His hand runs delicately over Gavin’s belly, then splays over it. Possessive claim, and when Gavin drops his head in acknowledgement, Keanu bites gently at the spot at the join of Gavin’s jaw and throat. “Watch people walk in and never get around to walking out.”

The fingers are moving again, tickling Gavin’s stomach so he’s laughing through his moans. It’s not funny—it’s on the edge of pain and God, he wants Keanu so much right now that he can’t think. Just wants. “Please…”

“Please what? You beg—” Keanu shifts up and close, forearm lying against the trunk and mouth sucking at the curves of Gavin’s ear “—so very nicely, but you’re not being very specific.”

“Fuck me,” Gavin gasps. His hair’s stuck in his eyes by sweat and he tosses his head to get that out, only to have Keanu suddenly close teeth over the pulse in his neck. He freezes.

Sure and firm, Keanu’s hand presses down to cover Gavin’s prick. “With your jeans on?”

“Take them off.” And Gavin’s so damned happy when he feels Keanu’s fingers moving on his fly even if Keanu takes his time, slides his hand up and down Gavin’s prick till Gavin’s nearly screaming, teases the bare skin through the open zipper before he actually peels the denim down Gavin’s legs.

“And then what?” Keanu’s hand disappears. When it comes back and runs up the inside of Gavin’s thigh, moving exactly along the fading welt there so Gavin whimpers and melts, it’s already slicked up. Doesn’t sound like Keanu wants an answer yet. “Then stretch your tight, sweet ass with my fingers?”

His fingertips circle around and around the tight flat folds of skin that encircle the hole before actually dipping inside it. Then they’re out and Gavin’s sagging against the tree, eyes rolling up with a slow groan that drags out of him. They flick in, flick out and then suddenly he’s staggering from having two at much and the burn sends his head back into Keanu’s arm, which has swung around to cushion it.

“Fuck you with my fingers, turn you into a moaning puppet that’d do whatever I asked. And you would right now, wouldn’t you?” Keanu’s talking and doing. His fingers are corkscrewing Gavin’s brains out through his arse, and all Gavin wants is for him to not stop. “Everything. Anything. Except maybe one thing—if I asked you to stay here and wait, like this…”

“Please…don’t, please…” Gavin’s suddenly terrified, feverish with it, and lunging for Keanu’s mouth, hoping to pull it down and keep it there. His hips are jerking in the small space that Keanu allows them. He shoves himself down on Keanu’s fingers, fucking himself, and keeps kissing Keanu’s lips, jaw, cheek. “Please?”

For the longest moment, Keanu doesn’t answer. Then he grins, turns his head to take Gavin’s mouth for a full minute, and when he’s done there he’s just starting below. He nuzzles Gavin’s throat, hands kneading Gavin’s arse while Gavin squirms against the tree, trying to relax himself more so Keanu’s prick can split him deeper. “Nah. Because you look too damned good like this. Be an idiot to let anyone else get it.”

“God—Jesus Christ, yes, please, that,” Gavin babbles. He’d be relieved except there’s not any part of him free enough to be that, because Keanu’s lifting him and God, it’s there. It’s that white-hot spot within him and he’s caught, his breath is slowly dragging back into his mouth and his body is knotting in on itself. It’s all drawn to there, where Keanu has him, and God, that’s exactly how Gavin wants it.

He comes hard enough to black out. For a while, as he finds out when he wakes and Keanu’s already got them cleaned up. Gavin’s wrists are still tied, but he isn’t in a hurry to ask for that to be taken care of. He’s still busy trying to remember how to stand. And Keanu’s languidly dressing him, hands brushing lightly over Gavin’s skin that’s still shivering with the aftershocks, so there are other reasons to wait.

“You—would you really—” Gavin starts to say.

“No.” Keanu looks up, then stands and takes Gavin’s face in his hands. He leans forward and kisses Gavin deeply, thoroughly, and so softly that it’s a killing blow. “No.” Then he laughs into Gavin’s mouth. “But you liked being scared of that, didn’t you?”

Gavin ducks his head, then buries it in Keanu’s neck. “Yes,” he manages to say, very quietly.

For a moment, Keanu’s grip tightens; Gavin’s mouth dries out because he’s almost sure this means another round already, and he’s still more than reeling from this last one. But no, Keanu takes a deep breath and relaxes. Nuzzles Gavin’s temple as he unknots the belt from Gavin’s wrists. “God. Either you’re going to be wearing long-sleeved everything for the whole promo tour, or I’m going to have to get some self-control.”

“Or you could tell me to stop?” Gavin looks demurely up at Keanu.

Who snorts and slides his hand over the back of Gavin’s neck, giving it just enough of a squeeze. “I think that’d be counterproductive. So can you walk?”

“Um. Let me…” One trial step and Gavin’s not quite ready to leave the tree, since he normally doesn’t enjoy falling on his face. “Give me another couple of minutes.”

“Okay.” It’s quiet for a few seconds. Not uncomfortably so—they’re just gathering themselves up again, and it’s nice that Keanu doesn’t try to force the process. When he finally does speak again, it seems natural. “Good thing you don’t have to stand to play the guitar.”

Gavin shrugs. “Yeah, but I like moving around when I’m working on a song. Gets the creative juices going.”

“Yeah? You just pace around or…I’m just trying to see it in my head,” Keanu thoughtfully says. His fingers are massaging Gavin’s neck, working the knots out of them so Gavin is melting into him in an entirely different way from a couple minutes ago.

“Depends. The slow stuff—yeah. For the faster songs…well, Gwen says I look like someone needs to dose me up with Ritalin,” Gavin sighs, tilting into Keanu’s touch. “I’ve gotten tangled in the power cord a couple times.”

Keanu snickers, but not mockingly so. “Doesn’t everyone? This one time, I was just messing around and suddenly in walks…”