Tangible Schizophrenia


The Black Road

Once upon a time, Harry Potter was killed and Voldemort won the war. Things went from bad to worse, and strangely enough, this was even true for those that had supported Voldemort. Nothing in the world was as it should have been.
And then there was a second chance, and things changed. They did not, however, change nicely or easily or even willingly.


I: Unpaid Debts
II: Snake in the Nest
III: Contingency Practicum
IV: Broken Wings
V: The Bed You Made
VI: Dreamers
VII: No Stone Unburied
VIII: Suited Pairs
IX: Book of Changes
X: Grains of Truth
XI: Blood Money
XII: Poisoned Fountainhead
XIII: The Memory of Sin
XIV: Two Roads Converged
XV: Requiem for Innocence


Love in Death.