Tangible Schizophrenia


Second Shot

Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: See individual drabble.
Pairing: See individual drabble.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: One crossover with Assassins.
Summary: Two moody drabbles.


Some Nights: R, Alec/James, for taysbluethong

There are simply some nights.

Alecís nearly choking on the gun, edge of its tip ripping his lip open so he tastes metal cool and hot. His hands arenít restrained by anything except his inability to stop his bones from going liquid, the necessity of keeping them on Jamesí shoulders if heís to have any hope of staying up because of course the other manís too busy to assist.

That is Alecís role. And he plays it for the nonce, biting down on steel and clenching around Jamesí prick till he wrings hoarse shouts from them both. James collapses half on Alec, half on the wall, and breathes while his balance comes back. Meanwhile, the scale holding Alecís brain and heart uncertainly shivers.

* * *

Selection: G, crossover with Assassins, Miguel Bain and James Bond, for pinkdormouse

To be honest, Miguel had his pick for role models. Assassin is a very narrowly defined termóthough Robert Rath certainly was its epitomeóand there are many professions other than it that involve precision killing.

This one was a possibility. Legend wherever he went, yet still capable of blending with the shadows, with death, if necessary. Charismatic and smooth in a way poor unassuming Rath wasnítóthat would seem to fit better with Miguelís M. O.

Or not. Glitter was far harder to remove and replace than plain dullness. Besides, allegiance to any higher authority had never been to Miguelís taste.

He shifted the crosshairs of the rifle scope slightly left and pulled the trigger.