Tangible Schizophrenia


The City Extra: Diner

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sands/El/Abberline/Carolina.
Feedback: Good lines, spelling errors, whatever.
Disclaimer: None of it's mine except Miguel, and that's questionable.
Notes: Set in a parallel Prohibition-era Los Angeles called Los Diablos, where history didn't quite go as ours did. //words// in Spanish. For roadparty in return for the icons.
Summary: Two old friends have the usual chat, after the dust has settled.


Peter Godley, recently retired from the force, set down his mug and favored Fred with a suspicious gaze. "You sure you're fine? I mean, you do look well enough, butů"

Fred laughed a little, playing with his spoon. Another blast of foul air washed over the booth as a waitress stalked out of the kitchen, and they both grimaced. "It's not so different than your decision to go into private practice, Go-Peter. You and I both know the politicians down here are so crooked that Los Lobos is the finest ruler in the world by comparison."

"Oh, come on. I worked with you long enough; I know when you're ducking, and when you're not." Except for the coffee traces on his upper lip, Peter was the epitome of intimidation. "Morality's got nothing to do with it. You're with them for some other reason."

As he glanced out the window, Fred's face became almost pensive but for the slight, brilliant smile at the corners of his lips. He abruptly stood up and retrieved his coat, then tossed down a few bills. "It was nice to chat again, Peter, but I've got to run. Ring me up whenever you're coming through again."

Before Peter could stop him, he was out the door and down the short step to the big hulking car waiting at the curb. The door swung open a moment before, and a legend reached out to gather Abberline into the shadows, dark hand slipping into Abberline's hair to change the welcoming kiss into something fiercer. Beside them, two glittering blades grinned at Peter: she pulled the door shut, and he winked a blank white eye at him.

"Some other reason," Peter snorted, laying down his share of the bill. He didn't watch as the car drove off, instead making for the pay phone in the corner. "Should call the wife."


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