Tangible Schizophrenia



Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: See each drabble.
Pairing: See each drabble.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Crossover drabbles.
Summary: Miguel can be thoughtful. Sort of.


Amateurism: PG-13, crossover with From Dusk Till Dawn, Mig/Seth, for arabwel

“I thought you were a professional,” Seth muttered, dabbing on more tequila. He waited for Mig to finish squirming before he moved to the next set of scrapes. “Christ. Richie got less cut-up having his lunch money stolen.”

“I am a professional. An assassin. I am not an expert in explosives.” Mig scrabbled and bucked and snarled, still pouty about Seth tying him to the headboard. Well, it was the only way to hold the nasty little fuck in place.

With a sigh, Seth upended the whole bottle over Mig’s back. Then he leaned down and licked till the other man stopped hissing in pain and started pressing into him. Which was about two seconds. “Hopeless bastard.”

* * *

Regrouping: G, crossover with Secret Window, Miguel Bain and Mort Rainey, for usagi92

As he stumbled into his room, Miguel inadvertently wrenched the stab wound that had glanced across his ribs. Shit. Cursing and clutching at it, he slid aside and banged the door shut with his gunbutt.

Amateur, they’d said. Well, somebody had fucked up with the info. Fucking screwdrivers, of all things.

Miguel lurched into the bathroom and knocked the tap open for some hot water. Then he leaned against the wall and waited. Thought a little as well. Because as deadly as a killer was, he still had a few drawbacks an assassin didn’t. Like a need to cover up.

This…might be fun.