Tangible Schizophrenia



Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: PG-13. Uh…bizarre kink.
Pairing: Alec/James
Feedback: Not mine.
Disclaimer: For delshaia for the icons. Purple feather boa borrowed from Boondock Saints.
Notes: James is in an odd mood. Alec suffers for it.


For a moment, Alec could only stare. Then he twisted about and searched for his lockpicks, but to no avail. The handcuffs holding him to the bed weren’t coming off in the next five minutes, and James wouldn’t need that long.

“It’s only feathers,” James amusedly murmured, settling behind Alec and tracing Alec’s ear with his tongue. “Be damned if I can remember whether it was your date’s or mine, though…”

“Yours. Mine wouldn’t bother with something so tacky…” When the ticklish silky things slipped round Alec’s neck, then tightened, he was desperately torn between moaning and ripping the stupid boa apart with his teeth. “James, if you’re going to—”

And James used the boa to yank up Alec’s chin so he could kiss the sense out of Alec. “I think I can make you enjoy this.”