4 June 2003: Fixed as many of the slashomatic links as possible for the folks who used to be on Puppies in a Box (Synchronik, Sinead, Cecilia). Some of their stories aren't up at their new sites yet--they'll still show up with a bad story link, but a good author link. Fixed links for Zoicite's stuff. Also changed those urls on the links page.

2 August 2002: *blush* Um, it's been a really long time since I updated. But at least this is a big one. Complete site redesign, fixed links on the links page, added a Kevin page and a second Nick page to the pics page. Fixed outdated files, removed some stories (people who took their sites down) and added about 35 stories to the slashomatic.

6 October 2001: Okay, the Nick pics are up!

30 September 2001: Wow, it's been a while since I updated more than the links page. So, the pics page goes BSB. What can I say?

27 June 2001: Because I am an addict, I offer more JC pics

24 June 2001: And mah man Joey Fatone finally gets his second page of pics

21 June 2001: Second page of Lance pics is up, finally.

18 June 2001: New page of chris pics. And new pages of all the guys should be up in the next week or so. I'm a picture gackin' fool.

15 June 2001: Added a whole mess of stories to the slash-o-matic -- including some BSB stuff. Also fixed the links to Wax's site

9 June 2001: Boylicious has moved! (thanks wax). In honor of the move, I've added a new page of jc pics. I also fixed the links to Hobbies Odd.

2 June 2001: fixed the links for Puppies in a Box and Experiment V. Seems to be movin' time...

27 May 2001: added a bunch of stories to the slashomatic, and fixed links there and on the link-o-rama page.

8 May 2001: new chris pics

7 May 2001: added a page of commentary about the glitter pic on my group pic page. (NOTE: those of you who read my journal have already seen these)

1 May 2001: reorganized the pics page and added three pages of group pics.

29 April 2001: added stories to the slash-o-matic and updated the links

26 April 2001: updated the pics page with a new set of justin pics

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