Tangible Schizophrenia



Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: See below.
Pairing: Varies from drabble to drabble; see individual notes.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Pimpin' my minor fandoms.
Summary: Everyone's got a sword and a target.


Personas: O-ren/Go-Go, PG-13, for wingedkiare

It's like a Noh play: the wild girl, the cool experienced master, and the thrashing-cum-apprenticeship audition.

But Noh actors are distant, unreal. Dead white, thick with the past that cannot do or touch or kill. Their fake blood sprays the wrong pattern over the wood boards, and Go-Go's hands itch to correct them with mace or blade.

O-ren is true. Alive. And burning beneath her mask of indifferent smooth skin, even as her cool slippered foot presses contempt into Go-Go's heaving side.

When they touch, the world seems to whiten with heat.


Copperhead: gen Vernita Green, PG, for anenko

What the hell Bill was thinking, Vernita's never going to know. But he was a fool.

And, she admits sometimes when the moon's up and her baby girl can't sleep for the nightmares, so was she. Her darling's round-cheeked delight, beautiful and perfect and the wrong age. She should have waited a year so the dates would be off, and then she wouldn't have to suffer the shadow of remembrance sinking its claws into her innocent child, the little glint of gold that shows up every once in a while in her baby's black hair.

Bride's coming, Vernita hears. And she coils tight around her daughter, hoping Mommy don't show up as well.


Mastery: Hattori Hanza/'I Shave My Head' Guy, PG, for the_dala

Old fool flirts with every girl in sight, doesn't pay attention to business. If he doesn't start minding his secrets, someday they're going to start walking out. Like this one now, tall and blonde and raging. "She deserved your best."

"Stop crying, you baby." Hanzo shoots him a glare through milky wet eyes. "And don't talk about what you don't understand. He deserved it. She's the courier."

"You're lying." Which earns him a cuff to the head that turns into a slide down the back, grazing half-healed cuts from the razor.

Hanzo watches the empty doorway, and never replies to that.