Sexual Chemistry
or, We're All Going to Hell
by Elina, Shine, Ang, and Emmy

Notes: We wrote this when Elina came into the channel and needed cheering up. Emmy had recently been bounced, and came back using her alternate nickname of JC, thereby giving us all heart attacks as our favorite cybersexer apparently wandered in. It sorta grew from that. For the record, #puppies is usually a much more staid place than this!

Just to make things clear--there were at one point all five characters, but Lance and Joey had to go. Lance eventually was replaced, but the replacement had to leave also. Hence the lack of JoLa smut. Don't worry, we'll fix that next time. ;) We also edited out a lot of the side comments, people coming and going, etc, and made a few very minor capitalization and punctuation corrections to the writing to make it flow smoother. Otherwise, this is as we wrote it. We're probably the most grammatically-correct cybersexers in existance.

This fic was also participated in by ##### and ######## (names to be reposted once we've obtained everyone's consent). Thanks so much for being there! We needed someone to egg us on and stare in disbelief, and you guys were fantastic. [hugs]

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Lance, Joey, Justin, JC, and Chris in cyberorgyland!!


*** elina is now known as Chris

[Chris] like this?

[Shine] lolol

[Shine] yes

* asilvahalo does naughty things to Chris

* Chris fends off Justin's wandering hands.

*** Shine is now known as Justin

* Justin grins cockily at Chris

[Chris] (I'm CHATTING here, Justin.)

* Justin sidles up to Chris, undeterred

* Chris whistles innocently

*** Emmy is now known as Lance

* Justin whistles innocently and in harmony with Chris, slides a hand down Chris's pants, listens to him squeak

[Chris] Justin, i'm trying to talk to these nice ladies here...who keep disappearing. hm. Anyway. Go play with Lance.

[Justin] You know you want it [g]

*** asilvahalo is now known as JC

[Justin] Aw, come on--Lance is *boring*, all he wants to do is play kissy-face with Joey, man. They're so lame.

* Lance wants to play with Chris, thank you.

[Chris] Yes, Yes.

[Justin] That's JC's line, you going spazz on us Chris? Old age getting to you?

* Justin runs away

* Chris gabbles incoherently

[Lance] I believe in some trickyfish over here.

[Chris] Well, since the Infant has left me high and dry...

* JC ignores Chris and Justin who seem to be mocking him.

* Justin sneaks up on JC and pins him to the ground and nibbles at his neck

* Chris slides up next to Lance and runs a hand down his arm.

[Lance] awww.

[JC] oh.

[Lance] get some sexin' goin on!

* JC is nibbled.

* Justin winks at JC and slides down his body, grinds against his dick, and then gets up and looks around for Chris

[Justin] Chris! Come on, JC's all horny and stuff!

* JC mutters, "tease."

[Justin] I am not a tease!

[JC] are so.

* Chris takes Lance's hand and drags him over to JC. together they set in on JC's neck with teeth and lips.

* Justin raises an eyebrow at JC

[Justin] oh yeah?

[Justin] you think I'm teasing?

* Lance forgets about JC's neck and goes right for the naughty bits.

[JC] Maybe just a bit.

* JC thinks he'll just lay back and enjoy this. Um. yes.

* Chris covers JC's mouth so he can't banter with Justin, and goes back to making him forget that he wants to.

* Justin watches avidly

* JC would think that Justin was a perv if he weren't busy with Chris and Lance.

* Lance waves Justin over.

* Justin grins hugely and slides over on his knees, already reaching for JC's fly

* Chris runs a hand over Justin's head

[Justin] You're gonna love this, C.

[Justin] hold him down, guys?

[Chris] k

* Chris takes hold of one of JC's shoulders and arms

* JC pretends to struggle. No, really.

* Justin pulls JC's pants down to his knees, freeing his erection, and hovers over it, breathing on the head. He watches JC strain for a moment, trying to reach him, and grins as he goes down.

* Justin smirks and starts to blow JC

* Lance got lost and apparently Justin got to JC before he did.

* Chris catches JC's gasp on his lips

* JC is really beyond coherent thought right now.

* Justin pulls Lance in by the nape of his neck and lets Lance take the head while he licks and sucks at the base of his cock

* Chris enjoys the feel of JC, taught as a bowstring underneath his hands.

* Chris slides down to lick at JC's nipple, lick and nibble and bite.

* Justin bites at JC's hipbone, then edges Lance to one side, pulls JC's pants all the way off, and slides down to get his tongue at JC's ass.

* Chris runs a hand across JC's ribs, spanning the slim expanse and wrapping around the other side.

* Justin slowly draws his tongue down JC's skin, then points the tip and presses in, hearing JC squeak helplessly above him. When he begins to tongue-fuck him, JC goes wild.

* JC gasps

* Chris slides back up to JC's neck, biting down just as Justin slips his tongue inside.

* Chris wishes JC would make use of his free hand

* Justin grins as he feels JC's muscles flutter around his tongue, and moves his hand back up to where Lance is still blowing him.

* Lance figures that Justin doesn't need help and scoots up to Chris.

* JC thought Lance was holding that one down

* Lance kisses Chris, startled at how sweet his mouth is.

* Chris smiles at Lance between kisses

* Justin laughs and wraps his hand around JC's cock, tugging slowly, long fingers finding all the sweet spots as he pushes his tongue in harder.

* Chris moans when Lance slides a hand down his pants, then wonders if Joey heard in the next room

[Justin] I think JC needs to get fucked, but I want to blow Lance.

*** ######## is now known as Joey

[Justin] And Chris is busy--yeah!!

[Lance] haha.

* Joey walks in the room.

[Joey] WTF is going on here.

* Justin kisses Joey with slow hot tongue, and pulls him down to JC

* Lance goes back to kissing Chris.

* Chris looks up from Lance's lips, a sly smile on his face

[Chris] Exactly what it looks like, Joe. Dive in.

[Justin] It's a new group-bonding exercise, Joe. Johnny told us we need to get in touch with each other more.

[Justin] So we are. [devilish grin]

* JC laughs a bit.

* Chris remembers to cover JC's mouth back up.

* Justin slips a hand into Lance's pants and pulls out his cock, starts sucking at the head

[Justin] Yeah, we don't need JC to say anything. He can just wiggle around and groan a bit, huh C? You're really good at that part, right?

* JC would answer, but there's the whole Chris thing.

* Chris slips his fingers between JC's lips

* Justin doesn't think Lance is paying attention, so he deep-throats him, tucking the head snug at the back of his throat and humming, making his throat vibrate and clamp down.

* JC sucks enthusiastically at Chris' fingers

* Chris gasps at the combined effect of JC's mouth on his fingers and Lance's hand on his cock.

* Chris thrusts into Lance's fist

* Justin wonders what the hell he has to do to get a reaction out of Mr. I'm So Calm Lance Bass, and slips a hand down betwen his legs, fingers searching for his entrance.

* Chris winces a little bit when Lance's grip tightens

* JC wonders where the hell Justin went. Tease.

[Justin] Hey, don't look at me! Joey's supposed to be fucking you.

[Chris] Joey, don't just stand there watchin'. I think JC needs some attention, STAT!

[Chris] Or are they off havin' a little JoLa conference?

[Joey] lol

* Joey drags Lance off into the corner by his hair.

[Justin] Dude, Joe, you *know* JC has to have this, I mean look at him, he's all trembly and wide-eyed and sprawled out on the ground and shit. He needs it so badly...

* JC pulls his mouth from Chris' fingers. "Fuck you, Joe."

* Chris pouts at the loss of Lance's hand, then heaves a sigh and turns to JC.

[Chris] Guess I'll just have to fuck you, C.

* Joey looks around innocently. What did I do?

* Justin whoops and grins at Chris

* Lance thinks that he needs to be fucked by Joey.

[JC] Well, I suppose. If you have to.

[Justin] Yeah, Chris, you get him!

* Joey obliges Lance.

* Chris parts JC's legs and slides a (conveniently pre-lubed) finger inside.

* Justin kisses JC hard, teasing his nipples, sliding down to rub his cock lightly until he's writhing up and panting and his legs are spread wide and he's moaning in the back of his throat, eyes vague and half-closed.

* JC thinks that is rather convienent, isn't it, Chris?

[Chris] You've got him right where I want him, Justin.

* Chris grins at JC.

[Justin] You're *so* gonna get it, C. [smirks wolfishly]

* JC kisses Justin back, sobbing moans into his mouth

[Justin] Tell me you want it.

* Chris loses the smile as he slides slowly inside.

[JC] I...

[Chris] God. Hot, fuck. Jesus...

* Joey makes out in the corner with Lance.

* Justin pulls his hand away from JC's cock, teasing him, making him arch higher and highter into Chris

[Justin] Tell us how much you want it.

[Chris] Say it, JC. Tell him.

[JC] I. just. please.

[Justin] Awww, come on, C. You can do better than that.

* Chris thrusts, shallow. Teasing.

[Chris] Use your words, JC.

[JC] fuck you guys.

* Chris plunges in

* Justin rubs down to where Chris is fucking him, strokes JC's stretched sensitive hole, then meanders slowly back up to his cock. Two pumps, and he pulls away.

[Justin] I'm not doing to touch you again unless you tell me.

[JC] Just... Just god. Please. I fucking need it.

* Justin blows a puff of hot breath over JC's cock, watches him flush dark.

* Chris smiles at Justin, then pulls him in for a kiss by the back of his neck.

[Chris] Yes, there you go, C.

* Chris slides in and out, a steady rhythm.

* Justin kisses Chris hard, one finger stroking the head of JC's dick.

[Justin] Come on, a little more. Talk, JC. You like it, you know you do.

[Justin] You like this so much...

* Chris lets a hand drift to Justin's cock

[JC] Yes.

* Justin shudders and arches into the touch

[JC] God. fuck me

* Chris obliges

[JC] harder. I..

* Chris strokes Justin's cock faster as he thrusts harder into JC

[Chris] God, JC, your ass...I'm going to come so soon.

* Lance and Joey sorta sit back breathing heavily and watching.

[Chris] oh, fuck yeah.

* Justin whimpers as Chris's fingers tighten, and bends to JC's chest, tonguing his nipples, rolling them between his teeth. He deliberately doesn't touch JC's cock.

* JC gasps "please, Justin. Touch me. please. Just..."

* Chris shivers, gives a full-body roll, and comes inside JC.

* Justin watches Chris move, thrusting hard, and bites down at a nipple, hearing JC scream.

[JC] OH jesus. I want. I.

* Chris rests a moment, breathless, then moves down JC's body

* Justin waits for Chris to pull out, then takes his place, pushing his boxers down and sliding inside JC so hard, so deep his fingers ache.

[Chris] yessssss

[JC] Oh God, Justin... Yes... like that. please.

[JC] I need you to just.

* Chris angles his head to fit between Justin and JC's bodies and licks at the head of JC's cock.

[JC] Fuck.

* Justin is moving slow and nasty, finding all the sensitive spots inside JC and rubbing them over and over. And over. JC's curses just make him hotter, make him move slower, harder.

* Chris slides down, taking JC's cock into his throat.

[Justin] Come, you feel so good. Oh god. C...

[JC] Oh God.

[Justin] Yeah, like that...

[JC] So... fucking.

[JC] Christ, Justin. I

* Chris slides a hand over Justin's ass, rests it on his opening

* Justin yells as JC arches up, taking him inside as deep as he can. Chris's hand at his ass is driving him wild.

[Justin] Chris--god! come on come on come on *please* inside me...

* Chris slips inside Justin with a finger, pressing as high as he can, searching.

* Justin sobs

[JC] Ah fuck.

* Justin can't think anymore, can't think of anything but fucking the trembling, twisting hothot body beneath him, feeling thick fingers moving with wicked friction inside him.

* Chris doubles his efforts on JC's cock while he fingers Justin's ass

* JC sucks in breath that's almost a sob, and comes, writhing and thrusting and wild.

* Chris drinks JC down

* Justin freezes, feeling JC spasm around his cock, snug grip becoming *tight* more than he can stand and Chris's finger goes deeper becomes two and pleasure in his brain he can't even see...

* Chris reaches higher, harder...

* JC gasps at the aftershocks, so sensitive.

* Justin starts to beg, trembling as he fucks JC's pliant, arching, clutching body, feeling his climax a shadowy ache in his spine and his brain

* Chris wants Justin to come so bad he can taste it

[Justin] Please...god, please, Chrischrischris I need it, please don't tease don't tease don't tease oh god...

* Chris insinuates a third finger, feeling like a criminal because he's never done this many before.

* Justin shrieks and falls back on them, driving them in harder, feeling the sweet ecstacy of burn and friction and oh god he can't hold out much longer...

[Chris] Do you like the way that feels, Justin? You like the feeling of three of my fingers inside you?

* Chris slows his hand, waiting for Justin's response

[Justin] god yes...more, please, fuck me, more...please Chris [sobbing at the slight movement of Chris's hand] please don't stop, please, whatever you want...

* JC slides his mouth along Justin's neck, licking and sucking before lightly biting down...

[Chris] You're so tight and hot on my hand, J. You feel amazing.

* Chris resumes his pace, speeding it up, fucking Justin with his hand.

* Justin whimpers, eyes closed, head back, still fucking JC shakily

* Chris kneels up behind Justin, still thrusting with three fingers, and whispers hot breath in his ear

[Justin] Keep...talking, tell me how I feel. Oh god, JC, you feel so good...Chris...

[Justin] Chriiis...

[Chris] You're beautiful like this, Justin, strung out and desperate. I could fuck you this way all day.

* Justin is moaning now, almost unable to speak, everything in the world pleasure and friction and sex.

[Justin] yesssss...all day, yeah, *please* Chris don't stop, I need you...

[Chris] Someday I'm going to put my whole hand inside you. Would you like that? Would you like my entire hand, thrusting and fucking you?

* Chris runs a hand down Justin's chest to his nipple

* Justin reaches out, finds JC newly hard underneath him, grabs clumsily for his cock and begins stroking it. He can barely feel his hands, but his ass and his cock and his brain are on fire. He can't stop picturing Chris's words. He's almost crying, desperate for more.

[Chris] Although I don't're so tight like this. I don't know if you could take it, your tight little ass.

* Chris curls his fingers, strokes Justin's prostate

* JC gasps and writhes underneath Justin, sliding a hand across Justin's torso, still mindless with the pleasure of it all.

* Justin moans helplessly, Chris's words and Chris's hands like acid, burning him, tearing him apart, and he needs more of it, needs it so badly he can't even breathe.

* Chris slides his revived cock across Justin's ass

[Chris] I think I'd like to fuck you, Justin.

[Justin] Please...your hand, anything you want, anything, *please* Chris...

[Justin] YES fuckmefuckmefuckme oh god...

* Chris slowly removes his fingers

* Justin is open and fluttering around Chris's pumping fingers, and he needs more.

[Lance] I've gotta go work on FreeLance stuff... ;)

[JC] fuck you, Lance.

[Justin] Don't you dare fucking leave Bass

[Lance] fuck you and only you, JC!

[Lance] ;)

[Lance] hey!

* Justin groans

* Chris bends Justin over with a hand on the back of his neck

[JC] I'm sure.

* Chris smacks Justin's ass

* Justin whimpers

[Justin] sorry, I'm sorry Lance, sorry Chris, please more...

* Chris lines himself up with Justin's ass

* Chris slides slowly inside

* Chris sinks all the way in with one thrust

* Justin stops breathing, pushing back hard, trembling all over, feels JC throbbing and wild around his cock, Chris huge and deep inside him.

* Chris sets a rhythm, slow, slow, slow. Anything to drive Justin crazy.

* Chris feels Justin tighten around him in anticipation, in hope.

*** ##### is now known as Joey

[JC] hey Joe...

[Chris] Joey, I think JC needs some attention

* Justin can't breathe, shakes all over, feels JC pinch a nipple hard, Chris going deeper and deeper and screams as he comes, finally, finally.

* Chris rides Justin's orgasm, then withdraws slowly.

* Justin is blind, shaking, and his muscles give out, he's supported only by Chris and JC, whimpering softly, endlessly, feeling Chris pulse deeply inside him.

[Joey] Oh god, I don't think I can do this. ^_^

* Justin watches Joey leave, looking for Lance.

* Chris pets Justin's back, calming him, bringing him down.

* Justin leans into Chris, sweaty and damp and quivering all over, exhausted and still simmering with sensation

* Chris runs a hand down Justin's chest, collects the sweat there, and licks it off the side of his hand with a leer.

[Chris] Yum.

* Justin grins weakly at Chris.

[Justin] Aw man--don't do that shit when I'm too tired to take you up on it.

[Chris] I'll give you a few minutes, then. [G]

* Chris unsticks himself from Justin's back, flops down next to JC

* Justin flips Chris the finger, then slowly pulls out of JC, lays down on top of Chris, tucks his head into Chris's shoulder.

* JC slides out from under Justin (my leg was starting to cramp!)

* Chris hums contentedly

[Chris] You know, I'm a mess.

* Justin turns, sticks his tongue out at JC, then leans in to kiss him softly.

[Chris] I think I'm gonna need a shower in a minute

* Chris looks around the room to see if he has any interested participants

* JC kisses Justin back, curling in closer to Justin and Chris

[Chris] Feh. First I need a nap.

* Justin looks interestedly at his hands, which are still shaking, and licks a long line up Chris's arm, grinning at him.

[Justin] There. You're clean.

[Chris] ahah

* Chris licks Justin's nose

[Chris] And now YOU'RE clean.

* Justin grins and tilts his head for a kiss.

[JC] Freaks.

* Justin rubs a soothing palm down JC's chest, smoothing away the tension, feeling him still gasping for air.

* Chris squeaks as Justin fakes him out and wipes his damp nose on Chris' cheek instead

* Chris sighs contentedly and settles down between his two blonde(ish) danceboys

* Justin closes his eyes and relaxes, then raises his head and looks for Lance and Joey

[Justin] Hey, where'd they go? Did they leave?

[JC] they left.

[Justin] Aw man!

[Chris] They said something about "FreeLance business" or some such. I guess that's what the kids are calling it these days.

[Justin] I wanted to *see* that!

* Chris smirks

* Justin laughs

* JC giggles and curls into Chris' warmth

[Justin] Lance is just way too uptight about this group-sex thing. Damn Mississippi. They grow them all repressed.

* Chris sighs, yawns, and lets his eyes slide closed.

[Chris] As opposed to Tennessee, where they're all loosy-goosy.

* Chris thinks: loosy-goosy? did i just say that out loud?

[JC] We'll have to work on that, won't we, Justin?

* Chris thinks: yup. damn.

* JC has no room to laugh as he refers to guys as "cats"

[Justin] Exactly. Damn right. More practice, that's what we need. We'll get him on tour someday, where we're all on the bus and he can't escape.

[Justin] Hide his clothes, and he'll have to fuck us all to get them back.

[JC] ooooh

[JC] I like the way your mind works.

* Justin purrs and stretches, just thinking about it.

* Justin grins at JC

[Chris] Mm-hmm. Now, shush. The old man needs a nap.

[Justin] Be a hell of a ride, that's for sure. The Bass Ass!

*Chris drifts off to sleep

*** Chris is now known as elina

[JC] Mmmmm.

* Justin grumbles, snuggles in closer, and relaxes into sleep.

* JC rests his head on Chris' shoulder and lets his eyes flutter closed.

*** JC is now known as asilvahalo

*** Justin is now known as Shine

Fin--for now!

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