Tangible Schizophrenia


The Wake

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG. Slight incest.
Pairing: Connor/Murphy/Rocco
Feedback: Is v. welcome.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowed a little.
Notes: For ioreth_firiath in thanks for the icons.


Rocco's hands were shaking, but it was hard to tell, given that the rest of him was spasming like the worst DTs Connor had ever seen. "Think I liked that cat...only nice thing she ever had, even if it kept taking shits in my shoes..."

Over Rocco's head, Murphy cocked his head, asking. Connor shrugged and made room for his brother on the couch so Rocco's twitching was sandwiched between two warm bodies. Wasn't pleasant, seeing as Rocco had snot all over his face and was scrubbing it into Connor's stomach, but it'd do.

"Yeah, well, accidents happen." Murphy took a surreptitious lick at Connor's jaw before patting Rocco on the head. "Come on, man. We'll drink to the poor cat's health tonight, give it a good send-off."

"Really?" Rocco looked up, nearly freaking the hell out of Connor with bleared fish-eyes. "Cool. You're buying, right?"


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