the learned and the subtle, like the primitive and the popular, tend toward the center of imaginative experience. -northrop frye, anatomy of criticism

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a logical organ. (k/s, nc-17). set after the episode "the deadly years," with spoilers. the radiation poisoning didn't kill either of them. now they have a second chance.

only logical. (k/s, pg). set between ST:TMP and STII. jim adopts a protege, a young alien cadet who reminds him of spock.

what i am to you. (k/s, r). 2002 k/s single-part golden o, 2nd place. post fal-torr-pann story; mild spoilers for STII and STIII.

unintended. (k/s, nc-17.) 2001 k/s multi-part golden o, 1st place. revised 2003. mild spoilers for "the menagerie" and "amok time." the obligatory bondmate-themed one.

silence. (k/s, pg-13.) make it real.

saccharine. (uhura POV, su/ch, r for obvious allusion to sex, silliness). response to stephen's 2001 candy statues challenge. very, very silly.

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incident report. (k/s, pg.) kirk sends spock an incident report, but spock claims there wasn't an incident. just what exactly is going on here?

in check. (k/s, nc-17.) the whole history of tv-era k/s framed in logical debate: kirk finds it necessary to deploy his (usually well-hidden) logical skills and bests spock roundly.