Daydream Believer
by The Enigmatic Big Miss Sunbeam

"Wake up, Pavel."

His eyes opened. Where was . . . why, they must have somehow transported to the Urals, and gleaming Jim was bending above him, with his hands on his knees and smiling that mysterious curved smile.

Pavel threw his arm over his head. No, even if the sky was a perfect Slavic blue, it was somehow too warm for the Urals. He himself was dressed only in a thin chiton, but he felt perfectly comfortable.

"Wipe the sleep out of your eyes. The dawn is so beautiful." Jim's amber eyes and voice were rising against his flesh, but still Pavel said:

"I vant to sleep."

They smiled at each other. The rolling pink dawn illuminated Jim as if he were made of rosy marble. "Pavel, the others will be here soon. We haven't much time. Hurry!"

And grabbing his hand and laughing, Jim ran with him towards the woods.

Then they stopped, and Jim softly pushed him against a tree.

"A kiss, please," he said as he leaned in. Oh, Jim was warm and fragrant as a summer flower and Pavel felt Jim's lovely skin and smelled Jim's lovely smoked-cherry smell. Then Jim's hand moved between Pavel's legs. "My love," he breathed.

Pavel's hands moved too, down the front of Jim's loincloth. It was loose and he was able to plunder its treasures easily. Soon they were as naked as the approving and cooing birds above their heads.

Hands sought hardness and length. Neither was outsized, more boys than anything; their fresh passions were innocently intense.

And then each boiled over onto the other, damp thighs glued together like lips.

"I love you," Pavel said very seriously.

"And I love you," Jim said, his face teasing and pink and his eyes warm and laughing,

"You are so beautiful."

"And so are you."

A distant voice: "Jim!"

Jim's eyes cut to the shouting voice and then back to Pavel. "I told you they would find us. Get dressed." Then louder: "Here we are, over here by the stream!"

By the time Spock and Sulu got there, they were decent again.

Odd how Pavel could remember Jim and Jim's touch, but where they were and why he had forgotten.

He looked at their traveling companions for clues. Sulu was his normal smiling wiry self, with his dark slanted eyes and glossy black hair, but the cautious and sober Spock was dressed curiously. He was wearing something eerily familiar, a knitted cap that hid his ears. Clearly they were all in disguise in this strange new world. Time travel perhaps?

Still: "Let's go do things!" said the energetic and excitable Jim.

"Da!" Pavel breathed out.

And everyone laughed!

"Da!" Pavel repeated himself, "Da!" Jim threw his arms around him. Oh, how happy they could be.

Oh, no, Spock's always rather sinister face was darkening.

And now he was walking over to them. Pavel was facing Spock as Jim held him, so Jim could not see the approach of the slinking seething Spock. (Pavel had been afraid of this from the start. Spock was famous for regarding Jim as his own personal property. Poor Jim! A veritable serf to the evil boyar of Spock! Still . . . )

"Quit monkeying around," Spock said and reached out. The Vulcan nerve pinch! And Pavel felt himself falling into unconsciousness.

"Nyet! Nyet!"

"Ensign, this will not do."

"Jim!" he said and opened his eyes.

Uhoh. Uhoh in Russian.

He was on the bridge. He had been . . . asleep. He had been dreaming. He felt the hot blood rush to his face, and his lips were wet in one corner.

"Oh, I am sorry, Keptin," he said meekly.

Keptin Kirk was now looking at him with a remarkably dour look.

"I'd throw you in the brig if you weren't such an effective ensign. Let's look alive over there."

Now Sulu was smirking at him, and Spock was craning his face to look over too.

"Looks like your good times just started AND ended," whispered Sulu; he sounded as if he would start laughing at any minute.

"You go to hell," Pavel said.

The End